How to Remove Coke Stains from Carpet?

how to remove coke stains from carpet

Cola is one of the most popular drinks for young and old. The soft drink is present in almost every household. In the evening you can drink a glass of Coke on the couch and it’s all over: you spilled Coke on the carpet. The result is ugly brown spots that adorn the carpet, clothing, or other upholstery. The following report will tell you how to remove cola stains. You do not even need chemical cleaners, as budget funds are already sufficient. If you need to buy the deep cleaning carpet shampoo guide then check our buying guide.

Remove cola stains from carpet and upholstery furniture

A moment of carelessness and already it happened, you spilled Coke on the new carpet or the couch. On leather, you can easily wipe off the cola patch. But what do you do when you have spilled cola on the light carpet?

Of course, the faster you react, the higher the chances of cleaning. First, you should always place an absorbent cloth on the wet cola stain so that the liquid can be absorbed. To get the most out of the carpet fibers, it is best to pour carbonated water on the stain and leave it to work. Then you have to put some salt on the stain and let it rest overnight. The next day, the salt should have absorbed the cola and you can vacuum the salt with a vacuum cleaner. With this budget, the Cola fleck would have to disappear. If ugly edges are left behind, you can carefully remove them with a water-soap solution. With this trick, you can also remove cola stains from car seats. At Cola Licking, you should be careful that you do not over-rub on the stains because they penetrate even deeper into the carpet fabric. If a stain penetrates too much into the tissue, it is tough to get this stain out completely. It is best to dab the stain carefully.

Remove old cola stains

During a party, it happens that you do not discover a Cola snack directly, but have fun the next morning. Of course, old cola stains can also be removed from the carpet, but with a little more effort. Dried Cola scratches should first be soaked in lukewarm water and then tried to wash out. If that does not work, you should buy a carpet cleaner that can remove the stain. Unfortunately, with stubborn old cola stains, you can not get around to using a carpet cleaner.

You should not despair of old Cola patches but plan some time, because some stains do not go straight off.

Important: Carpet cleaners should always be tested in an inconspicuous area so that the color fastness is not damaged.