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How to Moor Your Boat at the Harbor
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How to Moor Your Boat at the Harbor?

In boating jargon, mooring one’s boat at the harbor or mooring is an operation that involves attaching a boat to a dock, buoy, or another boat through a rope called mooring, butt or hawser. The rope used to immobilize the boat and hold it in place is usually attached to a dart, a bollard, or a cleat. If you […]

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How to Maneuver a Two-Engine Boat?

If sailing is always a great pleasure for boaters, it is essential to understand and anticipate the boat’s reactions to control it better. Maneuvering a two-engine boat can be difficult for beginners and the less experienced. And yet, with the right techniques and a little practice, it becomes child’s play! Here’s all you need to know […]