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Why is My Lawn Mower Smoking Blue

Why is My Lawn Mower Smoking Blue?

A puzzling phenomenon is causing headaches for home gardeners. The lawnmower starts immediately, the engine purrs and yet a blue cloud of smoke rises. This guide looks at common causes of blue smoke and provides tips for effective countermeasures. First measure: switch off the lawnmower If your lawnmower smokes, please switch off the device […]

How to Tip a Lawn Mower
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How to Tip a Lawn Mower?

For various reasons, it may be necessary to lift the lawnmower to the side. If it is a petrol-powered mower type, tilting in the wrong direction can have fatal consequences. This guide explains how to properly tip a lawnmower. Lawnmowers tip with a sense of proportion – how it works There is […]

How to Dispose of Lawn Mower
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How to Dispose of Lawn Mower?

The time comes when a lawnmower stops working despite loving care. Now the question is how to dispose of the device. This guide provides tips on how to discard a disused lawnmower free of charge and in an environmentally friendly manner. Dispose of petrol lawnmower correctly – tips & tricks Gasoline-powered lawn mowers […]

How Does Lawn Mower Mulching Work

How Does Lawn Mower Mulching Work?

The organic supply of nutrients to lawns by mulching has long been a matter of controversy among hobby gardeners. In particular, the visual impairment and the risk of lawn felt were criticized. Find out how modern mulching can easily solve the problem here. This is how a lawnmower with mulching function works A classic […]

how to start a lawn mower
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How to Start a Lawnmower?

The sharp jerk on the cable pull alone is not enough if you want to start your lawnmower correctly. Necessary precautions must be taken to ensure that the device actually starts and the engine runs smoothly. Read here how to turn on a petrol lawnmower successfully. Starting a lawn mower […]