How Do Electric Pencil Sharpeners Work?

how do electric pencil sharpeners work

A pencil sharpener is a simple tool that transforms the tip of a pencil into a sharp and pointed shaving the wood around it. There are, generally, two types of pencil sharpeners: electric and manual. The electric pencil sharpener has a motor inside that rapidly rotates a blade that sharpens the pencil quickly and efficiently. The manual pencil sharpener acts when the pen is manually turned towards the edge so that the wood and the graphite are shaved sideways.

How Do Electric Pencil Sharpeners Work

The most straightforward mechanism of a manual pencil sharpener is the blade, which acts as a wedge due to its angle and the screw that holds it attached to the outer cover. The pencil is placed inside a small hole and rotates in a circular motion on each turn, shaving the wood and making the tip less thick. A crank sharpener incorporates a lever, which is the one that turns the blades inside.

In an electric pencil sharpener, the machinery includes an oscillation motor, which contains a system of pulleys of rods and chains, two gears and a cam that generates the movement of the motor. A cam is a small wheel mounted on an axle that makes the oscillating motion of the engine. The rod and chain pulley system carries the electric current to the motor gears. The small speeds of the motor transfer the electrical energy to the blade, causing it to spin rapidly and sharpen the pencil placed inside. The best electric pencil sharpeners, using their engine, imitates the action of a manual pencil sharpener.

Parts of an electric pencil sharpener


The electric pencil sharpeners have blades that guarantee the quality of the tip of your pencils after each use. Durable metal blades guarantee sound advice every time. These are found in electric pencil sharpeners, and although they are durable, they do not resist the same user that you would expect from a commercial quality sharpener. The blades on most models lose their edge with use and eventually need to be replaced.

Chip deposit

The depositor container that serves to catch the shavings of a pencil is usually made of plastic and has a magnet or other type of lock in the mechanism to keep it in place. It should slide in and out, making it easy to empty it when it is full of chips. This can crack or wear out depending on the number of uses you receive. Most models of electric pencil sharpeners today have replacement tanks available through the manufacturer.

Automatic restart mechanism

The automatic restart mechanism shuts off the engine when the unit is overheated. This mechanism works effectively to ensure that there is no damage to the engine, because if it is burned, it essentially ruins the group, forcing the purchase of a new electric pencil sharpener.

Adjustable guide

The adjustable guide that sits on the front of most electric pencil sharpener models allows the user to choose the right size based on the stylus that needs sharpening. With up to six sizes available in most units, it is easy to find the one that suits your needs.

Anti-slip feet

The quality marks on the electric pencil sharpeners include non-slip rubber feet at the bottom. This safety feature ensures that the sharpener does not slide with the pencils inside, eliminating slippage while sharpening and preventing it from falling to the ground, which could cause damage to the unit or injury to the user.