Cordless drill for tire change

Cordless drill for tire change

Tire changes can quickly become a force-consuming task if the screws have settled over a long period.

The cross-wrenches attached to the vehicle often turn out to be an unsuitable tool when it comes to loosening screws. But also tightening after a tire change can become an ordeal if you try to tighten the screws with the short and short bars of the cross-wrench.

If the journey suddenly has to be interrupted by a defective tire, it is very often the case that due to the bad onboard tool, it is necessary to call the tire service. Especially women often lack the necessary force to loosen and tighten tightening screws. You can read the best 20v cordless drill review to buy the best cordless drill.

Impact wrenches can be a very good alternative to a cross-wrench here because you can loosen a drill to tighten the screws. The screws loosen as if by magic as if they had not been tightened at all. The decoupled percussion technique of a percussionist makes it possible.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the impact wrenches as an onboard tool because the use of these devices requires a compressor.

Cordless drills for tire change are the most suitable, since they are easily carried as an onboard tool, and can be used immediately if required.

Cordless drill for tire change – What to consider

The battery-powered models hardly ever fall short of the devices in the workshop. However, it must be noted that tightening the screws should not be carried out with a single impact wrench, but must be checked by hand with a torque wrench and, if necessary, retreated at 120 nm! to buy the best cordless drill you should consider few factors.

Conclusion – Cordless drill for tire change

Cordless drills are perfect for loosening fixed screws when changing tires. Therefore, if you want to quickly and easily solve fixed screws, you should use a rechargeable battery.

Also, the screwing of the screws goes fast and effortless. However, it must be noted here that no screws should be attached to a battery-driven drill, since the screws are not tightened with all devices safely with 120 nm. A check with a torque lock should, therefore, be carried out in each case.