Top 10 Best Felling Wedges for Chainsaws Review of 2022

Best Felling Wedges Review

The most and best felling wedges need you to control the bending tree, which may be on the wrong track.

The felling wedges are the most crucial tool for the lumberjacks. Also, they may be useful to you even if you are not that expert or a novice.

It puts control on the direction of a bending or falling tree that you need to cut down. Sometimes lumberjacks use the rope for help, but felling wedges have such a design that makes it much easier.

However, many varieties of felling wedges are available in the local stores or the online market. There are different options which differ in different sizes, quality, or color. It makes it harder for a novice user to find the right one from the varied options.

There are 10 best felling wedges discussed in the below article in detail to understand them a better and correct choice.

Best Felling Wedges Review

1. TIPU 4-Pack Felling Wedge

The TIPU 4-Pack Falling Wedge is a wonderful product for handling your falling tree while cutting a tree. It is also helpful in bucking your tree. However, the product is not made to split the woods.

The felling wedge is made of long-lasting PA6-GF30, which is a type of plastic. It has two usable sides between them; one has barbs on it, and the other side is smooth. The wedges come with 4 in the pack. It is an easy drive and stays put wedge. The bigger wedges are 8 inches long, and the smaller one is 5.5 inches.

The wedge is perfect for controlling the direction of the falling tree in the right way. It literally lifts the tree in the direction of the notch of the cutting and controls the tree’s fall. The design is quite effective for small felling trees with its serrated and double tapper barbs.

Additionally, the wedges play an important role in stopping the tree’s weight to pinch the chain saw bar or chain that you use as you do the back cut while cutting the tree. The form of plastic used in making the wedges, which are PA6-GF30 polycarbonate, is highly durable and long-lasting. It has the ability to keep its stability under tremendous load and does not break too easily. You may find it quite helpful in doing a hard job of cutting a tree quite easily.

A recommendation is for those people who are hard hunters in their work.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Varied size is useful for different use.
  • Enhanced security that prevents serious injury
  • Handy to use for single person use
  • Highly dense plastic made wedges that are very long-lasting.
  • Not too hard or too soft
  • Teeth on the product that prevents kicking it out from the tree
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not many cons about it, but there is a review of breaking down on the Amazon site.

2. Gator Wedge

This wonderful premium quality set of wedges is made with high impact material called ABS Ploy material. It is made in the USA. The set comes with 2 Packs of felling wedges. The height of the wedges is 5 ½ inches, which is perfect for small trees.

The wedges are of Gator Company. It is not made to split woods and comes along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The overall problems yours in cutting down trees are solvable with these high-quality wedges. The use of these wedges ensures super safety and smooth operation for you. The wedges enable the falling of the tree in the exact direction that you want. It also prevents the pinching in the chain saw bar and chain.

The Gator wedges are highly stable and heavy load-bearing. It does not break easily. It has a long-lasting quality within. The wedges’ size is 5 ½ inches in length, 2 ¾ inches in width, and 1inches tapering down.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Very convenient for novice users.
  • Useful for deep cutting wood.
  • Made with good hard plastic.
  • The wedges come with anti-slip nubs.
  • The effective design enables shaving down the chainsaw coming in contact.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The plastic of the wedges may not prove to be the hardest you expect it to be.
  • The quality and the location of its manufacture may get into question in some cases.

3. Timber Savage

The Timber Savage is a perfect pack of wedges, which is ideal for trees with small diameters. It is also useful to the trees with average diameters. These wedges are 5 ½ inches in size and are double taper.

Henceforth, the product’s size is so convenient and small that it can be easily fitted in the pocket. The design of the product is perfect for the felling trees. These wedges are manufactured from long-lasting and hard plastic.

Again the Timber Savage, light in weight Pack of wedges, weighs 90 grams that make it easy to carry and portable. The bright color of the product enables it to be easy to find in the forest if dropped.

The barbs’ existence on the wedges gives it anti-slip criteria that make it safer, and it also stops the kerf of the saw from back out while you cut the tree. The wedge can lift the tree 1 inch and give enough space to work with the saw.

According to the users, it is small enough to carry and thick enough to complete the work fast. The product is excellent for smaller trees. The set comes with 4 pieces, but it is not usable for splitting the woods.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Quite handy to use.
  • Good for bucking also.
  • The small-sized spikes on the wedges hold it steady enough from slipping.
  • Better than metal wedges.
  • It helps to fight the wind direction.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Less efficiency on the larger tree following the size of it
  • Sometimes a question of strength may arise.

4. Felled Spiked Tree Felling Wedges

The most Felled Spiked Tree Felling Wedges are the most secure and efficient in cutting large trees. It prevents the possibility of any kind of damage and injury while felling trees. The wedges are made with durable, heavy-duty plastics; thus, they are long-lasting.

The wedges are made with hard-wearing and enduring ABS plastics. As a result, it lives a long life in cutting trees and guiding them in felling in the right direction that is needed. The size of the wedges is 10 inches. So it fits in your tool pouch quite conveniently.

The product is stand in extremely high temperatures and also can tolerate heavy loads. It has 9 sloping spikes on one side, giving it a strong grip to hold on to the trees. These spikes give it better safety and a non-slipping effect.

Felled Spiked Tree Felling Wedges can create such a motorized force of lifting the tree, which pushes the tree from the gravity center to the direction you want it to fall. The set carries 2 wedges for your use.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It does not get distort while in use.
  • It is the best one for disjointing a raised bed garden box.
  • Effective design of spikes that holds it firmly in place
  • Enables bucking on the uneven grounds
  • Continuously usable for several hours
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Heavy product and need precaution in feet to use it
  • The presence of the spikes makes it challenging to relocate if needed.

5. Parts 4 Outdoor tree felling wedges

This high-performance set of wedges is a Pack of 4 wedges and made in the USA. The size of the wedges is 5.5 inches. The performance of the wedges is considered as similar to as or higher than the OEM.

The product’s material is ABS plastic, which is also measured as an excellent material used to ensure better performance. The plastic which is used to make the wedges are resistant to beating. Thus it does not get damaged, break, or crack easily.

The perfect design of the product prevents it from pinching the chainsaw or the bar. Again it enables most efficiently the tree to fall in the right direction of cutting. The material which it is made up of prevents the equipment from getting spoilt.

The product weighs 15.2 ounces, which is quite heavy in the measure. Precautions are needed before using the product.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Relatively long-lasting product
  • Crucial for cutting firewood
  • Works great for cutting the partially rotted tree
  • Highly resistant to beating
  • Have a high performance in cutting partially rotted trees
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Some users experienced having a bad experience with the material, saying that it is soft or durable.

6. Redneck Convent Spiked Tree Felling Wedges

These spiked wedges are foremost effective and exceptionally well designed to maintain the stability of your cutting work. The Pack comes with 3 numbered felling wedges. The Redneck Convent felling wedges guides the felling wedges to fall in the opposite direction of the fall. The angled spikes do the magic of falling opposite here.

These nice wedges are perfect for splitting too. The medium to larger sized trees is handled with this wedge. It gives better safety and higher control in work for your team members. The effective spike design gives it more power and force to prevent back force and guide it properly.

The Redneck wedges are built with the most preferred material for the logging tool, ABS plastic. Also, it is very weather friendly. It is stable to acute weather conditions like very hot or cold and external conditions like huge loads.

However, these felling wedges can make the tree cutting work quite comfortable even if you are a novice in the business. The various sized trees, from medium to large, are manageable with this helpful tool.

The Pack of Redneck comes with 3 wedges, which are sized into 1 wedge with sized 5.5 inches, second with 8-inch size and last with 10-inch size.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The product is light in weight and stronger in performance.
  • It takes less space for carriage.
  • The product has a strong spike that holds the tree strongly.
  • It can withstand a strong hammer or heavy blow.
  • The bright green color of it makes it easy to find if dropped.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Sometimes some people like to have the color changed and love it to be orange in color.

7. 608201001 SET Husqvarna Felling Wedge

The 608201001 SET Husqvarna Felling Wedges comes with three parts that do the work of controlling the direction of the felling tree quite easily and effectively. The sizes of the wedges are 5.5 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches.

Consequently, the product is made for cutting and bucking the tree only but not for splitting or logging the wood. It is made in the USA. The materials are fine plastic, and color is an internationally recognized orange color.

The wedges have spikes on one side and plain on the other side. This enables a better grip and stronghold of the tree. The sloping spikes give it an enormous force to handle the direction of the falling tree.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It works really well for larger trees.
  • A lot safer and easier than the metal wedges
  • Prevents stuck of saw while cutting down a large tree
  • Very tough that it lasts even after strong beating
  • Can withstand hot or cold weather
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There is an absence of a pouch along with the product.
  • A bit expensive regarding the tool you get at the price of it.


The fantastic COLD CREEK LOGGERSis a set of 4 wonderful wedges that are made in the USA. The sizes of the wedges are 5.5 inches. The wedges are a barbed surface on one side and smooth on the other side.

The product is a double taper and gives the tree a 1-inch lift. It is made with high-quality polymer plastic, which makes it durable and enduring. The design has a double tapper along with barbs on it.

The weight of the product is 1.02 pounds, which is quite light and manageable. It is an ideal product for smaller sized trees. It is a wonderful and time saver product to have in your tools box. Nice and convenient to carry or use. The beautiful handy design increases the effectiveness of the product.

PROS (What we liked)
  • A great help to clear your logging jam
  • It saves your time and the chainsaw.
  • Very efficient product as they match the description that is made for it
  • Ideal for small-sized trees
  • A very tough product
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Maybe broken in some cases.

9. New OEM Set of 3 8″ Husqvarna Felling Tree Wedges

The New OEM Set of 3 8″ Husqvarna Felling Tree Wedgesare made from highly dense ABS polycarbonate materials. The material gives it durability and everlasting effect.

This wedge lifts the tree and helps it fall in the direction of the notch cut. It is also usable for bucking the tree.

The weight of the product is 1.7 pounds. It comes with a pack of 3 wedges. The manufacturer of the product is Husqvarna. The size is3 8″. A small and compact wedge that is easily manageable and stored.

It is a single taper wedge and does not make a high lift with it. The heel thickness is about 1 inch. One side of it is textured, and the other one is smooth.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Elegant solid wedges perfect for felling and bucking
  • The lightweight of the wedges enables easy lifting and operation.
  • The size of it is very convenient for sticking out and easy to grab from the pocket.
  • Great tool for splitting woods
  • The bigger size of the wedges gives it better efficiency of work.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It has a lower lift comparing with the other ones available in the market.
  • The prices are higher than the similar ones available in the market.

10. Q Felling Wedges

These 2 piece Qily Felling Wedges are made with robust, high quality, extremely rugged, and lightweight material called ABS material. That ensures a long-lasting effect. The material prevents any kind of swelling, shrinking, or rotting.

The product is quite helpful to the lumberjacks. It assists them in handling the falling tree. It is a totally safe product and a fast result producer.

The 2 piece Qily Felling Wedges has one side smooth, and the other one having barbs on it; this ensures a stronger grip. The sizes of the wedges are 10 inches.

The high quality of the product creates customers satisfactions. The quality of the product makes it possible for them to have a sustainable customer pole.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The material of the product is very sturdy and stout.
  • The structure of the product is big and slim.
  • Has strong, rough, and firm grip to hold it firmly and push it with force.
  • It matches the description of the product perfectly.
  • Big and slim
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It may not be suitable for bigger trees.

Buying guide

Many issues should be analyzed while you buy the best felling wedges for your logging needs. First of all, you need to know what type of tree you want to cut down. The material of felling wedges is chosen according to the tree size you want to cut. The material of the product can be steel, aluminum, or plastic. The log work comes in the second position while buying the exact wedges.

The best tree felling wedges most of the time range with wider choices like high-quality plastics or aluminum. However, which one is the best to buy strongly dependable on consumer choices. Also, the use of it matters in large to decide its efficiency. The choice would depend on usability like splitting or felling. The felling and splitting can become largely easy by choosing the right material and shape of it.

The felling of work always requires experts in the work, but a great plastic wedge can make it a lot easier even for a fresher. A good level of practice and the right tool suitable for the job saves a great deal of time and energy for the lumberjack. A plastic wedge has less possibility or risk of injury.

The splitting wedges are suitable for all kind of splitting and felling work. Most of the splitting wedges are made from universal aluminum wedges. The use of splitting wedges along with a wooden splitting hammer makes the splitting work a piece of cake for you. The splitting of wood into firewood becomes much easier for you to do with it.

Another option of rotary splitting wedges; is for those who want the work to be done most efficiently. The rotary splitting wedges are made with 30° rotted aluminum. It raises the height of lifting it and guarantees the highest splitting.

Normally the steel wedges should be avoided and should not be used on any other steel tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a felling wedge?

The felling wedges are a kind of essential tool that aids in the felling or bucking of trees. After the exact placement of the wedges, it prevents the chainsaw bar from pinching. It also controls the fall of the tree at the course of the notch cut. The wedges are made of highly dense and durable polymer plastic. Felling wedges are a much-needed component for having safety and security while you cut a tree. The protection is for either you or your team members. It is an essential tool for logging too. A wedge with extra lift and hardened striking surface would be perfect for fulfilling your desire.

What size felling wedge do I need?

The size of the felling tree should be determined according to the size of the felling tree and if any additional work needed along with it. However, the bigger wedge you use to fall your tree, the better the lift you have with it. Again the better the lift is made with the wedges, the easier your work will become. For an 18 inch tree, a 7.5-inch wedge is enough for the job to complete. So we can say the size of wedges depends on the type of job to be done.

How to use a felling wedge?

The way of using felling wedges is quite simple and easy. The working area of a falling wedge is on the tree’s trunk, preventing the saw from being bound in the compression area. On the other hand, it is also used to adjust the direction of falling trees while being harvested. It lifts the tree’s center that directs the tree to fall in the bend’s reverse direction. The steps to follow while using a felling wedge are (1) Make a face notch. (2) Calculate the number of wedges required. (3) Analyze the segments of the tree. (4) Make a felling cut. (5) Place the wedge with a hammer. There are also other techniques to use a felling wedge, but the process, as mentioned earlier, is the common one in use.

Final verdict

The overall process of completing your cutting tree or leaning a tree is all by using felling wedges about calculation or measurement. Try to master the tree dynamics and get as many numbers of best felling wedges as you need to buy.

The use of felling wedges can be great and time saving for you. It is quite effective in giving excellent tricky service in felling, logging, bucking, or sometimes splitting a tree. So do not waste any more time; just go ahead and grab the felling wedges pack described above and reach the goal of cutting a tree.

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