Top 10 Best Humanoid Robots Review of 2022

best humanoid robots

Have you ever sat down and wondered how life is changing with the myriads of technology advancements? Well, if you’re like most of us, you are probably waiting for that beautiful day where you could go and buy for yourself a humanoid robot that would do all your chores. This guide is here to educate you and give you a glimpse of the best humanoid robots for you.

Some huge companies and giants brands specializing in the technology world have already developed and invented the most beautiful creatures that make life even more comfortable.

Best Humanoid Robots Review

1.UBTECH Alpha 1 Pro Humanoid Robot – a best programmable humanoid robot

This pro humanoid robot takes the lead in our list because it comes to you with a true human being’s height. The robot stands tall at 16 inches and comes with 16 digital servos that give it the ability to perform magnificent movements at the fastest speed possible.

Its advanced design makes it easy to connect to your smart devices with the Free Alpha app {this can be Android or iOS devices}. The best part is that you can easily connect this robot through Bluetooth and have easy access to its pre-programmed movements, or if you like, you can create your own personalized movements.

Thanks to its 3D desktop programming software, this feature makes the robot a powerful tool to add to any of your STEM learning programs for your windows and Mac OSs. With this feature, this robot turns out to be the best programmable humanoid robot in the market for you.

Even better, all the features of this robot are seamlessly and wirelessly controlled from an app. The robot is designed with a personality trait and has real-life movements and an energy ability that makes it feel and behave like one of your true human family members and friends.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Faster movements – this robot isn’t hard to use because it comes to you with easy-to-handle interfaces and control features where you can easily code, save, and replay at your desired time.
  • Suitable for entertainment- whether you’re buying it for your kids or you want to have a feel of music from ages ago, this robot is designed with an excellent dancing feature that gives you enough excitement at your home.
  • You can download demos- if you’re not a faster learner, this robot’s functioning has already made demos where you can download and learn as quickly as possible.
  • It’s economical friendly- with the battery swapping options, this robot is pocket-friendly and does save energy. Additionally, you can buy it together with separate batteries, saving you money if their prices rise after some time.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • You must be patient in learning how electronics work if you’re a slow learner before experiencing the best time with the Alpha 1 robot.
  • This robot is exclusively designed for learning and entertainment but doesn’t have intelligence learning features; therefore, if you’re looking for a robot with intellectual abilities, this is not for you.

2. GT Wonder Boy humanoid robot – a most advanced humanoid robot

Are you looking for the most advanced humanoid robot? Well, this is going to be exciting for you.

The GT wonder is an amazing boy who smartly designed a robot with all the social companion and artificial intelligence you can expect from your true friends. Life becomes enjoyable with a robot like this at home and in your entire livelihood.

Secondly, this robot is a sure-fire and a fantastic tool that keeps your kids and young siblings occupied at home at all times because it can speak back and acts like one of their age mates. This is possible with the easy to use double –way voice interaction the robot comes with.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It’s an advanced intelligence robot- when it comes to learning the artificial intelligence inventions which are vital in most parts of your life, this robot is an excellent start to help you get equipped with exactly that. It is designed with voice command and knowledge picking abilities where you can train it to help you at home, and for businesses, you don’t want others involved.
  • Quality degree of customization- Besides the ability of pre-selected functions, this robot allows you to build your own functions and capabilities by the programming interface within the provided software.
  • Multilingual – the robot can help you learn and interpret different languages as fast as possible; this is a good choice if you’re interested in learning different dialects while you travel the world.
  • Highly interactive and excellent for toddler’s learning- if you want your kids to develop quick IQs, this is the toy to have at home. You can use the robot to train your child’s mind-sharpness by asking questions where the robot answers and then encouraging the child to follow suit.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There is trouble in syncing the robot to some digital devices such as Apple.
  • It might be expensive for low-earning classes.

3. UBTECH Alpha 1S White Intelligent Humanoid Robo – most sophisticated humanoid robot

Have you imagined the most sophisticated humanoid robot? The Alpha 1S is going to be your best option. This robot is designed to teach you advanced things such as yoga moves, break dancing, karate moves, and many others that take longer for a human to train and become perfect.

It is a highly flexible robot that can take turns and move like a human being, which keeps your company and help you feel like having a real friend next to you.

If you’re a complete starter, this robot is a good choice because of its free software program, where both beginner and advanced programmers interact and learn. It is also user-friendly because of the GUI interface, which helps maximize its experiencing capabilities.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Anti-pinching make-up- enjoying with your robot means you can look at it and see it in the same way you bought it from the market. This is precisely what this one gives you; it is designed with the ability to prevent pinching and scratching.
  • More extended playtime- the robot comes with a battery that takes less time to charge but stays long for you to enjoy every moment you desire with your robot.
  • Intelligence Bluetooth-controlled capabilities- at the comfort of your phone, laptop, or a home music system, you can easily manage your robot via Bluetooth and enjoy games, learning its sophisticated abilities, or use it to play for guests.
  • Suitable for all levels of programmers- whether you are a programming hobbyist, a beginner, or a pro, this robot has something to suit you. For starters, you will learn from the pros and pros add their programming knowledge from the free software from the manufacture’s websites, where all are welcomed to interact freely.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The robot isn’t durable as advertised.
  • Its control App demands to share the information which can be used to hack you or get an online violation.

4. SGILE Programmable Intelligent humanoid Robot for Kids – a most realistic humanoid robot

Are you interested in the best affordable humanoid robot for your kids? The SGILE toy has always been most parents’ favorite humanoid robot toy because of its interactions with kids.

The robot is also made with about 18 light effects and eye changeable expressions that kids enjoy most and gets involved in learning helpful ways of growing their talents rather than playing games that don’t add to their natural ability growth.

It also comes with volume and voice control abilities; this is good for kids with hearing impairments where you can adjust for them and teach them how they can enjoy life with such a friendly toy.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Excellent nurturing kids’ talents- children passionate about playing songs and melodies have an excellent chance to learn and train from using this robot slowly and effectively in a friendly manner than from harsh music teachers and trainers.
  • Suitable for disabled children- a child with hearing impairment will find this robot friendly because he/she can adjust volume and voice according to their needs. Also, a dumb child can quickly learn gesture signs and perfection using this robot.
  • Energy saver- with the battery, which can take 120minutes when charged, this robot saves you money spent on power at home.
  • Creative programming mode- the robot comes with an action command which helps reboot the programmed actions in the next 60 seconds, which keeps children engaged and help them become more creative.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The robot highly kids friendly, which can easily affect their social interactions.

5. SHARPER RC Humanoid OP humanoid robot

When it comes to the most realistic humanoid robot, the RC takes the lead because it is designed to work exactly like a human being.

It has well-designed articulated arms and hands with the OP feature that moves and grips to perform different chores like picking up objects and dance.

It also comes with a modular voice make-up, which is efficiently designed to share messages from a distance and where you can disguise voice messages through different options.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Quality designed with human features- enjoyment with this robot comes where you can command it to help you clean your compound by picking up small objects or dust while you’re cleaning or mowing.
  • Able to share distance messages- with your friends from a distance where your voice doesn’t reach or transmit, you can use this robot to share confidential messages at the comfort of your home.
  • Fully functioning and ease to operate- the robot is designed to operate units where you can move it back, front, left, and right as you please.
  • Voice disguising options- if you want to disguise your voice differently, this robot has five options for you to do that with ease.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There’s no warrant policy.
  • Hard to operate for beginners.

6. WowWee Robosapien humanoid robot – best looking humanoid robot

How does it feel when you’re in the house with a robot that looks exactly like a real human? It feels good, and life seems like there is no need for having real friends who might not care than a robot, right? Well, the WowWee is the only robot that is the best looking humanoid robot in the market.

This robot is a real human-like and does have a voice recognition command where you can send it all around the house, speak to it when you feel bored, or even engage in singing and playing games.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Home friendly- at home, you might decide to clean or arrange things, but it can be tiresome because of figuring out how to carry stuff from here and there. When this robot is home, the two or double grippers from each hand can be very useful in picking the smallest stuff to where you want to place them.
  • Suitable for exercise training- sometimes, you need a friend who takes you for walks and running errands. This robot is designed to take dynamic walks, which you can embrace for your exercises.
  • Great commanding options- you need to say words, and your robot will help you do exactly what you need it to. If you want a friend who is not rude to you, this is a good choice.
  • The battery lasts longer- the batter for this robot isn’t like others where you need to buy extra or replace a few months. Its battery goes for over a year and more, depending on how you keep it.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Complex to operate for beginners
  • The control app requires regular updates.

7. KINGSDRAGON Robot T Intelligent Programmable humanoid robot – best ai robot

How does it feel to stay on the same roof with a brilliant robot? Yes, how does it feel knowing your kids have a friendly and intelligent teacher in the house? Thanks to the KINGSDRAGON, it is the best ai robot for kids in the market.

The gesture feature helps you control the robot on both corners, whether front, back, left, and right. Also, it is made to avoid obstacles and move around like a reasonable human being. To add enjoyment to kids, it moves around with eyes lightening up.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Environmentally friendly- the robot is designed with remote control, made of non-toxic & durable material that converses the surroundings at best.
  • Convenient and reliable – children’s toys need to be powered by in-batteries that can directly connect and charge with USB interfaces to help them stay safe from direct connection to the power sockets, which can be harmful. This robot is designed with kids in mind, where you can rest assured they’re safe charging it.
  • It saves money and is worth it- once you’ve charged this robot, the battery takes about 2 hours with it actively playing with kids who save you money for power and battery consumptions.
  • Ideal for kids’ prizes- if it is holiday time, children can be appreciated by buying them friendly toys that add value to their lives, a robot like this one is never a wrong surprise for your child.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It makes kids antisocial
  • inappropriate for disable children.

8. ECHEERS Spaceman Kids Age 3 and above the humanoid robot – most recent humanoid robot

The most recent humanoid robot is this Spaceman type designed for kids of about 3years and above.

Living with a toy that keeps your kids busy and occupied at all times helps you learn their interests at an early age. Knowing what a child likes and not starts watching them play or hate the toy you bring home.

Now, when it comes to observing kids, the spaceman robot is the best short for you. This is another best artificial humanoid robot in the market. It is made with algorithm programming that gives it the chance to interpret audio inputs.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Efficiently programmable- the robot is designed for kids to program multiple actions on the App.
  • Sings and dances for kids’ entertainment- children want to laugh and try dance moves at home; this is the best robot because it comes with a Bluetooth-enabled speaker with music and its dances while singing.
  • Educational oriented design – the robot is made with educational purposes in mind where kids learn programming, dancing, and singing as a whole.
  • Stress relieving toy- the robot’s design helps you watch and try the moves it makes. Once you start to engage with what it is doing, you’ll be free from stress and anything eating you up.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It hardly works with iPhones.
  • Operating is hard for starters.

9. Toch RC Robot Toy, Programmable Smart humanoid robot – a best affordable humanoid robot

Being a parent means buying the best toys for kids to make them happy. Speaking of the best toys, this is the best affordable humanoid robot I know.

It is high time to make sure at home your kids enjoy every moment with a beautiful toy. This robot comes with a fighting mode, which is what most kids want. It is made with an X-man combat mode where games with bullets shooting are played like real-time movie heroes.

If you enjoy terrific games like zombie killing with night modes, this is a good robot for you because it comes with an LED light mode that makes games more interactive.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Self- operational- the robot comes with a button where you only press, and it does the program itself.
  • Pocket-friendly- it comes with a rechargeable battery that saves you money and power bills.
  • It’s friendly for entire household fun- the robot does walk, dance, and sing, which is an excellent way to entertain your home with kid’s participation.
  • It’s intelligently designed- kids like to learn from smart people or toys; this robot is an excellent option to help your child become intelligent by copying how things are done.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not suitable for older children
  • Games are addictive to children.

10. Elemusi Remote Wireless humanoid robot

Lastly, one of the best humanoid robots is the Elemusi remote wireless robot. Kids do like stuff that adds laughter to their lives; this is that bad –boy toy for playful children.

The robot is very interactive and can partner well with playful children at all times. It is made to display fun dancing, singing, and walking styles like a real cartoon.

Children can program it by themselves without needing skilled personnel due to the myriad of operation options it comes with. The toy is also suitable for educational purposes where children can learn the best ideas in science, music, and how to start programming.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Lasting battery- the robot has a battery that, when charged, takes 2 hours to operate effectively.
  • Reasonable control distance- your child and you can control the robot from a distance of 2 to 3 meters, which adds the fun, especially if you’re teaching a toddler how to walk.
  • It comes with an instruction manual- if you’re a beginner, the robot is designed with an easy to follow guide to get started.
  • Designed for all ages- This robot can be used by kids or make adults happy with its music and fun dancing.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Some people don’t like the religious attributes of the robot.
  • The remote eats up batteries faster.

Factors to consider while buying a humanoid robot


This is the heart of things when it comes to robots. You should ask yourself, what do you want to do with the toy you’re buying? Ask also how heavy it is and so on. If you’re looking for a robot to use in hostile places like welding and others, you don’t want to buy something fragile.


As a machinist, this is something that should be ringing bells on you as you walk to the market. The nature of your needs should be first hand to let you decide what you are looking for. Integration starts with how easily you can program and control the robot to the amount of power it uses and if the battery is rechargeable.

Cost of Support

There is no denying that you’ll need to have some cash allotted to support your robot when needs arise. A robot is like a human companion to you, and so support is mandatory. When buying your robot, avoid companies who use support centers to profit themselves. Such people usually make robots and make them with hidden issues that would arise shortly after using them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Handling a robot isn’t a hard thing, but it isn’t also a walk in the park. When this is considered, there are questions that you should know about their answers to help you stay in the right lane. Such are:

What is a humanoid robot?

This refers to a robot that is designed to resemble the human body.

What task does the humanoid robot perform?

There are several tasks a humanoid robot performs, but the obvious ones are playing with kids, helping in artificial intelligence work for those working on such departments, speaking, and teaching. Most of these tasks are dependent one the desired programming of the robot.

Who invented humanoid robot?

A man named Leonardo Da Vinci made the first humanoid robot in the year 1495.

Who created Sophia humanoid robot?

Sophia was invented by a Hong Kong company named Hanson robotics; the person behind this work is called David Hanson Jr.

What is the most advanced humanoid robot?

The most advanced humanoid robot is called Kengoro, which is made to perform like a real human being by doing things such as push-ups and other human activities.

Where can I buy a humanoid robot?

Humanoid robots can be bought from top dealers and licensed manufactures that are under permission from technology authorities.

How to make a humanoid robot?

With the right materials at hand, your robot making process starts with the head, body, arms, and legs. When you’re done, you then do the final finishing.


While many things are taking the world by storm, humanoids robots are the most incredible invention in the current world. From Sophia to Kengoro, it is evident that we are living near the future that we have been dreaming about.

While robots are for big company uses and other huge demands, you can buy your own affordable robot for home and office uses. With that said, get yourself a robot toy for your kids or home chores from the robots list above.

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