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Top 10 Best Welding Lens on the Market of 2020

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Whether you are a professional welder or you weld for fun or personal purposes, you need a welding lens that will offer you the best protection. Getting the best welding lens, however, is a tough task. Various welding lens is available in the market, and you will need to consider several factors before choosing the right one. Welding lenses should not only protect the user, but they should also be able to handle the task at hand better. Different welding lenses work in different ways. This is why you should choose a welding lens that is in line with your welding tasks. Most traditional welders use glasses when welding, and this may not be very effective. It leaves room for harm coming to your eyes. Utmost protection should be your first goal as a welder. Below, we have given you a list of the best welding lens to revolutionalize your welding experience.

Best Welding Lens Review

1.Lincoln Electric 2×4 – Best 2×4 auto-darkening welding lens

 LINCOLN ELECTRIC 2x4 C-Series Auto-Darkening Welding Lens

This is one of the best 2×4 auto-darkening welding lenses made using the best technology. This offers you total protection. With these, the puddle and arc become very clear,, which helps you handle your work better. These lenses also enable you to have clear sight in both dark and light states. 


  • It offers great comfort to the user, ensuring you do not have to strain your eyes to get a clear view of your work materials.
  • It has a 4C lens technology, which helps to get rid of any imperfections within your view.
  • It has a wide range of applications, which makes it a great welding lens for professional welders.
  • It has a great performance score, which is possible because of the lens’s high-quality nature.
  • It offers great convenience to the user and due to the option to change shades to your preference.


  • The lenses are thicker than the common lens available. This can be an inconvenience to the user.
  • It can cause flashes over the duration of use, and this makes it less suitable for fieldwork.

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2. ArcOne S240 – 10

 ArcOne S240-10 Horizontal Single Auto-Darkening Filter for Welding

This affordable welding lens is ideal for multiple welding applications like MIG, TIG, and Stick. This product also does not contain any batteries. This means you will not get any downtime caused when a battery runs out of charge. The lens comes with two sensors, which function independently.


  • These are highly durable welding lens. This is because they are resistant to various radicals like dust and water.
  • It comes with a large viewing area of 5.25 inches, which gives you a better view of your working area.
  • They have a small 0.2 seconds delay to ensure you can shift easily from dark to light.
  • It can give you a clear and more defined view. This is possible due to the two sensors.
  • The lens’s fast switch ensures you do not have to strain your eyes every time you want to make a change.


  • The delay it has when changing from light to dark can be an inconvenience, causing flashes.
  • The lens will fail to function if they are left under very low-temperature conditions.

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3. ArcOne T240-10 Tradesman – best 2×4 welding lens

ArcOne T240-10 Tradesman Horizontal Auto-Darkening Filter for Welding Helmets

This is one of the best 2×4 welding lenses available. It has all the great features, which make it one of the best in the market. It also has multiple applications, making it the go-to option for those looking for a welding lens that can handle a wide range of welding jobs.


  • The two independent sensors enable this welding lens to work as expected. This is because it will ensure your view is not blurred or distorted.
  • They also work very accurately as you do not have to get the focal point every time.
  • They offer clear views in both the active mode and the inactive mode. This enables you to have a brighter and clear view.
  • It has a charming amber color, which enhances clarity and makes the view clear.
  • It is also a great welding lens for beginners, and this is due to the user-friendly features of the product.


  • The brightness may be too much for some people, depending on the handling tasks you are handling.
  • The 10# shade does not work as best as it should. It may come on and off, causing an inconvenience to the user.

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4. Armour Guard 2×4 – best-fixed shade welding lens

Armour Guard 2 x 4-1/4 Auto Darkening Fixed Shade 10 Welding Lens

This is one of the best lenses in the market because of the clear view it gives. It has a blue style color enabled by clear blue technology. This adds to the clarity achieved when the lens is in use. It has one of the best amazing lenses, so you will not have to strain your eyes and neck.


  • It offers the best comfort features to the user. This helps prevent strains on any part of your body.
  • With better clarity you get with this lens, you will manage to carry on smoothly with your welding activities.
  • The clear blue technology enhances the clarity of the arc and puddle.
  • It ranks as one of the best-fixed shade welding lenses because of the perfect view.
  • With the quick-change feature on this welding lens, you will have the convenience and great functionality.


  • Shade #10 can be too bright, causing the user not to have a clear view of the puddle.
  • It can switch very slowly from dark to light, which can be a great inconvenience to the user.

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5. OriGlam Solar auto-darkening welding lens – best automatic welding lens

OriGlam Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Lens Filter Shade

If you are looking for a welding lens that will give you the best value for money, this should be your first candidate. It is the best automatic welding lens, convenient in that it can easily fit in most of the openings that are available in various helmets.


  • It has a great user experience, and this helps minimize any incidences of accidental harm.
  • The high-quality LCD gives you a more clear view.
  • It is effortless to operate and safe, and this is possible through an automated on and off feature.
  • It is a very convenient welding lens, and it can fit in multiple welding helmets. With the OriGlam Solar auto-darkening welding lens, you will not have to keep purchasing a new one for every helmet.


  • It can sometimes turn itself off in the middle of a welding session. This can be very dangerous to the user.
  • The shade of this lens is not even. It can sometimes tend to be very dark in the middle and too bright on the sides.

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6. Gimiton 4-1/4 x 2 – best passive welding lens

Gimiton 4-1/4

This is the best passive welding lens with an automatic shade. It features a solar charge function with a fully automatic ON/OFF safety to operate. With this welding accessory, you can save plenty of finances. It is compatible with the standard welding helmet, particularly at the window opening sections. With this on, you will not only have a clear view but also use a high-quality LCD and a multilayer optical interference filter.


  • Able to change the shade automatically, thus protecting the welder from exposure to bad light instantaneously
  • Convenient because the welder does not have to manually filter out any light as the lens is powerful enough
  • Has a high clear view making the entire welding experience easier, especially because of the optical interference filter
  • Has amazing protection keeping the welder safe and free from eyesight problems


  • In case of delay, the welder gets exposure to harmful light, thus posing a threat to their eyesight.
  • The lens has leaking instances, which may allow light to pass through unfiltered, which is dangerous.

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7. Forney 57061 Gold welding Lens Replacement filter – best gold welding lens

Forney 57061 Lens Replacement Gold Welding Filter

This is a remarkable and best gold welding lens. It is made from durable material, which allows for extended periods of welding. With this lens, the welder can clearly see the arc and puddle color. The gold coating can reflect 90% of radiated heat to achieve a cooler operation. It also provides amazing eye protection from both Infrared and Ultraviolet Radiations. For this reason, it is safe and convenient as an occupational accessory.


  • It is gold coated, which makes it very appealing to the eye. The coating is also expertly done and never peels off upon handling.
  • Achieves a significantly reduced eye fatigue, which is safe from what other lenses in the market achieve
  • Offers extended welding sessions, therefore, enabling the welder to achieve much in record time
  • There is maximum protection from the exposure of the eyes to UV as well as IR radiations.
  • Able to reflect radiated heat thus a cooler operation is achieved


  • There is a 10% chance the welder’s eyes will be fatigued due to radiated heat.
  • Does not provide full-proof exposure to different forms of radiation

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8. Iljin Display USA SAF860 – best glass welding lens

 SAF860 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet Replacement Filter Lens

It is one of the best glass welding lenses that is a pacesetter amongst other brands of lenses. It features solar power with battery assistance for maximum user convenience. It can fit a great majority of helmet models and has advanced digital welding technology.


  • Has a large viewing size, providing room for 4 sensors, thus offering the best visual effects
  • Reduces visual fatigue mainly due to the outstanding visual effects, thus maximum user convenience at all times.
  • Offers permanent protection from UV and Infrared radiations
  • Has an amazing sensitivity and delay control, giving the user total control of everything
  • It features advanced digital technology to ensure the welder is very safe from any form of harm caused by light.


  • Battery dependent and the fact that they do not come with batteries make it the more expensive in costs.
  • Dimensions stand unique and will, therefore, match only a handful of helmets like the Lincoln.

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9. Super Magenta Drop-in welding lens small 2*4.25 – best auto darkening welding lens

Super Magenta Drop in Welding Lens Small 2 X 4.25

The Super Magenta Drop ranks as the best auto darkening welding lens. This lens comes with blue technology that protects your eyes and offers you a more clear view. It can cut back on the visible bright light, thus protecting the welder from discomfort. The super magenta drop-in manifests an acrylic lens giving the user an improved flare, which improves your welding experience.


  • The super blue can enhance the color and visual clarity of the welding, thus keeping the handler in full perspective of their work.
  • Offers amazing protection from the three dreadful energy sources- UV, IR, and visible light
  • Has amazing flare reducing properties, a feature which adds to why this accessory is safe for use
  • The advanced materials used in its design enhance different colors of the spectrum. This achieves an outstanding view of the welder.
  • Does not compromise on the welder’s clarity, thereby giving him full control of what he is doing


  • The durability of this accessory is questionable, as it may cease to function well after some time.
  • Plastic in nature, thereby vulnerable to cracks or breaks if wrongly handled or falls accidentally.

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10. Jackson safety – best welding lens on the market

Jackson Safety Solera Fixed Shade 11 ADF Cartridge

The Jackson safety solera fixed shade 11 ADF cartridge is a phenomenal welding accessory with impressive personal and protective equipment provisions. It manifests an innovative safety solution with unparalleled features. It is very durable owing to the materials used in its expert design, and it also capitalizes on user comfort during work. As one of the best welding lenses on the market is a pacesetter in the welding arena with a lot to offer.


  • Designed using good quality materials and is, therefore, long-lasting. This makes it the best value for your money.
  • It is affordable, and the fact it has so much to offer, including innovative safety, makes it economical.
  • Solar-powered thus saves on the need to use electricity for charging. This makes it more user-friendly when costs are concerned.
  • Compatible with multiple welding helmets, thus an enabler for occupational use. This also increases its ANSI Z87.1 standards.
  • The 11 lenses and a centered sensor make welding easier, fast, and fun.


  • It has the potential to crack if it does not fit well with the hood of choice. It is only best suits the huntsman helmet.
  • Manifests delayed response, which is a concern for when user welder safety is considered.

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Factors to consider when buying


You should ensure you can have the best comfort when wearing your welding lens. To achieve comfort, you will be able to use the lens without straining your eyes or neck. When you get a comfortable lens, you will wear them for longer, and you will not have to take a break from your work. The only way you can learn about a welding lens’s comfortability is if you read about the product features.

Clarity of the lens

There are various considerations one has to consider when evaluating the clarity of a lens. One of these factors is shade consistency. Ensure the shade does not keep changing itself now and then when you are in the middle of your work. The accuracy of the vision should also be on point. This is to ensure you can have a clear view of your working area and avoid any mistakes or accidents. Other factors to help you evaluate the clarity of the lens are the diffusion of light and angular dependence. Make sure you choose the one with the best welding lens color.

Reaction time

The reaction time of a lens is also known as the response time. This is the time it takes for the lens to change from one state to the other. The change from light to dark comes when the arc is detected. A perfect welding lens is one with shorter reaction times and changes fast from a light state to a dark state.

The size of the lens

The ideal size of a lens is 2’’ x 4’’. This is the standard size of a lens compatible with most of the welding tasks. Depending on the welding task you are going for, you should make sure you go for the lens with a bigger size. This is to ensure you can have a better and clearer view of your workspace. This will, in return, improve your work efficiency.

Number of sensors

The greatest benefit that comes with arc sensors is they protect your eyes from sudden flashing. There are two to four sensors available in a different lens. The more sensors, the better protection you will have. This is because sudden flashing can cause strain and damage to your eyes.

Final verdict

A welding lens is a piece of necessary equipment for welders. This is because they are one of the sure ways you can protect your eyes from all types of harm. They are handier than goggles and any other protective glass. Choosing the best welding lens can be a daunting task, which is why we have provided you with the best welding lens available in the market. The buying guide will ensure you can get the best lens according to your needs and preferences. It will also help you evaluate several factors before settling for the best lens for your welding tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a welding lens?

A welding lens acts like the window of a welding helmet. It helps to protect your eyes from the welding light. They are better than other traditional methods of protecting the eyes like goggles and other forms of glasses. There are two types of welding lenses. These are passive and auto-darkening. The passive lenses are cheaper, and they work traditionally, but they have many shortcomings. The auto-darkening lenses, however, work by darkening whenever they sense an arc. This all works to ensure you can have a better view of your work.

What are the different types of welding lens?

There are different types of welding lenses available. The passive lens is more affordable, and they are ideal for welders who handle simple tasks. Auto-darkening lens use technology to darken the arc and give you a better view. It detects the kind of light emitted during welding, and it then changes the lens according to the light. There is also the solar darkening lens. These types of lenses do not depend on a battery to function but instead use solar energy. The lenses also switch off automatically when they are not in use.

Auto-darkening welding helmet vs. passive

The passive lens has a fixed shade of #10. They make use of IR and UV coated dark glass to protect your eyes. You wear the helmet in an upright model. Make sure you position a passive helmet well before use. The passive lens is cheaper, but they have various limitations. It can be hard to place in the right positions, and it is best for people who are not into commercial welding. Auto-darkening lenses, however, fit better in position and have different shades from which you can choose. When in play, they sense the arc, and this causes the lens to darken.

How does auto-darkening welding lens work?

Auto-darkening lenses work by darkening the arc when you are working. This then helps you to gain a better view of your work. The lenses have an LCD, which is what gives you the view of your work area. They are more effective than using traditional methods of protecting your eyes like goggles. This is because you do not have to remove them when you aim for a clear view of the arc. These lenses also help to protect your eyes from IV and IR rays. These are dangerous rays that damage the eyes.

Why are welding lenses green?

When one looks through their welding lens, everything on their view looks green. The light that causes damage to our eyes is the IR/UV light. Auto-darkening lenses have a purple color coat. The only visible light able to pass through the auto-darkening lenses is green. The types of color-blocked from passing through the lens are red and blue. For this reason, you will see every view you get through your lenses looking green. With a green light, you will be able to have a more clear view and better protection for your eyes.

Why use a gas lens for tig welding?

There are several reasons why you should use a gas lens. They ensure there is less disturbance in the flow of gas. They also help to increase the visibility of the arc. This then helps you to work better. Gas lenses also help to prevent the contamination of oxygen by various materials resulting from welding. One additional benefit that comes with a gas lens is it helps to minimize the consumption of gas. This is, however, a benefit, which should come on its own, and you should not get a gas lens just for this.

How to clean the welding lens?

When the welding lens comes into contact with too much dirt, they may lose their clear view and this can cause a blurred view. There is no special way in which you can clean the lens. For a passive lens, you have to take a piece of damp cloth and wipe away the dust. Make sure to use a soft piece of cloth when doing this. For an auto-darkening lens, you will have to clean the lens, solar panel, and sensors. This is because the accumulation of dirt in the sensors can cause malfunctioning of the lens, while the accumulation of dirt in the solar panel can cause the battery to stop charging.

How to install a cheater lens in a welding helmet?

If you are not having a clear view underneath your helmet, then it is time you get some cheater lens. There are those people who opt to wear glasses, but they can be uncomfortable, and they may not even work. There are, however, those lenses you can put in your welding lenses to help you see well. This will help to increase the size of your viewing area and improve your vision as you work. They are straightforward to install, as you only have to attach them to your welding lens. Removing them from the lenses is an equally easy task.

How to keep welding lenses clean?

There is no straight forward way to keep your lenses clean, as dirt will eventually accumulate in the glass. You can, however, minimize the amount of dirt accumulating over your lenses over time. Ensure your helmet does not come too close to the welding, although this is dependent on the task you are handling. Also, do not use a high shade if you do not need it. This will prevent too much spatter from accumulating on the glass. You should also have spare lenses you can easily change in case the ones you are using get too foggy.

How long do welding lenses last?

The span of time welding lenses can last 7 years to ten years. This is, however, relative and it depends on how you are using the lenses. If you are a frequent user, then the lens may last for a shorter time than those who do not use them regularly. Despite how you are using the lenses, you should always have them cleaned regularly to achieve a perfect view. Always make sure to replace them now and then so that you do not leave any chance of damage coming to your eyes.

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