Top 10 Best Bilge Pump Float Switch of 2022

Best Bilge Pump Switch Reviews

You do not want to be stuck in the middle of the ocean with no one insight to help you come out of your sinking boat. This is why you should get yourself a bilge pump float switch. As depicted from the name, this is the equipment that will help keep your boat dry and ensure that it remains afloat. There are quite a number of this equipment available for sale in different sale sites. The huge problem is to settle for the best bilge pump float switch that will cost less and function well. With one that can withstand harsh water conditions, you will be able to sail into the deepest parts of the sea without a worry. Below, we have provided you with a list of the highest-ranking bilge pump float switches. A buying guide will help you navigate various options and help you settle for one that will serve you best.

Best Bilge Pump Switch Reviews

1.MAXZONE automatic boat bilge water pump

If you are looking for the best bilge pump float switch, then the MAXZONE automatic should be your number one option. The float switch on this equipment is inbuilt, which is an excellent convenience to the buyer.

Its automatic feature is made possible by the reed sensor system that is controlled electronically. This then enables the pump to work efficiently and operate automatically.

The pump also has a straightforward maintenance feature. This means that you will not have to incur other extra costs related to maintenance if the pump breaks down. With ignition protection, you will also ensure that the pump is not affected by very turbulent waters.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It is resistant to various factors that can cause damage, such as rust and corrosion.
  • It does not use any power until the water level rises, which causes the float switch to activate automatically.
  • It is highly durable due to the plastic coat and the shaft that is stainless steel.
  • The equipment comes with a very comprehensive user manual.
  • The seals are tightly shit, so water and moisture do not contact the pump.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • When the float comes up, it does not always ignite the motor.
  • The float switch functions better manually than automatically.

2. Rule 35A Bilge pump float switch

For a pump switch to continue functioning as expected, you regularly clean the switch to get rid of debris and other materials. With this switch, you can easily detach it from the base for easy cleaning.

It also offers the boat rider a straightforward operating process. This is made possible by the metal capsules that are well-sealed to eliminate any flaws in operation.

The switch has been tested quite a several times to guarantee the user with 100% functionality. With the marine grade blocked wire, you will also be able to operate the switch efficiently.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The switch is very durable due to the type of material used in its creation.
  • It is effortless to install, making it ideal for beginners and people with no professional knowledge.
  • It is highly efficient as it can keep the boat afloat for almost a year.
  • The ease of cleaning helps avoid frequent breakdowns.
  • Replacing this switch with another is relatively easy, as the manufacturers do not change the specifications.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The seals are not tightly attached, and this can cause water to sip inside.
  • They are not ideal for very turbulent waters as they may break when in use.

3. Johnson Pump float switch

This float switch features an electromagnetic operation worth 15A and running at 12V. It also has a compact mechanical switch that provides multiple effective and efficient steady-state electronics. The reliability of this accessory is owed to the fact that the float switch is sealed. Additionally, there is false start prevention in this switch with no mercury content whatsoever. It, therefore, stands as a high impact plastic with electronics that have been encapsulated.

This electronic float switch bears three distinct wires- one for the battery ground, another for the battery’s positive, and the last one for the battery’s negative. This switch serves by taking up to ¾ worth of water up the switch to turn on or off.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy wiring and requires no technical training to operate.
  • It has a manual operator tab on the side, making it easy to lift the float manually
  • Has a reed switchable to sense the float position
  • Absence of electronics inside, thus making it easy to assess possible reasons in case of circuit failure.
  • A lifesaver in case your engine compartment runs out of water.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Therefore, the specific voltage cannot serve as a simple switch to operate anything that does not meet the 12V threshold.
  • Requires basic electric knowledge to operate, an element that is not available to everyone

4. Shoreline Marine bilge pump with float switch

This is a remarkable design custom made to last for a very long time. They are created with components of reliable quality and feature a tinned wire. This attribute is instrumental in making this accessory able to perform in multiple applications. It has a float switch that makes it possible to actuate the presence of water in the boat. This is achieved automatically. It features a ¾ hose and does not come with all the wires and screws necessary for operation.

A great pump represents this product can pump a jet ski and stands exceptionally easy to install. It has three wires that traverse the pump, including the ground, manual, and the override, which serves automatically. With the appropriate setup, this pump works exceptionally well.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Automatic with a level sensor making it very convenient for the user
  • It fits and works perfectly upon installation and setting up
  • Compact in size while at the same time has its float switch enhances convenience.
  • It can serve as an auxiliary or back up pump when stored higher in the engine compartment
  • Long-lasting, therefore, goes for an extended period.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The absence of a wiring guide makes installation challenging.
  • It does not float and will get lost underwater if not watched

5. Rule Super switch float switch, moisture tight seals

As the name suggests, this float switch features a moisture tight seal and can operate with 12, 24, and 32 volts. No mercury content has been integrated into this creation. Operating as a non-mercury super switch, this product is designed to serve in the most technical of applications. Among its components include the marine-grade, a more massive float that enhances floating, and, most importantly, the 14 gauge blocked wire. The base of this equipment is retractable, thereby ensuring that operation is simplified. This removable base is also essential for servicing the accessory. The presence of a snap switch design serves as an enabler for handling pumps that draw up to 20 amps at 12 volts of direct current.

It can switch automatically upon detection that the water level has gone down. The ease of installation is fantastic as it can be done using the amount you used to operate on. To do so, clip the old switch out and place the new one.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Servicing is a simplified courtesy of the removable base.
  • It has a snap switch that ensures it can manage pumps of extensive power (max 20 amps)
  • Able to manage severe applications due to remarkable design
  • The level of buoyancy is right because of the size of the float.
  • The automatic sensor enables the detection of water level.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The removable base becomes weak with time owing to its retractable nature.
  • The absence of mercury compromises reliability because of level detection anomalies

6. SEAFLO 02- Series Bilge Pump Float Switch

This pump is designed specifically to handle up to 12, 24, and 34 worth of volts. This property, coupled with the fact that it manifests the highest quality of its kind in the market, has made it a pacesetter with significant contributions. Having a capacity of 10 million activations, this float switch uses an anti-aging, UV resistant ABS thermoplastic. It also has a robust reinforcement, thereby guaranteeing that it will serve for an extended period.

This float switch is famous for having ultrasonic welding forms that make for a secure seal, contrary to what is manifested in other products of its kind in the market. The unique internal steel ball-bearing activation present in this product provides the user with the assurance that this product will serve you for a very long time. For the quality it brings to your boating experience, this product is the best value for your hard-earned cash.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Durable owing to the authenticity and quality of parts used.
  • It does not corrode, making it all the more worthwhile
  • Its performance is steadily long-lasting, an outcome attributed to the distinctive ball bearing activation.
  • Highly reliable courtesy of the anti-aging and UV-resistant ABS thermoplastic
  • Have secure seals setting it at an unmatched safety score
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Limited usage as it is not compatible with 120 volts systems
  • Incidences of failure where the pump is running but water is not being pumped

7. Attwood 4202- 7 automatic float switch

This automatic float switch has the impressive ability to conceptualize a manual bilge pump to serve as one regulated entirely in an intuitive design. It features a design that is not just compact but also a low profile. Representing an exceptional mechanical switch, this product is a force in the industry. There is no limit to what this device can achieve with the ability to actuate the pump’s motor. Up to 2 inches of water level is actuated remarkably and in record time.

In this accessory, the wire leads do not flex or even hinge with the float making this product different. With its sealed switch, the product manifests a desirable ability to resist moisture, fume ignition, and even electric shock, making it safe for use. There is also a maximum ampere of 12A operating within 12 volts’ bounds with an alternative six amps for 24 volts of direct current.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Moisture resistance owing to the presence of the sealed switch mechanism
  • Safe due to the prevention of electric shock as well as fume ignition
  • Able to convert a manual pump to work automatically
  • Able to mount on any surface ranging from horizontal to a 24-degree angle
  • Environmental friendly due to the absence of mercury
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • May not be able to handle heavy rains because the arm will rise at some point.
  • Absence of mercury for level determination always lowers reliability

8. SEAFLO SFBS-30-01 Heavy Duty Float Switch

This product represents a remarkable design and an even better quality. With a ten million-activation capacity, this switch breaks the record. It features an anti-aging power and stands resistant to ultraviolet radiation and the ABS thermoplastic feature. Also, the ultrasonic welding forms enhance the reliability score for this utility. Its potent for handling up to 30 Amps puts it in a unique place in the market. As manifested in this product, the exceptional design traces its origin to experience and qualified handiwork, making it the best value for the money.

The pump in this device automatically turns on, noticing that the water level has reached a height of 1.77 inches. Conversely, it turns off upon noticing that the water level has reduced to 0.79 inches, making it a safety-oriented enabler. In traveling by boat, you can rest assured that someone has your best interest at heart and is always watching your back.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Has an extensive application serving at 12, 24, and 34 volts
  • Able to handle up to 30 amps worth of systems thus powerful
  • It stands heavy-duty, thereby will serve for a very long time.
  • UV resistant, thereby enhancing the damage protection and safety score.
  • Seals prevent corrosion and the entry of water.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It cannot handle up to 120 volts, thus compromising on extent of applications
  • The absence of mercury limits its activation

9. SEACHOICE 19401 Universal Series

This is an automatic Marine Bilge Pump Float Switch that serves for 6V-36 Volts. It features incredible quality, as is expected from the manufacturers. Standing as a universal float switch, this pump can activate on its own in an intuitive sense. It can be used as an accessory with all direct current bilge pumps, mainly because of its carrying capacity and voltage capacity. For safety, the seal is airtight, limiting the chances of having an ignition leak and, therefore, an accident. It also represents a marine-grade tinned wire to enhance its service delivery and, therefore, definitely serves on and alongside bilge pumps with a maximum of 1500 GPH.

This pump can convert direct current bilge pumps so that they operate automatically. It’s 2000 gallon per hour capacity is essential for distance, while the 36 volts capacity is an enabler to strength.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Non-corrosive, therefore, will last longer
  • ABS plastic construction that serves as an efficient upscale
  • Safe due to the manual to automatic conversion
  • Very strong with a voltage capacity of 36V, thus different from others
  • Durable owing to the quality of the materials used in designing
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It needs a lot of water before it is finally activated
  • Requires technical know-how for you to operate efficiently

10. Five Oceans Automatic Boat Bilge Pump Float Switch

This remarkable product is a result of quality and expert design. It delivers a heavy-duty kind of float switch that will serve in tough conditions. It is custom made to serve in bilge pumps that draw up to a maximum of 20A. This product is reliable on many levels, including durability. Representing the use of marine-grade plastic, the Five Oceans is the solution for your boating needs. The reliability goes from durability to safety and user convenience. The bilge pump’s activation is automatic because the water level goes up to a height of 2 inches in the boat. There are no mercury contents included in this design and stand remarkably compatible with 12 and 24 volts pumps. In its application, this device only serves in fresh and salty waters.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Mercury-free, therefore, environmentally friendly
  • Automatic activation of the switch enhances the safety score
  • Durable owing to the good quality of materials used in this design
  • UV resistant thus safe for human use
  • Reliable engagement due to the quality of the design as well as construction
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It cannot serve with up to 34 volts, thus limited in application
  • Requires technical skill and knowledge to install

Factors to consider when buying a bilge pump float switch

The boat size

You should consider your boat’s size and the depth and nature of the waters you are going into. A hand float switch can serve smaller in size boats and go into shallow and less turbulent waters. This switch can comfortably get rid of the water. However, if you are using a bigger boat and going into deeper waters, an electric pump will be well suited. This one is capable of getting rid of large volumes of water.

The installation process

In the market, there are quite a several bilge float switches available. Each of these has its installation process. There are complex switches that require one to hire a professional to do the installation. There are, however, others that are very easy to install, and you can do it yourself. If you do not want to incur the extra costs of hiring a professional, choose the switch that is easier to install to avoid any mistakes. There are those switches that come with an easy to follow manual. This is also one to go for if it comes in a compact design. A best bilge pump float switch is one that can be installed in very few minutes.

The price

We all have different budgets that we work with. There are float switches that cost relatively less, while there are those that will cost you more. Carry out extensive research on the price so that you do not end up spending more than you intended. However, it would help if you parted with more money to get a higher quality switch. This one will serve you for longer as you will not be forced to replace it after only a short while.

The functionality

It is also essential that you carry out a quick study of the functionality of your pump switch. This ensures that depending on the nature of the waters you are going into, the switch will serve you well. For salty waters, select one that is resistant to corrosion and rust. A good one should also be waterproof. That is, it should have a protective feature that protects it against the accumulation of moisture. A great pump is one that has a rigid construction model and can withstand different water types.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to wire a bilge pump float switch?

It is quite easy to wire a bilge pump float switch. Take a close look at the colors of the different wires provided. The brown wire on the pump is usually the wire with a positive charge. Connect this one to one of the gray wire on the float switch. The float switch usually has two gray wires. Take the other gray wire and then connect it to the power supply. Make sure that a fuse protects this power supply. The black wire on the pump has a negative charge. Connect this wire to the negative terminal of the battery.

What is a bilge pump float switch?

A bilge pump float switch is an automatic switch that ensures that your boat remains dry and afloat. There are various types of automatic pump switches, but the float switch is the most common. When water goes into the bilge, it lifts this float, making the pump turn itself on. For the float switch to go back to its normal position, the bilge’s water level has to drop. A bilge pump switch is only effective if it functions as intended. These switches tend to break down after a certain period, which is why it is important to carry out frequent replacements.

How to test a bilge pump float switch?

There are several steps that you should follow to ensure that your bilge float switch works as intended. To check if the pump is working, turn on the helm switch. Make sure that you clean the float switch by removing any materials like dust and other particles. You should also test the battery for enough charge. Please turn it on and check whether all the parts are operating well. There are also other components that you will be required to check. These include the fuse, hose, screen, and impeller. Since a bilge pump switch has many cables, check each one of them for signs of breakage.

How does a bilge pump float switch work?

A bilge pump float switch is a tool that is used by many boat owners to ensure that their boat does not sink due to rising water levels. For this float switch to work, water needs to be present in the bilge. This then causes the float to rise to the water level. The bilge pump then comes on and the boat can remain afloat. A well functioning float switch can detect the rising levels of water in the boat. When the float switch manages to remove all the water from the bilge, it automatically turns itself off.

How to replace a bilge pump switch?

There is nothing that can cost you more than a broken bilge pump float switch. It can either cause the boat top to sink or drain the battery faster than normal. Replacing the bilge pump switch is very easy. Once you have realized that the switch is faulty, turn off the power by removing the cable on the pump from the battery. Detach the switch from the pump carefully, and then check the connection going from the pump’s switch. Cut the wires that are placed above the present connections and then connect back with new wires. You should then attach the switch back to the pump.

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