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Best Rain Barrel Reviews 2019 | Best For Consumer

Rain barrels which are also known as rainwater tank. In U.K. it is also known as water butts. Rain Barrels is an environmentally friendly option for the people of the world. Rainwater collected in rain barrel which can use for many reasons. You can use rainwater to water plants on a dry day or wash a car. You can also store water during the rainy seasons for use during the drier period.

Why you should use rain barrels

  1. You are helping the environment by conserving water. Doesn’t it give you the satisfaction that you are helping the environment to make it better?
  2. Best rain barrels help you slow down stormwater runoff.
  3. It reduces energy.
  4. This tool can save your money which you have to give for the water bill.
  5. This gadget offers pure and clean water without added chemicals.
  6. Rain barrel’s rainwater is best for plants.

10 Best Rain Barrel

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1 Good Ideas Rain Barrel
2 RTS Rain Barrel
3 Koolscape Rain barrel
4 Algreen Rain Barrel
5 Enviro World Corporation Rain Barrel
6 Good Ideas RW50-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel
7 50-gallon Portable Rain Barrel
8 Good Ideas  IMP-L50-GRN Impressions Palm Rain Barrel
9 Good Ideas RB55-BLUE Recycled Rain Barrel
10 Upcycle 55 GALLON GRAY Rain Barrel

10 Best Rain Barrel Reviews


1.Good Ideas Rain Barrel Review – Best Functional Rain Barrel

Dimension Weight Expandable Material  Warranty
36*25*26 inches 11 pounds Connector kit available easy DIY Plastic One year


  1. Capacity: This Best Functional rain barrel has 65-gallon capacity plus planter.
  2. Shape and design: This tool has Urn shape and converse water without destroying your home’s outer appearance, and its color adds class and style. Its design makes your house more stylish and attractive.
  3. Self-draining: This best rain barrel has the top functions as a planter which drains excess water so you can avoid root-rot.
  4. Meshed Screen: This gadget has meshed screen which helps to keep out debris, insects, and animals.
  5. Flat back design: This design allows to sit tightly against any outside wall.
  6. Rooted Channels: It diverts excess water to the front of the front of the barrel to keep water away from your home’s foundation.
  7. High-quality design: It is designed with the high-quality, sturdy brass spigot which helps the gadget not to rust or break like plastic alternatives.


  1. Unique shape and design.
  2. One-year warranty.
  3. Reliable
  4. Very sturdy.
  5. Reasonable price.
  6. Durable construction.


   Not yet found.

Conclusion: This is one of the best rain barrels if you consider about the function and design. You will find this tool incredibly useful.


  1. RTS Rain Barrel– Best Decorative Rain Barrel

Dimension Weight Expandable Material  Warranty
19.4*24.2*34.7 inches 21.85 pounds Connector kit available easy DIY Recycled plastic One year


  1. Authentic Oak Barrel Texture: The authentic oak barrel Texture is molded into each barrel, so it will never fade, rot or risk insect infestation.
  2. Water Collection: This tool uses the linking kit to link several barrels together so you can increase your water collection. This feature makes it one of the best rain barrels on the market.
  3. Various color: This gadget is available in a variety of colors. So, you can choose the best color to suit your home.
  4. Aluminum Screen: This feature allows the rain barrel tool to keep out debris, insects, animals, and children.
  5. 50 Gallons: This best rain barrel gadget can provide 50 gallons of pure unchlorinated water. A typical roof can produce 100 of gallons of water during heavy rainfall and saving the water you can diminish your average water usage. So you can use saving rain water later.


  1. High-quality plastic with a brass spigot.
  2. Spigot works great.
  3. Well-designed.
  4. Lightweight
  5. Easy to use.


  1. The screens can get knocked off during heavy rainfall.

Conclusion: RTS Home Accents is one of the Best Rain Barrels which is considered a fine product, and it offers you all the features that you need for a rain barrel.


3.Kool scape RBSS-75 75-Gallon Rain barrel – Best looking Rain Barrel

Dimension Weight Material Color
 45.5*23*23 inches  17.5 pounds  Plastic Sand Stone


  1. Appearance: This Best Rain Barrel has Unique Stone-look appearance.
  2. Brass Spigot: This gadget offers you Brass Spigot which allows you easily to access to fill water can.
  3. Screen Guard: This tool delivers you corrosion proof screen guard.
  4. Color: The color of this tool is quite different and unique from other tools. Sandstone color makes your house smarter.
  5. Size: The size is 75 gallon.
  6. Temperature: This Rain Barrel can withstand extreme heat.


  1. Holds a good amount of water.
  2. The design is quite appealing.
  3. Functional tool.
  4. Sturdy
  5. Easy to set up.
  6. Durable


  1. Some people complained about the quality of the faucet. They say it is mediocre and fills a little slowly.

Conclusion: This best rain barrel is a lovely addition to your home.


4.Algreen Rain Barrel Review – Best looking Rain Barrel

Dimension Weight Expandable Material  Warranty
46*24*24 inches 23 pounds Connector kit available easy DIY Recycled plastic One year


  1. Design: This Rain Barrel is beautifully designed with authentic pottery like texture.
  2. Rotationally molded plastic: This tool is made out of resilient, roto-molded plastic which can able to withstand extreme heat and will not chip, fade or crack over time.
  3. Double-wall: The Rain Barrel offers you a double-walled design which adds to its strength and durability.
  4. Brass Spigot: It comes with a high-quality brass-spigot which adds elegance and corrosion-proof screen and bottom-fitting attachment which gives you full authority for access to 100% of water in the unit.
  5. Color: The Gadget is available in your choice of color.


  1. Holds up 65 gallons.
  2. Easy to assemble. You’ll just need one slotted screwdriver.
  3. Quality is excellent.
  4. Sturdy
  5. Gorgeous color.
  6. Durable


  1. Drain hose quality is not very good. It will probably need to replace after one or two years. So replace with a decent hose.

Conclusion: This is the best looking rain barrel present on the market.


5.Enviro World Corporation Rain Barrel – Best Sturdy and Functional Rain Barrel

Dimension Weight Expandable Material  Warranty
23.5*23.5*33 inches 17.6 pounds Chain/drain hose included easy DIY Plastic     N/A



  1. Capacity: This Best Functional Rain Barrel has 55 Gallon capacity.
  2. Design: The modern, sleek flat back design is perfectly suitable for any location around the home.
  3. Brand new looking: As this tool is made from Injection-molded high-density polyethylene, so it is quite easy to keep clean and new year after year.
  4. Complete package: This gadget provides you all brass standard size spigot, extension hose, power coated steel screen and child-locking screws. All you need for years of use.
  5. Spigot: The spigot allows you to access quickly with any watering can without using a stand to elevate a spigot.
  6. Barrel Lid and Screen secured with child-locking screws: These features offer you additional safety for children and animals.


  1. The barrel is quite large.
  2. Simple design.
  3. Durable
  4. Sturdy
  5. Functional
  6. Affordable
  7. Easy to install.


  1. Must be drained need to move into protected storage area every winter.

Conclusion: This Best Sturdy Rain Barrel is simple as well as attractive. This tool is much stronger than average barrels present on the market. It also has a pretty good rating on Amazon.


6.Good Ideas RW-50-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel – Best Decorative Rain Barrel

Dimension Weight Expandable Material  Warranty One year
 31’’H * 23’’W * 22’’D 21.6 pounds Connector kit available easy DIY “Food Grade polyethylene resin.


  1. Capacity: 50 Gallons.
  2. Made of: This Best Rain Barrel made of FDA approved BPA free polyethylene which is resistant to rust, rotting, mold, and mildew.
  3. Design: It provides you flat-back design that saves space.
  4. Color: UV-Resistant polyethylene which allows you to maintain color and integrity for years to come.
  5. Safety: The integrated top is not removable which makes the barrel is safe for children and animals.
  6. Look: This tool offers you classic whiskey barrel look.


  1. Good looking rain barrel.
  2. Reasonable price.
  3. Works perfectly.
  4. Instruction in 3 languages.
  5. Functional


  1. No removable lid: Makes cleaning a little difficult but don’t forget – it also makes barrel safe for children and animal.


7.50-gallon Portable Rain Barrel Review – Best lightweight Rain Barrel

Dimension Weight Material Color
6*6*26 inches 1 pound  Plastic Green


  1. Capacity: This Rain Barrel can hold up 50 gallons.
  2. Portable and Collapsible: This tool is portable and collapsible which allows you for easy moving and storage.
  3. Supply of free water: This gadget collects water from the rooftop, so it provides you with an ample store of the water.
  4. Measures approx: It is 25’’h x 23’’h.
  5. Lightweight: The Best Rain Barrel is so lightweight so you can carry it anywhere. Especially recommended for the campsite if you run out of the water.


  1. Durable
  2. Easy to put together.
  3. Low cost.
  4. Easy to use.


  1. A few customers complained – have some leaking around the spout so make sure that the gasket is on well and sealed. You can also add some silicone sealer around the spout.


8.Good Ideas  IMP-L50-GRN Impressions Palm Rain Barrel – Best Eye-catching Rain Barrel

Dimension Weight Material Color  Warranty
44.5*29*29 inches 35 pounds FDA approved BPA Free polyethylene Green One year


  1. Capacity: 50 gallons and planter top.
  2. The texture of a Palm tree trunk: Palm trunk Finish adds class and style to your rain harvesting.
  3. Meshed Screen: This tool offers you such a fine mesh screen which blocks debris and insects from entering your water supply.
  4. Design: The Rain Barrel equipped with a brass spigot which provides you such a sturdy brass spigot that will never rust or break.
  5. Dual Spigot: Two spigot location for buckets and hoses where one is set up for 5-gallon bucket so that it can be filled or use it as an overflow into a second barrel.
  6. Made in: USA


  1. Captivating features.
  2. Well-built.
  3. Sturdy
  4. Attractive design and shape and color.
  5. Functional
  6. Reasonable price.


  1. Spouts are very touchy, so sometimes they leak a little.

Conclusion: This is one of the best appealing Rain barrels you can find in the present market. One thing is for sure your neighbors won’t feel tired to give compliments for this rain barrel.


9.Good Ideas RB55-BLUE Recycled Rain Barrel – Best Rain Barrel

Dimension Weight Material Brand
23 * 25 * 37 Inches 22 pounds Recycled Food Grade Plastic Resin Good Ideas


  1. Capacity: 55 gallons.
  2. High-quality Brass spigot: This rain barrel provides you brass spigot for accessing water and a screen on top that keeps the water free of debris and insects.
  3. Food-grade Barrel: The rainwater collected in this food grade barrel is completely safe for gardens, but it is not suitable for drinking.
  4. Resistant: The Rain Barrel is resistant to rust, mildew and rotting.
  5. Color: Blue color reduces algae significantly.


  1. No new materials needed for its construction.
  2. Durable
  3. Easy to assemble.
  4. Great quality.


  1. Some customers complained about this tool’s smell, but the odor would dissipate after the first few cycles of rain.

Conclusion: This rain barrel has a very good rating on Amazon, and they look quite satisfied with this tool.


10.Upcycle 55 GALLON GRAY Rain Barrel – Best economical Rain Barrel

Dimension Weight Material Expandable Color  Warranty
22 diameter * 38H inches 23 pounds Food grade HDPE plastic Connects with standard hose fittings. Gray(Others colors are available) One year

Rain Barrel Review:


  1. Capacity: 55 Gallons.
  2. Appearance: The simple gray plastic provides you a clean and functional look. Be noted- plastic can be painted.
  3. Easy Install: This tool’s all fittings are pre-installed, and it supports standard hose thread sizes, so no tool is necessary.
  4. Design: Designed with the metal mesh screen to keep debris and mosquitoes out of the rain barrel.
  5. Economical and sustainable advantages: This rain barrel is handy. It is recycled and re-purposed.
  6. Ecological Responsibility: If you consider about environmental responsibility, you won’t find another rain barrel which is on par with Upcycle. At first, it used to ship pickles overseas. Don’t worry about the acidity of the pickled food. The Upcycle clean each barrel with rain water and pH-neutral soap before converting it. Then it is perfectly suitable to be used as a rain barrel. If you are purchasing it, you are also participating in making use of the food industry’s waste and making it re-purposed as well as making the best use of the waste.


  1. Durable
  2. Multi-use.
  3. Solid Product.
  4. Easy to set up.
  5. Low cost.


  1. HDPE plastic must be drained every winter. So, Upcycle recommends leaving the spigot and linking hose fitting open during the winter.
  2. The hose tends to kink, but you can fix it easily. You have to buy a 50 cents hose bracket and drive a screw to support the hose. Then it won’t kink.

Conclusion: I find this Rain Barrel’s gray look quite beautiful, simple and neutral. This tool is one of the best functional and responsible barrel. If you are concerned about the look, remember that you can paint however you want. Overall I love the product and find a lovely addition in my home. I am quite sure you also like this product and find it quite useful.


Necessary accessories to review


1.Oatey 14209 Mystic Rainwater Collection System

The Mystic Rainwater Collection System provides you an efficient and perfect water supply in your lawn or garden.

Dimension Weight Material Color  Warranty
10*8*8 inches 3 pounds UV resistant PVC plastic White Oatey products come with a one year or longer manufacturer limited warranty.


  1. Rainwater Collection System: This tool is used to recycle rainwater by directing from downspouts into collection barrel (not included) for reuse in lawn or garden watering.
  2. Installing: The Mystic Rainwater Collection System is quite easy to install. It will fit on a standard 2” by 3” residential downspout and includes a 4” high flow hose to connect the diverter to the collection container.
  3. Design: The two-piece design is made of durable UV Resistant material, and the amazing matter is that it is paintable to match with your outdoor decoration. It is also designed in such a way that the leaves and debris can’t be entered.


  1. Affordable price.
  2. Appealing design
  3. Very easy to install. You just have to follow instructions.

Conclusion: This tool is one of the best-selling product on Amazon.The customers are pretty impressed function and design of the tool.


2.Good Ideas RW50ST-OAK 50-gallon Rain Wizard Stand

 Dimension    Weight Manufacturer    Color
26*10*22 inches 10 pounds Good Ideas Oak (also available in Black, Green, Khaki, Terra Cotta colors).


  1. Design: This Rain Wizard Stand’s rugged design holds up under weight and weather, and it resists fading, bulging and bowing.
  2. Pressure and flow: It not only increases pressure and flow but also with increased elevation, the barrel can drain at a much quicker rate.
  3. Working system: This rain wizard stand can work with all Rain Wizard 40, Rain Wizard 50 and Rain Vault rain barrels. WOW. That’s pretty handy feature.
  4. Fit: This tool allows room for buckets, pails, and other water carriers so that they can fit under the spigot.
  5. Color: It comes with 5 different and unique colors so that it can mix and match with your barrel. So the color and design make the whole Rain Wizard system more attractive.


  1. This tool has the perfect height for the Rain Wizard Barrel. It raises the barrel enough to get good flow out of the spigot. So the water comes out at the proper height.
  2. It is quite easy to attach a hose or place a bucket underneath the barrel.
  3. The color doesn’t fade. So it looks always amazing.
  4. Extremely sturdy, durable, dependable and proper dimension.
  5. It makes the faucet more functional.
  6. Long-lasting product.


  1. Not yet found. A few people complained about the price is a little expensive but now the piece has come down, and it is quite reasonable.

Conclusion: This Good Ideas RW50ST-OAK-50-Gallon Rain Wizard Stand is a kind of product that can match up with your expectation. This color, design, and function of this product will definitely make you pleased and make your house more amazing.


3.Summit 20-Pack Mosquito Dunk

If you are facing the problem of mosquito, then it is the most perfect and suitable product to end your sufferings. It’s time to say mosquito-bye, bye. The most amazing thing is- this product is a bacteria toxic only to mosquito larvae.

Dimension Weight Size Manufacturer
0.8*11.5*13.3 inches 12 ounces 20 pack Summit…responsible solutions


  1. Killing: This product kills mosquito befor e they could be old enough to bite.
  2. Last: The organic lasts up to 30 days or more than that and kills within hours.
  3. Covering: Each dunk treats 100 square feet of surface area.


  1. It is non-toxic and completely safe to all other wildlife, pets, fishes, and beneficial insects and human.
  2. You can easily and safely use Mosquito Dunk to any standing garden, water garden, and rain barrel.
  3. You are getting two product in one. At first, you are getting the long term of the intact dunk, and then you get the quick kill of the “Mosquito Bits” product by crushing the dunk.
  4. The instruction is quite easy to understand and follow. So it is really easy to use.
  5. This product is highly effective.
  6. Low cost.

Conclusion: This is one of the best Mosquito Eliminator products present on the market. This product is completely safe to use and works efficiently. It is also one of the best selling product on Amazon.


4.Fiskars Rain Barrel DiverterPro Kit

Dimension Weight Color Material  Warranty
7*8*9.8 inches 1.4  pounds Black Durable matte-finish polypropylene Limited 3 year warranty.


  1. Design: The Fiskars Rain Barrel DiverterPro Kit filters out debris (so they can reach your rain barrel) while always helping to channel rainwater from the downspouts into the rain barrel and when the barrel is full the diverter manually returns the water back through the downspouts to drain it away from your home’s foundation.
  2. Rainwater Capture: This product provides you improved rainwater capture during heavy downpours.
  3. Accommodation: Frisker diverter accommodates both standard and downspout sizes. It fits standard 2” * 3” and 3” * 4” downspouts.
  4. What does this product offer you: It includes – 2*3 inch and 3*4 inch downspouts couplers, connector hose, rain barrel connector, filter and an instruction guide which helps you to know how easy it is to add the DiverterPro Rainwater Diverter to your existing rain barrel system.


  1. It provides dual output design which allows you to install of rain barrels on both sides of the diverter.
  2. Removable filter features a transparent door so you can understand when cleaning is needed.
  3. It can connect to multiple rain barrels.
  4. It is designed for easy cleaning and winterization.
  5. Easy to install.

Conclusion: The function and design of this product look quite promising. Overall it seems quite good and useful tool.


5.RAINPAL Brass Rain Barrel Quarter Turn Ball Valve Spigot 

Dimension Weight Color Warranty
3.5*1.8*1.5 inches 9.8 ounces Brass Lifetime warranty


  1. The Rainpal Brass Rain Barrel has the reverse threaded fitting nut. So you have to turn clockwise to loosen.
  2. It contains less than 0.25% lead and lead-free compliant.
  3. Rainpal Brass Rain Barrel provides heavy duty 3.7 oz solid Brass Bulkhead fitting, and also ¾ inch female threaded all the way and installed the spigot on either end. It also provides ¾ inch no kink quarter turn solid brass ball valve with Garden Hose Hook Up
  4. Bulkhead fitting needs 1.25-inch diameter hole to be installed. It also fits up to 0.4-inch thickness wall. This tool especially works great for 55 gallon used plastic drum barrels on craigslist, and these barrels normally have the wall thickness of 0.1-0.2 inch.
  5. This product offers you lifetime warranty against any time of the leak, crack or break.


  1. The gasket material is rubber, so it doesn’t leak.
  2. The valve offers you excellent quality. So, when you tighten the spigot, the valve doesn’t loosen the fitting of the barrel rather it helps to tighten.
  3. The Rainpal brass rain barrel is so easy to install. You just have to drill, drop, pick, tighten, wrap and again tighten. Sounds amazing. Isn’t it?
  4. Sturdy, durable, functional and well-designed.


  1. This product contains chemical, but you don’t need to worry if you are planning to get your rainwater from a source rather than a roof top.

Conclusion: No other rain barrel on the market does not offer such quality materials and specifications.


6.RAINPAL RAIN BARREL Linking/Link/Connector Kit

Dimension Weight Manufacturer Part Number
12*1.5*12 inches 8.8 ounces RBL


  1. Design: It is designed for irrigation with Rain Barrel (not for potable water). Not for lead-free compliant.
  2. Brass Bulkhead: For the fitting Brass Bulkhead need 27mm or 1-1/16 to1-1/8 inch hole for installing. It fits up to 10mm thickness wall.
  3. Length: The length of hose is 9 inches.
  4. Content: The Rain Barrel Linking/Link/Connector Kit provides you two Brass Bulkhead Tank Fitting(one is 3/4” GH Male, and the other is 1/2” Female Pipe Threaded). One hose is 5/8”(with 2 Female Garden Hose Connector)


  1. The quality of all the metal fitting and hose are great
  2. Does not leak.
  3. Reasonable price.
  4. Works very well.
  5. Easy to install.
  6. Solid


  1. No use with rain collection for potable water.

Conclusion: The quality of this product is pretty impressive.


7.RAINPAL BBFO2O Solid BRASS Bulkhead Tank Fitting

Dimension Weight Model Number
3.2*2.1*2 inches 6.4 inches BBF020


  1. This product has ½ inch Female Straight Pipe Threaded Inside, all the way through, need to install ½ inch hose bibb, faucet, or PVC fitting on either end.
  2. It has ¾ inch Male Garden Hose Threaded, so you can connect any garden hose to this fitting.
  3. The Embedded Gasket offers you strong seal without slipping.
  4. It requires 27 mm or 1-1/16 to 1-1/8 inch diameter hole to be installed.
  5. Now it is shipping Lead-Free Compliant version.


  1. Quite easy to install.
  2. Doesn’t leak at all.
  3. The performance is superb.


  1. This product contains chemical. So wash hand after use.

Conclusion: This is a handy Bulkhead for making a rain barrel, and it works quite smoothly.


8.Algreen 500GPH Rain Barrel Pump Kit

You can use this Algreen 500GPH Rain Barrel Pump Kit with any rain barrel.

Dimension Weight Material Color Manufacturer
8*4.5*6 inches 3 pounds Plastic Black Algreen Products


  1. All in one kit: This kit includes the pump, garden hose connection fitting and also clamps.
  2. Direct Watering: This Rain Barrel Pump Kit allows for direct watering of the garden from up to 2 Rain Barrels.
  3. 500gph: It pumps 500gph (gallons per hour) with flow control which is 8.3 gallons per minute.
  4. Bottom-connected: Rain barrels are bottom-connected so that it can ensure consistent water levels.


  1. The pressure is quite good.
  2. Reasonable price.
  3. Easy to install.

Conclusion: Overall I found this product handy.


Rain Barrel Buying Guide

According to statistics, the average rainfall in the USA is 688 liters per square meter. Garden owners, environmentalists, and savvy foxes should tip their ears: Whenever it rains, you can not only conserve the environment but also save time and money by irrigating your plants in the garden by rainwater.

Did you know that rainwater is even better than drinking water from the plant to water plants? See our extensive rain barrel comparison, which makes the best rain barrel and finds out which rain barrel is worth the most for your garden.

What is Rain Barrel?

A water butt (also: rainwater tank or container garden) is a usually between 300, 500 and 1,000 liters of water comprehensive large vat for collecting and storing of rainwater. The rain barrel is therefore used as a rainwater collecting tank and as a rainwater storage tank from the cool rain.

Rainwater tanks are available in different versions. These vary in shape (e.g., round, square), size or capacity (e.g., 300 l, 500 l), materials (mostly plastic, rare wood), designs (e.g., amphora, rock) and accessories. Some rain barrel is palatable and thus a particularly attractive for your garden. The rainwater collector should also be frost-proof. The tap, lid, and base are the most accessible and useful barrel accessories. How does the rain get into the bin? Connect the rainwater through the gutter of the gutter guard. So the rainwater flows into the container.

Of course, you can also quickly remove the lid of the tone in the rain so that it rains into it. To catch more rain you can, of course, combine the use of several rain tunnels: depending on how much space you have in your garden.

Weather resistant Frost protection: Most of the rainwater tanks can overwinter outside in the garden or on the balcony. Very important: Before the first frost, the tank must be emptied. Otherwise, it might explode due to the water that is in the cold state.

Advantages and disadvantages of keeping rain barrel


  • environmentally friendly: lower water consumption
  • saving money: Pouring with rain instead of drinking water
  • saves time: instead of waiting for the water to drain from the garden hose into the watering can, you can fill it comfortably from the full tone


  • Without rain, the rainwater tank remains empty


Available types of Rain barrel

As part of our purchase consultation in the rain barrel comparison, we have compiled an overview of the two different types of rainwater tanks. If you like it practically, directly and functionally, the choice falls on a classic model (mostly green or anthracite). If you want to use your rain barrel in addition to its functionality as a decorative element for the garden, you have a selection of beautiful rain tones in different designs.

An “antique” rain barrel in amphora optics, as well as the rustic barrel in optics, does not initially remind you of a collecting tank for rainwater. The rain barrel in Fels-Optic is also an eye-catcher in your garden.

  1. Classical rain barrel

The advantages of classic rain barrels are:

  • Functional: water storage and rainwater use (garden)
  • Unobtrusive: can be “hidden” behind ivy vines and fits well into a green environment (e.g., bushes)
  • More choice of sizes and capacities (e.g., 30 l, 100 l, 250 l, 300 l)
  1. Decorative rain barrel

The advantages of decorative rain barrels are:

  • Functional: water storage and rainwater use (garden)
  • Decorative: serves as an eye catcher in the garden
  • More selection of designs (e.g., rock, amphorae, grapevine, planted with flowers)

Conclusion:  The commonality of the two rain barrel categories consists of their functionality. Select the classic model if you are only interested in the function. Choose a beautiful model if you want to enhance your garden with a special rainwater collecting bin.

Purchase Criteria for Rain barrels: You must pay attention to this

  1. Shape and capacity

Rainwater barrels are available in different shapes. The most common in various rain barrels are round and square rainwater. Depending on where you want to place the rain water, you should choose a round or square model.

If you decide on the “rain barrel checking,” it can be easily inserted into corners (e.g., next to the garden house). The “rain barrel” is suitable for gardens in which not every centimeter is planned. In any case, the proximity to the gutter is necessary. The capacity of the rainwater tank depends on its size. The larger the barrel, the more rain it can hold. If you have a medium-sized garden, a rain barrel is worth 360 l, for a larger garden a rain barrel with 500 l capacity.

A 1,000-liter rain or an underground tank (cistern) is worthwhile for farms and farms but is too big for private flowering. If the rain barrel is large, you can place it in the garden – if the rain barrel is small (e.g., 30 l capacity), it also fits on the balcony.

  1. Filling

The rainwater can simply be connected to the gutter guard. So the rainwater flows into the bin. A separately available filling machine (falling pipe filter with sieve), which you attach to the rain gutter, serves as a filter or strainer and prevents the water belong to the rain barrel.

Also, the filling machine functions as an overrun stop. The valve of the rain barrel filling pump closes after a certain water pressure. This prevents the rain collector from overflowing the full water. To fill the rainwater, you have two options: Either you scoop it from the top of the bucket, or let the water flow out through the spout.

If the rainwater has a small diameter, your watering cannot fit in, and you cannot fill it. For this, you need a rainwater tank with drain cock and base. The spout is similar to a tap that you can either connect directly to the garden hose or fill the watering can. Depending on the height of the outlet valve, it is advisable to place a base on the water channel so that you can fill your watering can more easily.

  1. Cover

If you are looking for your rain barrel comparative winner, this should have a tightly lockable cover. This not only ensures that leaves and dirt fall into your collected water but also protects the wet material from algae formation due to sun exposure. If you have a large, deep rain barrel, a tightly closed lid also protects children and pets from accidents or drowning. The covers of some rain collection models can be planted with flowers and are thus not only functional but also decorative.

Cleaning the rain barrel:

Usually, no significant cleaning work is required to maintain the rainwater tank. When you make your garden winter-proof, remember to pour the water out of the bin before the first frost, so it does not burst.

Frequently asked questions about rain barrel

  1. What to do against mosquito larvae in the rain barrel?

Mosquitoes fly in the truest sense of the word to standing waters (e.g., ponds, lakes, but also water tanks). There the insects are laid down to lay their eggs. In July the larvae hatch. If there are no natural enemies (e.g., fish and birds) in the water, the mosquitoes spread quickly. A rain cover with lid prevents the annoying mosquitoes in your garden from multiplying. Always keep it closed when your rain barrel is full and you are not skimming any water.

Another tip against the tormentors: Some plant odors such as the smell of lemon, tomato plants and walnut trees, cannot stand the mosquitoes. If these plants are close to the rain, the mosquitoes should stay away.

  1. How fast is the rainfall full?

A practical rain gauge helps you measure the rainfall in your garden. Depending on the rainfall per square meter on your location and the diameter of the tone, your rain barrel will be full in a few hours. You can speed up the filling of your rain tank: For this, connect the water barrel for the garden to the rain gutter.

  1. Which rain barrel is best for the balcony? Is there a wall tank?

For the balcony is best a rainwater tank or rain collection tank with a little volume suitable. This should not be too heavy or too bulky. A wall tank is less suitable because it is too bulky.

  1. What to do against algae in the rainwater tank?

If the water sinks in the rainwater tank, you should not use it to pour water. A look into the rainwater tank tells you if algae have formed. These must be removed, e.g., with a chemical algae remover and a high-pressure cleaner. In the longer term, more sensible than such measures is to prevent algae formation from the outset.

A tightly closed lid protects against solar radiation and thus against algae formation because high solar radiation favors rapid algae growth through the combination of light and heat. Incipient foliage provides algae food: an ideal biotope is created. For this reason, the majority of rain barrel tests recommend to avoid algae formation in the water tank, place it in a shady place protected with a closed lid or a rain barrel net. You need to clean rain barrel regularly so the question may come to your mind how to clean a rain barrel.

  1. What are the quality deficiencies in rain barrels?

If you read customer reviews of different rain stores, you get an impression of the customer complaints. For those who are interested, this is the valuable additional information. One can forgive minor quality defects for a low price. From a certain investment level, however, deficiencies are more than annoying, especially since the return is often problematic. Frequent quality defects are:

  • complicated assembly (wood model)
  • transport damage
  • unstable construction (wood model)
  • poor processing, resulting leaks
  • unplaced drain holes (plastic model)
  • Value difference
  • poor processing, sharp-edged ridges (plastic model)
  • non-mounted exhaust cock, no pre-drilled hole for this (plastic model)
  • not removable lid, lack of cleaning possibilities (wall model)

If you do not want to store the cool water and have, the, e.g., order in the garden and house, we recommend you our customer test for the storage. Have fun shopping!

  1. Do I need Rainwater pump or not?

An automatic rainwater pump can make the life of the garden owner very easy. A rainwater pump might not be appropriate in a small way, but with a home with a large garden. The self-priming pump consists of a tank, a pressure switch, a hose and alternatively a battery, an electric motor or a solar module. The pump automatically pumps water into its temporary storage tank. The gardener can then simply place the watering can under the filling opening whenever he needs water. Of such rainwater pumps, there are simpler and more complex models. Simple models suck the rainwater from the rainwater and direct it into the bucket below. So-called “submersible pumps “are suitable for underground water tanks. More expensive rainwater pumps can also be used as a dirty water pump. So you could also empty an under-basement cellar. So, you can add a pump with a rain barrel. However, this possibility of use is now very far from the actual topic.


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