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Best Gutter Guard Reviews – Gutter Helmet Reviews 2018

The Gutter which is used to carry off rainwater can be affected by debris or rubbish like leaves, Pine needles, Twigs as well as clutter so on and so forth. No doubt cleaning the gutters is one of the most boring tasks that one has ever done in his/her life. In this regard “Gutter Guard” is the best solution to prevent gutters from the debris. Generally, a question arises in the mind that what are the best Gutter Guards?! However, the answer is the best gutter guards are that tools from which the optimized benefits of the product are found. So it is wise to know about the gutter guards reviews as well as best gutter guards consumer reports!

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GutterBrush Leaf Gutter Guard GutterBrush Shop Now
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The Demand for Gutter Guard Brands


10 Best Gutter Guard/ Gutter Helmet Reviews at a Glance

10 Best Gutter Guard Reviews 

1. FlexxPoint Gutter Cover System Review

FlexxPoint Gutter Cover System

Flexxpoint 30 Year Gutter Cover System is one of the best rated Gutter Guards. The customer reviews of the product are 4.6 out of 5 stars. From the Gutter Guard Reviews, it is known that the product contains best gutter guard system. A good product that is really very easy to install. Excellent product with an excellent price!


  • Easy to install.
  • High volume water flow as well as no problems with icing, Free from clog
  • Blocks all types of rubbish
  • Permanently installs, easy to manage 4 ft. sections
  • Made from the premium Aluminum and now with STAINLESS STEEL fasteners.
  • Obtainable in White or Matte Aluminum
  • Cannot be easily seen from the ground so anyone can paint only the gutters without painting the guards.
  • The weight of the item is 10 pounds and size is 5 inches residential
  • The color of the product is white.
  • Made in the United States of America.


  • They can be installed on hidden hanger
  • Simple to install
  • When the wind blows it can able to take the 90% of the leaves and debris
  • During a heavy storm, they performed great
  • Well priced


  • Difficult to install on some gutters so make ensure that the guards are suitable for the gutters

Product Information:

Product Information
1)       Product Weight 10 pounds
2)       Product Size 5 inches Residential
3)       Product Color White
4)       Product model Number RESW-100
5)       Number of Pieces 25
6)       Customer Reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars

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2. LeafsOut Gutter Guard Review

LeafsOut Gutter Guard

The system of LeafsOut Gutter Guard consists of 3 main sections such as a front anodized aluminum drip edge and the second section of the protection system is a stainless steel V-Bend filter mesh, and the third and the last one is a black water siphon control strip on the bottom side of the mesh. However, it is one of the best gutter guards.


  • The Guard can be installed on various types of gutters as well as roofs such as wood shake, flat tile, Spanish tile, etc.
  • Stainless steel mesh makes strong the gutter guards.
  • The performance will not degrade like other plastic and foam gutter guards.
  • It is pest free as it has fine holes.
  • The weight of the product is 5 pounds, and the size is 23 FT


  • Super high-quality product
  • The product is well constructed and well priced
  • The product is stainless steel and has some ribbing for rigidity.


  • Pine needles get stuck into the mesh and after a while enough of them they need to be removed and for this proper cleaning tool can be used to overcome the problem.

Product Information:

Product Information
1)       Product Weight 5 pounds
2)       Product Size 23 FT
3)       Product Color
4)       Product Model Number
5)       Customer Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars

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3. Gutterbrush gutter guard reviewsGutterbrush gutter guard

GutterBrush is a cylinder-shaped “twisted in wire” brush which is easy to install, and no special tools are required to install the gutter guard. Both money and time can be saved!!


  • It is very easy to install
  • No tools or professionals are required to install the product
  • The product is not expensive like other gutter guards.
  • The weight of the product is 8 ounces, and the size of the product is 15 feet.
  • The color of the Gutter Guard is black.
  • Made in the United States of America.


  • Good deterrent
  • It allows the water to flow freely.
  • Vertically inserted Gutter Brushes
  • Blocks leaves, pine needles and other rubbish
  • It takes a little time to install
  • Affordable and efficient.
  • It is not difficult to maintain


  • The brushes are contaminated with leaves and debris so be careful about the cleanliness of the product.

Product Information:

Product Information
1)       Product Weight 8 ounces
2)       Product Size 15 Feet
3)       Product Color Black
4)       Product model Number 5IN-15FT
5)       Customer Reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars

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4. GutterStuff Gutter Filter Insert ReviewGutterStuff Gutter Filter Insert

GutterStuff  EZ is easy to install as it is the easiest self-installed gutter guard. It is one of the best gutter guards for oak trees. The product is Invisible, Effective and Affordable!


  • Easy and simple installation mechanism.
  • The product fits completely inside any 5 inches K-style gutter- the most familiar style on the marketplace
  • GutterStuff is well worth the purchase
  • The product is UV protected.
  • The weight of the item is 4.7 pounds, and the size of the item is 32 feet.
  • The dimensions of the product is 48*5*5 inches
  • 3 years Performance Warranty.
  • Germicide and Fire Retardant.


  • The Gutter Guard is easy to use
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Special tools are not required to install the product.
  • Great performance.
  • The product performs properly with oak trees and blossoms.


  • The product is contaminated with leaves and debris so be careful about the cleanliness of the product.

Product Information:

Product Information
1)       Product Weight 4.7 pounds
2)       Product Size 32 Feet
3)       Product Color
4)       Product model Number GSEz-K58Box
5)       Customer Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars

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5. GutterBrush Leaf Gutter Guard ReviewGutterBrush Leaf Gutter Guard

GutterBrush is a cylinder-shaped “twisted in wire” brush which is easy to install, and no special tools are required to install the gutter guard. The product fits the 5 inches gutters.


  • The system of the gutter guard is simple and effective.
  • No tools or professionals are required to install the product
  • The weight of the product is 4.5 ounces, and the size of the product is 6 feet.
  • The color of the item is black
  •  The material of the product is Polypropylene Bristles
  • Made in the United States of America.


  • Maintenance, repair and cleaning process is easy.
  • Vertically inserted Gutter Brushes
  • It takes a little time to install
  • The product is UV protected.


  • The product is filled up with leaves and seeds, so proper cleaning tool can be used to clean the product.

Product Information:

Product Information
1)       Product Weight 4.5 ounces
2)       Product Size 6 Feet
3)       Product Color Black
4)       Product model Number 5IN-6FT
5)       Customer Reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars

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6. EasyOn Gutter Guard ReviewEasyOn Gutter Guard

EasyOn Gutter guard is the most cost-effective DIY gutter protection system on the market.  It has excellent stainless steel micro mesh filtration mechanism. It is one of the best DIY gutter guards on the market.


  • Fine stainless steel micro mesh filtration mechanism.
  • Blocks all types of rubbish
  • Super strength bond technology 3M VHB tape.
  • 10 years warranty and extend to 25 years by registering online


  • It allows elasticity of heat and cold conditions
  • It’s very rigid and easy to put on the house
  • It has multiple installation methods.


  • Not yet found

Product Information:

Product Information
1)       Product Weight  10 pounds
2)       Product Size  
3)       Product Color  
4)       Product Model Number  
5)       Customer Reviews 5 out of 5 stars

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7. E-Z Quick Tight Mesh Gutter Guards ReviewE-Z Quick Tight Mesh Gutter Guards

E-Z Quick is specially designed for 5 inches residential gutters. The product is constructed to keep rubbish out while letting rainwater rush through.


  • It’s a Snap to install – No Screws needed
  • Won’t Rust or Rot due to heavy-duty expanded aluminum
  • It is constructed to stay during rough weather.
  • It can easily remove from the gutter.
  • The weight of the Gutter Guard is 3.9 pounds
  • The dimension of the product is 50*5.5*1 inches
  • Made in the United States of America.


  • Very solid and the price is very reasonable
  • No need to be notched for gutter screws with ferrules
  • The holes are diamond shaped and very small and so rubbish cannot enter the gutter
  • The product is constructed to keep rubbish out while letting rainwater rush through


  • User found it difficult to install as they don’t fit with 5 or 6 inches gutters. But it will fit with 4 inches gutter.

Product Information:

Product Information
1)       Product Weight 3.9 pounds
2)       Product Size  
3)       Product Color  
4)       Product

model number

5)       Customer Reviews 3.9 out of 5 stars

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8. Shur Flo gutter guard reviewShur flo gutter guard

Shur Flo Step-Down Gutter Guard is made for applications where the gutters have been installed with Speed-Screw and Quick-Screw hangers. The “Step-Down” permits installation of the panel over the angled hanger, solving the clearance matters. It is one of the best gutter guards for the pine needles.


  • Basically, there are three designs such as – Shur Flo, Shur Flo X, Shur Flo Step-Down
  • Shur Flo professionally installed by a Factory-Trained contractor.
  • The product performs well with any type of roof material.
  • Low profile makes Shur Flo virtually invisible from the ground.
  • Shur Flo may not void any roof warranties.
  • The material of the product is aluminum.
  • The weight of the product is 26 pounds.
  • The dimensions of the item is 48*5*6 inches
  • Made in the United States of America.
  • The product has 20 years transferable Warranty!
  • The product is gettable in mill finish, black, and white either for 5 inches or 6 inches K-style gutters.


  • The system works with all types of roofs
  • Shur Flo will never rust, rot or distort.
  • Patented Perl-flow filtration system.
  • Blocks all types of debris like leaves, Pine needles, Twigs, and clutter.
  • Excellent product with good performances.


  • Not yet found

Product Information:

Product Information
1)       Product Weight 25 pounds
2)       Product Size Shur Flo Step-Down
3)       Product Color White
4)       Product Model Number
5)       Customer Reviews 4.5 out 5 stars

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9. Amerimax Gutter Guard ReviewAmerimax Gutter Guard

Amerimax Gusher Guard 25074 is the perfect and appropriate solution for the corners of the gutter guards. The gutter guard reviews are given below-


  • Fast flowing rainwater from gushing over the gutter corner is prevented.
  • The weight of the product is 3.2 ounces
  • The dimension of the product is 9.5*6.5*0.3 inches
  • The color of the product is white.
  • Perfect solution for the corners of the gutters


  • Gusher Guard works to divert the water.
  • Simple, small and effective
  • Good solution for overflow
  • Screw or rivet attachment is required.
  • The product is paintable
  • Works well


  • The product is small in size however user will get 3 pieces per pack

Product Information:

Product Information
1)       Product Weight 3.2 ounces
2)       Product Size Pack of 1
3)       Product Color White
4)       Product Model Number 25074
5)       Customer Reviews 3.7 out of 5 stars

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10. Gutter downspout wedge reviewGutter downspout wedge

The gutter guard is simple, and no special tools are needed. One of the affordable products!


  • Easy to install, Special tools are not needed
  • The weight of the product is 4 ounces, and the color is Grey
  • The dimensions of the item are 9.3*2.8*3.2 inches.
  • Material is plastic
  • Made in the United States of America.


  • Eliminates dirt by directing leaves and rubbish away from the waterspout openings
  • The item is easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • The product is not expensive like other gutter guards.


  • Clogged come unassembled but it is easy to put together.

Product Information:

Product Information
1)       Product Weight 4 ounces
2)       Product Size
3)       Product Color Gray
4)       Product Model Number
5)       Customer Reviews 3.9 out of 5 stars

From the 10 Best Gutter Guard Reviews, it is clear about their features and product information which help to make the decision about buying the product.

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Other Necessary Accessories:

1)    Down Pipe Gutter Balloon Guard Filter Review:Down Pipe Gutter Balloon Guard Filter
Down Pipe Gutter Balloon Guard Filter prevents leaves and rubbish clogging gutters. Easy to install and no special tools are required for installation.


1)    The product permits the water to make it through and into the downspout.

2)    It is non-corrosive

3)    The product is durable and long-lasting.


1)    Easy to install.

2)    The product can be used on gutters that have a rectangular downspout.

3)    The product is very efficient in keeping leaves and seeds from clogging downspout.


1)    This product is not eligible for international shipping however currently the product can be shipped only within the U.S.

Product Information
1)       Product Weight 8 ounces
2)       Shipping Weight 2 pounds
3)       Manufacturer K&H
4)       Material Plastic
5)       Item package quantity 4
6)       Customer Reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars

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2)    Ladder-Max Stand-off Stabilizer Review:Ladder-Max Stand-off Stabilizer

Ladder-Max is made of high-quality zinc plated steel. The product is rust and corrosion resistant. Users can paint safely with greater reach and stability. Ladder-Max fits all major aluminum, wood and fiberglass extension and articulating ladders including Werner, Louisville, Howard, Gorilla, Green Bull and others. The product is perfect for gutter cleaning and roof access. Gutter installers love Ladder-Max. It helps to reach inaccessible places. So, without worries and hesitation climb a ladder with confidence!


1)    Maximize Ladder Safety.

2)    Easy to use and attaches in seconds.

3)    Fits all extensions and Articulated Ladders.

4)    Ladder-Max is OSHA certified direct roof placement.

5)    The Product is manufactured in the United States of America.

6)    #1 selling Ladder Standoff in North America. (19 inches standoff)


1)    Easy to install and remove.

2)    Good Design.

3)    Sturdy, safe, stable, strong and steady.

4)     Robust and good quality materials.

5)    The product is designed to provide standoff stability over a gutter.

6)    Works with Werner ladders

7)    Must have worth every penny!


1)    The product is expensive however the risk of injury and property damages are reduced by using the product.

Product Information
1)       Product Weight 7.7 pounds
2)       Shipping Weight 9.8 pounds
3)       Manufacturer Ladder-Max.
4)       Material Steel
5)       Item package quantity 1
6)       Customer Reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars

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3) Gutterwhiz GW1 Gutter Cleaning Tool Review:Gutterwhiz GW1 Gutter Cleaning Tool

Do you dislike cleaning gutters? Because cleaning gutters become risky especially when using a ladder. However, now cleaning gutters become easier than previous, and no ladder is needed for this task.Gutterwhiz GW1 Gutter cleaning tool provides the facilities. The product removes pine needles, pine cones, toys, balls, and debris that cause clogging in the gutters.


1)    GutterWhiz is a bit tricky to use.

2)    Very durable.

3)    Includes free Safety Glasses.

4)    The company provides Limited Lifetime Warranty.

5)    A smart and useful product for cleaning.


1)    Efficient and affordable way to clean gutters.

2)    It is a DIY gutter cleaner.

3)    No ladder required.

4)    Excellent invention.


1)    The product is a bit tricky to use so need a little practice before using the product.

Product Information:

Product Information
1)       Product Weight 1.8 pounds
2)       Shipping Weight 1.9 pounds
3)       Manufacturer GutterWhiz
4)       Size GutterWhiz
5)       Item package quantity 1
6)       Customer Reviews 3.6 out of 5 stars

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Best gutter guard buying guide

If you live in a house for rent, you do not have to worry about many organizational procedures. It is different with all those who build themselves. Here, many aspects have to be taken into account, especially building protection. Thus, the house must be protected from rain and imminent flooding. The housebuilder realizes this with gutter guards. Now I am discussing the things we should consider before buying a gutter guard.

Gutter Guard

A. Types of the gutter guard:

However, the gutter guard is not equal to the drain. Construction should always meet the highest quality requirements and must be durable in any case. How are long-lasting gutters ultimately depended on different criteria? One of them is the material from which the gutter is made. Various types are available here, such as guttering from plastic, guttering from copper, gutter from zinc or guttering from metal. Each material has its advantages.

  1. Copper gutter guards

Each house has its roof. That is why not every roof can be mounted on any conceivable roof. The material of the gutter guard should therefore always fit the own roof. Copper roof gutters are characterized above all by their high resistance to all weather conditions. Also, a natural patina is formed which prevents corrosion for decades. Another advantage that copper roof gutters offer is their ease of processing and ease of moldability for a perfect fit.

Also, gutter guards are made of copper are maintenance-free, which is probably the greatest advantage when you consider that they promise a long life. The installation possibilities for copper gutters are just as versatile. They can be fixed for proper roof drainage either by folding, soldering or gluing. If at all a disadvantage can be found in connection with roof gutters, which can consist of the material copper, then this is the comparatively high purchase price. However, this is compensated by the long life.

  1. Plastic gutter guards

Gutter Guards, made of the plastic material, are only about 10 to 15 years old, but they are very favorable and bring their advantages along with the representatives of zinc or copper. Since the plastic material cannot rust, the plastic gutter is also very resistant to corrosion. Furthermore, plastic guttering is characterized by the fact that it is very resilient and weather-resistant. Even a warm summer cannot harm the plastic material.

In the winter a rain gutter guard is often surprised by frozen water. Some materials are not very clear. However, plastic gutters can defy these circumstances, which is due to the high dimensional stability of the material. A major advantage of plastic roof gutters lies in their assembly. Anyone who chooses it will have fewer problems than if the choice were to fall on copper or zinc. Also, individual components of plastic roof gutter guards can be connected very simply using precise interlocking. Especially plastic gutter guards are popular with many homeowners. These also bring several advantages. Thus, they are often cheaper than their equivalents made of metal or copper.

However, this should not be the most important aspect when purchasing rooftops. Rather, care must be taken that the quality is right. Roof gutters made of plastic are particularly robust and resistant. This makes it possible for them, provided the appropriate maintenance, bring a long shelf life.

  1. Zinc roof gutters

Rain gutter guards occupy a central importance on every house roof because they stand for the clean drainage of the rainwater. For drainage, gutters made of different materials including zinc. Zinc roof gutters can either be made of the pure metal zinc, galvanized steel sheet or titanium zinc. Its long durability characterizes zinc roof gutter guard. Experts assume that zinc gutters can reliably handle dewatering for 20 to 35 years.

Even in terms of resistance to weathering and corrosion, the zinc roof cannot be said to be counteractive. Other advantages of zinc roof gutter guards are their secure processing, their high stability, as well as the entirely given maintenance-free of the material. Even in the extreme heat, the zinc roof gutter does not suffer from any fractures as only a slight material expansion is to be expected. A zinc gutter guard can also be an advantage, as it moves in the middle price segment and is therefore also affordable for the smaller budget.

B. Gutter guard size and material

The type of the roof should also provide information on the material of the gutter. Plastic gutter guards are very long-lasting and are becoming more and more popular in the market, but they are not suitable for every house roof. For example, large multi-family homes with a gutter guard are to be drained; many home builders still rely on metal gutters.

These offer many different drainage possibilities and are especially suitable for large house roofs. Copper and zinc have also crystallized as particularly stable gutter guard materials. In this case, it is only necessary to ensure that the resistance to weathering influences not only the effects of weather but also against UV radiation, which is quite different from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Before the purchase, it is, therefore, necessary to get comprehensive information. The competent advice in a specialist store can also be helpful in finding the right gutter guard, as well as a detailed research on the Internet, in which product descriptions and test and experience reports should flow.

  1. Mounting Brackets

However, the gutter guard alone does not yet stand for drainage. In addition to the right roof gutter guard, it still needs the appropriate mounting bracket. The search for the right gutter guard holder can often prove a difficulty. Therefore, the corresponding gutter guard system should also be chosen according to whether the correct mounting is offered. However, there are brackets or mounting brackets that can accommodate the different constructional conditions of roofs.

For example, roof gutter guards can be attached to the ceiling rafter. In this case, however, the holder should have different angular dimensions, so that the adjustment can take place precisely. If the house has an oblique base area of the roof, an attachment option is to be selected which allows the installation on the diagonal or vertical front board. In the case of small roofs, for example, in the case of garage roofs, mounting with the correct mounting are usually carried out on the corrugated plate. Also for small roofs, the hook to the bridge plate can be applied.

2. Gutter guard mesh

Roof gutter guard mesh is particularly suitable as foliage protection or lawn top as well as marten protection. Protection grids are available for the different types of roof troughs. It does not matter, therefore, whether your gutter guard is round, half-round or whether you have a chest groove. There are also roof gutter guards in different materials. The material is based on the materials used for the production of gutter guard. For example, protective grids are available in metal, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, zinc or plastic. Now some question as a user can come to mind about gutter guard mesh. Let’s see those.

Which material is suitable as a gutter guard mesh?

Our recommendation is that you opt for a gutter guard mesh made of the same material as the gutter guard. This means you do not have to worry about the physical compatibility of the two systems. It is not necessary to dispense with certain combinations. For example, no iron parts should be placed above copper. On the other hand, no copper parts should be placed above a part that is galvanized. Since the list can be extended and, for example, aluminum is not always compatible with other metals, we recommend that the choice of the material be oriented on the gutter guard. However, an exception may be mentioned. A plastic roof gutter can be combined with any other material. If such a system is available in different colors, a suitable or simply a neutral color, such as gray or black, can be found relatively quickly.

Which hole size is ideal for a gutter guard mesh?

If a gutter guard mesh has holes that are too small, this may prevent sufficient drainage from the water. If on the other hand, the holes are too large, the system does not provide adequate protection from the penetration of small parts. As an ideal size, holes of approximately 6 mm have been exposed.

  1. Gutter brush

Gutter brush protects the roof gutter especially from animals such as the marten, rats or the raccoon. The bristles of a caterpillar can also be used as a bird protection and thus also serve as a bird defense. Finally, a gutter brush can be used to ensure that no foliage accumulates in the gutter guard. This is probably the primary goal of a gutter guard. So buy the best gutter brush.

Advantages of a gutter brush

The crawler can simply be placed in the gutter guard. There is hardly any dirt left in the gutter or the downpipe. Animals are prevented efficiently before a nesting in the gutter guard.

 Drawbacks of a gutter brush

A gutter brush offers many advantages. Unfortunately, there is also a disadvantage compared to a gutter protection grille. A brush can be used to prevent foliage from accumulating in the gutter guard. Even if the foliage is blown away by the wind as soon as it is dry, however, the possibility remains that individual leaves are caught in the bristles.

After all, the roof gutter guard can be removed from it relatively simple for cleaning. The goal of a gutter guard system is to protect the gutter and the fall pipe from contamination and to clog. And this goal can be achieved simply and efficiently with a brush as gutter protection.

Additional requirements for a functioning gutter protection system:

  • The surface of the system parts must be smooth and the perforated edges should be rounded to reduce the risk of entanglement of sheets.
  • The system parts should not have a curvature upwards. A shape can cause leaves, moss, or branches slipping from the roof to rest on the back and block the holes.
  • The leaves, which are blown, should also be able to be blown down quickly and easily. Therefore, smooth and best forward inclined systems are particularly suitable.
  • If the individual elements are to be installed without fixing and thus directly inserted into the gutter, they can slide or, for example by snow, ice or the wind can blow.
  • The correct hole size is of great importance. The individual holes must not be too large so that no leaves and tree seeds can get caught. This applies in particular to Linden or maple seeds. However, the holes must not be too small, so that they do not become blocked by fines such as leaf fragments, moss or mud. A proven diameter of the individual holes is 6 mm.
  • To ensure the drainage of the rainwater, the system parts must have a high flow rate. The open area of a system determines how quickly and how efficiently the water is drained into the channel. The open area can be calculated by the number and size of the holes relative to the total area of the system part.
  • In addition to the open surface, the whole shape is another important factor. The water flowing down from the roof runs along the protection system. To derive this as efficiently as possible into the guard, various attempts have been made to provide an offset hexagonal perforation (hexagonal hole).
  • Rounded holes help prevent the leaves or branches from getting caught quickly. Also, the water is dissipated even faster.
  • The system components cannot form any triangles, in which leaves, branches or moss can settle. Therefore, it is important that the inside and outside corners can be covered well with the system.
  • So that you have a long time in the protection system, this must be heat-stable, cold-stable and UV-stable. This is the only way to ensure a long service life. Systems made of aluminum or polypropylene is available here. Polypropylene is a hard and heat-resistant thermoplastic with high stability and chemical resistance.
  • In the case of systems made of copper or stainless steel, fluctuating commodity prices can affect the sales price.

Frequently asked questions about Gutter Guard

How Gutter Helmet Works

  1. How to get rid of birds nesting in gutters

As already mentioned, a gutter guard brush can also be used to protect against birds such as sparrows or pigeons. Even if a perfect protection cannot be guaranteed, the question arises whether one has to resort to special bird spikes for the protection of the sparrow or pigeon defense, or whether these are not easily removed from the gutter using a roof guard in the form of a brush. It is quite useful if a gutter can be protected from leaves and birds. Spikes are somewhat more expensive compared to a caterpillar. This leads to the recommendation that in a first step at least one attempt is made to keep the birds away with a gutter brush.

  1. What should be considered especially for a roof gutter against foliage

A. A good gutter protection has no bulge inside

In contrast, roof gutter protection grids are particularly suitable. It should be noted, however, that the shapes of the protective gratings can be entirely different. Some grids are flat and others have a slight arch. In general, it is recommended that the protective gratings either have no curvature or that this only has a slope forward.

If a gutter brush has a point toward the rear, in the direction of the gutter plate, there is the danger that foliage is caught on the inside. Leaves are blown in the autumn by the wind from adjacent trees like a birch to the roof. Then these leaves are led through the rain from the roof into the rain gutter. In the rain gutter, and in particular in the downpipe, these blades may result in blockages, for example, in the gutter, the downpipe, the gutter guard pipe, the fall pipe bow, the socket angle or the gutter guard angle to lead. Such clogging can, of course, also be prevented using a gutter protection grille which has a curvature of the inner side. The problem, however, is that the leaves, in this case, are fixed on the inner side of the gutter guard and thus the water can no longer reach the rain gutter unimpeded. The consequence is that the rainwater swells on the inside and consequently flows down exactly along the house facade and damages them in the worst case.

A good gutter guard prevents leaves and needles from sticking to the protective device. This is sometimes a reason that a good gutter guard has a smooth surface and there is no curvature on the inside of the gutter. In the first moment, the foliage, which flows with the rainwater from the roof towards the rain gutter, is naturally wet.  Only after the foliage is dry again, thanks to a good weather season, is blown down by the next wind. This self-cleaning function however only if the gutter protection itself does not resist.

B. Mounting on a gutter plate

If your gutter has a gutter guard plate, you must choose a system that does not have to be placed on both gutter edges. The gutter guard plate projects into the inner side of the gutter and prevents the attachment to the inside of the gutter.

In this case, you should opt for a flexible system that allows mounting only on the outside edge. Systems which can be linked and are supported by one end in the gutter is especially suitable for this purpose. Attachment to both ends is necessary. In winter, for example, snow accumulates on the grid or the net. Depending on the region, the amount of snow can be relatively large. And a lot of snow means extra weight. Just think of higher areas in the USA, where it is not unusual for a meter of snow to accumulate on the roofs.

  1. How to install gutter guard

The installation of a roof gutter guard is simple. It seems that only attaching a network is causing some people some trouble. Channel grids are supplied in individual parts. The ordered system is supplied in a set which includes the brackets for fastening to the gutter.

It does not matter whether you attach the gutter guard to the gutter from the house or the rain gutter from the garden house or winter garden. In principle, it is also irrelevant whether it is a gutter guard model made of stainless steel or plastic gutters and whether the shape of the corresponding channel is semi-circular or box-shaped.

In addition to simple assembly, however, it is just as important that the roof gutter can also be easily removed for roof gutter cleaning. A gutter protector prevents large soiling from accumulating in the gutter guard and preventing the water from flowing out. Despite this measure, small foreign bodies such as, for example, needles can continue to enter the gutter guard. As a result, it is not possible to dispense with regular cleaning.

Most caution requires working on the ladder. Ensure that the ladder is a solid foundation and that the rainwater can withstand the load on the ladder. As with other work carried out on a ladder, you should also take an additional person to help you with the installation of a gutter guard, which will ensure the durability of the ladder and also hold it.

Best gutter guard brands

There are different products from roof gutter guard systems of various manufacturers. The following list of manufacturers shows are the well-known gutter guard brands:

  • FlexxPoint

FlexxPoint Gutter Covers LLC. is a  family-owned and managed a company that is the leading USA manufacturer of premium grade gutter covers. They manufacture FlexxPoint Gutter Cover products in-house and ship them direct to builders and homeowners over the country.

  • Gutterguard

It is another family-owned company managed by the Lenney family. Their business means performance, value, security and excellent customer service. Their products are a combination of strength, stability and low-cost describes the best value in gutter guard protection for builders and homeowners over North America.

  • GutterGuard Pro

GutterGuard Pro as a plastic components manufacturer gained popularity. Their GutterGuard Pro gutter guard system is created to provide building professionals a rust-free, a damage-resistant and cheap alternative to galvanized products. These are manufactured with impact-resistant and lead-free PVC.


The best thing about the roof gutter guard with this system is, however, that the annoying cleaning of the gutter can be completely omitted! The easiest and most useful way to buy it in the construction market or on the Internet. For example, even used systems can be purchased on eBay. Probably the easiest method is when you buy a gutter protection at Amazon.


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