Top 8 Best Paint for Styrofoam Reviews of 2022

Best Paint for Styrofoam Reviews

Whether you are doing some crafty business or creating a diorama base, Styrofoam can always be one of your best options. They are somewhat lightweight and quite easy to shape too. Hence, with them, you can make anything and everything. However, unlike other foam materials, they are quite porous. Therefore, properly painting them might get slightly difficult for you. So, what should you do about it? The answer to this question is quite simple and straightforward. You would have to use the best paint for Styrofoam on them.

Nevertheless, to buy the best product in the market, you would have to do thorough research on them. Moreover, you would also need to compare one product to find out about the ideal for your purpose. Hence, as you can understand, doing all these things alone can be quite time-consuming if you were to do it alone.

Therefore, to help you with it, we have made an informative list of the market’s best products. So, make sure to check it out if you want to know more about the best paints for Styrofoam in the market.

Let us get started with it.

Best Paint for Styrofoam Reviews

1.Apple Barrel PROMOABI

Do you want to create an impactful piece of art with your Styrofoam model? Then, make sure to use the Apple Barrel PROMOABI paints on it. Widely considered the best paint for Styrofoam in the market, the set consists of high-quality colors, which dry a lot quicker than others.

Furthermore, you can use the paint set on various things, such as terra cotta, wood, tin, etc., quite efficiently. If you want to, you can clean the colors from your model just by applying soap water to it.

Another factor, which makes it one of the best products in the market, is its versatility. You can use several different methods, such as stamping, sponging, or brushing, to paint your model with this set.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The combination of opaque and light colors can generate a wide range of colors and tones.
  • Its high-level consistency enhances its uniformity by a mile.
  • It is compatible with different types of surfaces and materials.
  • It requires only a small amount of time for drying.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is somewhat expensive.
  • Requires several number coats to cover the whole surface of the model.

2. Complete Acrylic Paint Set – best paint for styrofoam balls

When talking about the best paint for Styrofoam balls, the first name that comes to mind is the Complete Acrylic Paint Set of Benicci. This exquisite set comes with 24 different color tubes, perfect for use on any material or surface. Furthermore, to make your work easier, Benicci has also included 12 brushes in its product.

Unlike a few other acrylic paints on the market, this one has been made with an advanced water-based formula. Hence, you would not have to use several coats on your artwork to cover the paint thoroughly.

Furthermore, while manufacturing its product, Benicci did not use any solvent or harmful component. Thus, it would not harm your or other parts of your body in any way. Also, it tends to dry up a lot more quickly than most other paints on the market.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It is easy to apply and use
  • It comes with a separate brush set and does not cost much at all.
  • It does not contain any harmful material, which makes it perfectly safe for use with bare hands.
  • It dries a lot quicker.
  • It does not require that many coats cover a Styrofoam model fully.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The colors of the set are quite tricky to blend.

3. Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint in Assorted Colors – best paint for styrofoam ceiling tiles

Since its inception, Apple Barrel has always been a crowd-favorite, and this product, here, has boosted its popularity even more. Like the previous model on this list, this one can be used on different types of surfaces. Hence, with this set, you can show off your crafty work on anything and everything.

Broadly known as the best paint for Styrofoam ceiling tiles, the paint can be used with several tools, such as stamps, sponges, and brushes. Also, as it dries quite quickly, you can use it on your urgent works without thinking twice about it.

Furthermore, to make things more convenient for you, Apple Barrel has also provided a brush set and studio palettes. So, with it, you do not have to spend your money on buying anything else separately.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The painting set comes with three different finishes, such as gloss, matte, and satin, making it quite versatile.
  • Features brushes and palettes for more convenience
  • It is compatible with a wide variety of surfaces, such as wood, Styrofoam, terra cotta, and tin.
  • With its proprietary water-based formula, it offers a durable and glossy finish.
  • It can be used with brushes and sponges for acquiring more versatile results.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The paints come off too easily.
  • The colors start yellowing only after a few days of application.

4. Artist Quality Acrylic Paint Set

Are you on the lookout for a beginner-friendly paint set? Then, you can blindly opt for this product of Natural Art. The set features 16 different high-quality colors, which can be applied with both brushes and sponges. So, you can use them with any tool that you are more comfortable with.

Secondly, as the colors have been made with premium materials, they are quite versatile. If you want to, you can also apply them to various things, such as canvas, ceramic, wood, and paper. Even as the product is entirely solvent-free, it does not crack or get discolored that quickly.

Another factor, which prompts everyone to consider it as the best paint for Styrofoam, is its non-toxic nature. So, even if you use it with your bare hands, it will not affect or harm you in any way.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It dries a lot quicker and offers a smooth yet durable coat.
  • Its high level of consistency does not require many coats to cover a model or drawing.
  • It does not crack even on -62⁰C
  • The painting set is perfect for beginners as it is quite easy to use
  • It can be applied to many surfaces, such as canvas, ceramic, wood, etc.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The lighter colors of the product are quite watery.

5. Acrylic Paint Set with Canvas

Like most other products and paint sets on the list, this one from FreeHand, too, comes with a plethora of features. For starters, it is non-toxic and solvent-free. Therefore, it will not cause any harm to your skin. Furthermore, it will also dry quite quickly.

Moreover, due to its excellent consistency, the colors can glide smoothly on any surface and offer a glossy finish. Also, unlike a few other products in the market, this one does not take much time to blend. It is yet another excellent feature of this product.

Finally, this paint set from FreeHand also features a separate set of brushes and canvases. These make the product quite convenient and improve its cost-efficiency by a mile.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It offers a durable and long-lasting protective coating.
  • Dries within 20 to 25 minutes
  • It can resist abrasions, chipping, and fading.
  • The paints are quite easy to clean.
  • It comes with several tools and equipment for more convenience.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The colors tend to run out a lot more quickly.

6. Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint in Assorted Colors

Like the other Apple Barrel colors, this one, too, is made with high-quality components. Hence, it does not require heavy coating for spreading through the whole Styrofoam model properly. Furthermore, it also dries a lot quicker than many other products on the market and offers a glossy finish nonetheless.

Considered by many as the best paint for Styrofoam, this product is also quite easy to blend and use. Furthermore, due to its highly versatile nature, the product can be used on a wide range of surfaces like terra cotta or plaster. So, if you are looking for a set for working with different materials, then this one would be ideal for you.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The users can utilize several different methods, such as brushing, sponging, stamping, etc., to work with this set.
  • It is non-toxic and solvent-free
  • It dries within only half an hour and offers a long-lasting finish.
  • It is quite cost-efficient.
  • The colors if the set are quite versatile
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not that thick.

7. Krylon I00402 Glitter Aerosol Spray – best spray paint for styrofoam

When searching for the best spray paint for Styrofoam in the market, you will be able to find a lot of products. However, regarding consistency and efficiency, none of them can beat the Krylon I00402 Glitter Aerosol Spray.

For starters, unlike other spray paints in the market, this one does not contain many enamel components at all. Hence, it does not get clogged up that quickly. Also, it does not corrode Styrofoam’s outer surface, which is yet another excellent feature of this paint.

Moreover, like almost every other product in this list, the Krylon I00402 Glitter Aerosol Spray is also compatible with different materials. Also, as it comes with a shimmering silver color, you can use the decorative items to glam up any wedding or birthday without any issue.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It is a lot of less-corrosive and is compatible with different surfaces.
  • The paint does not require much time to get dried up.
  • Its glittery color makes it perfect for use on special occasions.
  • Its spray paint technology improves its overall convenience by quite a mile.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It has an odorous chemical smell.

8. Politec Non-Toxic Permanent Acrylic Paint – best waterproof paint for styrofoam

Precise, effective, and durable; these are the only three words that can correctly describe Politec Non-Toxic Permanent Acrylic Paint. Broadly considered the best waterproof paint for Styrofoam, this acrylic paint can blend with anything, even water! However, once it is dried, then it can resist water or other liquids from wearing it off.

However, the factor, which makes it perfect for working with almost any type of material, is its unique ingredients. Hence, with it, you can work correctly on paper, ceramic, wood, Styrofoam, cement, fabric, etc. Also, the paint is non-toxic and does not mix with the solvent materials.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The rigidness and flexibility of the paint improve its versatility by quite a mile.
  • With its excellent covering capability, the paint can offer an exceptional matte finish on any surface.
  • It is water-resistant
  • The paint mixes up with other liquids and colors quite quickly and conveniently.
  • It does not contain any solvent material and dries up quite quickly.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It does not clean up that easily.

Final Verdict

So, these are some of the best Styrofoam paints that you can find on the market. However, among them, a few products might be a little bit expensive for you. Therefore, if you want to get excellent results without spending much, you can opt for the Complete Acrylic Paint Set of Benicci. It is both cost-efficient and can work on several different materials. So, if you are a professional artist, then it would be perfect for you.

Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Paint for Styrofoam

The Styrofoam materials are remarkably porous and absorbent. Therefore, finding the best paint in the market will not be an easy job for anyone. However, if you keep the following pointers in your mind, your task might get somewhat easier.

1.Know about the Perfectly-attuned Paints

As you might already know, not all types of paints are compatible with Styrofoam. To get the best results with your job, you would have to use the following points.

  • Acrylic Paints: The acrylic paints are ideally suited with the Styrofoam materials. They are known to be quite sticky. Therefore, they can adhere to the foams quite efficiently.

Furthermore, they also do not deteriorate the outer section of the product in any way. However, if you want your model to look glossier, then make sure to apply several coats of paints to it.

  • Tempera Paint: Like acrylic, the tempera paints, too, are water-based and quite pigment-heavy. Hence, they can also stick with Styrofoam materials quite perfectly. Moreover, unlike acrylic paints, these are quite affordable and easier to find in the market.

Furthermore, tempera paints also do come in a wide variety of finishes. Thus, you can use them on almost any type of Styrofoam craft that you are working with.

2. Is It Compatible with Different Types of Materials?

If you are an artist or a craftsperson, then there is a high chance that you probably work with different types of materials. Therefore, when buying any paint for your purpose, you should always go for a paint product that can be used on almost everything.

There are several paints out there, which work perfectly on Styrofoam, terra cotta, plaster, and tin. Therefore, make sure to do thorough research and choose the best one among them.

3. Watch Out for Toxicity

When applying the paints on their crafted models, most people tend to use their bare hands. Hence, if the color contains toxic components, then it can harm their skin quite massively, which, in turn, might lead to other pressing issues. Therefore, while buying a paint material, make sure to look if it is non-toxic or not.

4. Drying Duration

It is yet another thing that you should keep in mind while buying paint for Styrofoam crafts. Most of the best paints in the market generally come with a drying duration of 15 to 20 minutes. Hence, if you are doing some urgent work, then you should go for them.

However, due to their overall efficiency, these materials also do come with a higher price tag. Therefore, if you are thinking about opting for the budget-friendly options, then make sure to go for the products 25-30 minutes of drying duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of paint is best for Styrofoam?

If you want to, then you can use several types of paints on your Styrofoam model. However, for best results, you would have to opt for the acrylic paints, as they usually stick to the Styrofoam quite efficiently.

How to paint Styrofoam balls for the solar system?

Before starting with your task of painting, you would have to make properly sized balls first. Once you are done with that, you should begin separating the single-color planets from the multi-colored ones. After that, you can start painting them with a small brush accordingly. However, make sure to insert a toothpick in your planets and use it as a handle to make things more convenient for you.

How to paint Styrofoam?

For painting a Styrofoam model, you would, first, have to mix white glue with a few drops of paints. After that, you will need to roll the Styrofoam ball in the mixture thoroughly. Once you are done with that, make sure to pour craft paint into a small jar and mix it with a small water amount. After that, you can start applying them on your Styrofoam balls with a paintbrush.

What to use to paint Styrofoam?

For painting Styrofoam, you should always use acrylic paints as they are quite sticky and can adhere perfectly to them. However, when dyeing, make sure to add quite a few numbers of coats of paints to the Styrofoam model. Otherwise, it would not look good at all.

What can you paint Styrofoam with?

For dyeing Styrofoam models, you can use almost any type of water-based paints, such as latex or acrylic. However, no matter what you do, you should never use spray paint on Styrofoam as they can corrode the material.

Why does Styrofoam melt with spray paint?

The spray paints generally contain a high amount of enamel material. Therefore, if you use them on your Styrofoam model, then they can dissolve it and make the surface layer look corroded.

Is Styrofoam paintable?

Yes, Styrofoam is definitely paintable. However, for dyeing them, make sure to use the water-based paints and use more than three to four coats on them.

How long does it take for paint to dry on Styrofoam?

If you have used several coats of paints, then it would take around 10-20 minutes for the material to dye appropriately.

How to paint Styrofoam to look like stone?

To make a Styrofoam ball to look like a stone, you would, first, have to spread a smooth layer of paint on it. Make sure to use a flat tool, such as a knife or a spatula for this purpose. Once it is dried, then you would only have to use the gray-colored paint on it to make it look like stone.

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