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Top 8 Best Hydraulic Hose Crimper Reviews of 2020

The best hydraulic hose crimper is the most useful thing on making the hose or crimps for crimping or connecting connectors to the end of a hose or cable you are trying to fit.

Hydraulic hose crimpers have different specifications, and they come in different sizes, capabilities, and cycle times of performance. The product also ranges from simple, handheld to the portable device. It does some sophisticated pieces of work for you.

There are different designs that some time allows you to attain your household works to get done, and sometimes the professional factory works too. For example, benchtop automated crimpers are for the household and the freestanding is for more professional work.

Generally, the handheld is for less quantity of work and the production or bench mount crimpers are used for a higher quantity of work.

Before selecting the crimper for your use, you need to match the features with the requirements of your work. Following the whole article would give you quite an outstanding idea to support you on this.

In this article, there is an elaborate discussion of the eight most fabulous products, and their specifications are discussed. So do not wait anymore and go through this article to enhance your knowledge and buy the correct one for your work.

Let’s get started!

Best Hydraulic Hose Crimper Reviews

1. IBOSAD Hydraulic Hose Crimper

IBOSAD Hydraulic Hose Crimper

The IBOSAD Hydraulic Hose Crimper is a superb effort saving and a very compact manual tool. This crimper is quite handy and portable. The tool is the perfect one for meeting all of your requirements for making hoses. It is among the best hydraulic hose crimper in the search.

Additionally, the dies snap to the press fixture very fast without any obligation for screws or pins. The total package includes nine parts in it. With a beautiful hydraulic black color and long-lasting aluminum body, it would provide you with a beautiful and durable performance.

Moreover, it is an entire set of die that has hoses sized #6, #10,#8, #12 and reduced barrier hose sized: #6, #8, #10 and #12. The product weight is almost 15.7 pounds, which gives it portability and mobility for being light in weight.


  • Works perfectly for creating BMW air conditioning lines
  • Saves money and time
  • Making of successful hoses on the vehicle are utterly possible with it
  • The tool make crimps that are OEM style and with the use of a little mineral oil on the back of it becomes easy movable while crimping
  • Quite compact to replace a big industrial unit


  • The hose cutter attached with it is made of Abs plastic that may get broken while working.

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2. SHZOND 71500 A/C Hose Crimper

SHZOND 71500 A/C Hose Crimper

The SHZOND 71500 A/C Hose Crimper is a multi-tool to help you with your varied crimping works. It is just the perfect one for the repair of the AC hose on a vehicle. The set comes along with an automotive crimping tool for AC hoses that are used for making beaded and barbed fittings.

Additionally, the tool is quite a perfect one for the shop and application on the field. The portability and mobility make it fun and easy to use — quite a convenient one for crimping works and requires no screw or pin to attach with it.

However, the tool is a beauty and has some attractive little parts coming along with it. The product is a package of hoses sized # 8, # 10, # 12 and compact barrier of # 6, #8, # 10 and # 12.

Again, the product set includes tools such as dies, carrying box, and crimping tools compacted with it. The SHZOND 71500 A/C Hose Crimper is made of stainless steel, which gives it durability, but batteries are not included with it.


  • Fulfills most of your household work efficiently
  • Saves the effort of replacing hoses more than is essential to replace
  • Makes the difficult job of removing hoses much easier by making own A/C hoses in the pipes
  • Enables making hoses in the exact place that is needed
  • Prevents any extra effort, works precisely


  • Has a weaker grip and possibility of falling apart
  • The aluminum that takes hold of the dies is too soft to serve the purpose.

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3. Mophorn Hydraulic Hose Crimper

Mophorn Hydraulic Hose Crimper

The Mophorn is a well-known brand that has already made several varieties of Hydraulic Hose Crimper. The model we are talking about is 71500. It is very compact and useful for a variety of works.

Furthermore, it comes along with four sets of dies. The sizes of the dies are # 6, # 8, # 10, and # 12, along with a base or bench mounting.  The basement assists the hose crimper machine to be mounted on a bench with ease. The use of holding fixtures is considerable here. 

Mophorn Hydraulic Hose Crimper is also perfect for blocking fittings. This package also includes 4 sets of dies for creating a barrier in A/C hoses.  The straightforwardly mounted basement can also be apprehended through any other device. The material of this crimper is solid steel.


  • Outstanding quality and perfect for occasional use
  • completely functional for expert crimpers
  • Saves vehicle owners from sending the vehicle to shops
  • The product is a very tight fit and fits with vehicles most competently
  • A detailed manual attached with it having parts breakdown included in it
  • There are extra sets of hydraulic cylinder seals are added in the package


  • The on or off button is printed in the reverse position that makes it confusing to enable it as it needs to rotate it in the reversed position for using it
  • The crimps are not rounded which would tend to leak in the long run, unlike original hydraulic crimps.

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4. iGeelee Hydraulic Automotive Crimper 

iGeelee Hydraulic Automotive

The iGeelee Hydraulic Automotive is an expert tool for making your repairing jobs a piece of cake. It the perfect one for repairing your AC hoses on the vehicle. It allows you to bead locking your fittings and also making the barrier in the A/C hoses.

The impressive piece of this hydraulic automotive tool is very light in weight, though made with an aluminum alloy. There is a facility of portability for this tool. This feature makes it the right choice for fieldwork or shops. It is very much convenient for any outdoor use.

However, the tool is a manually operated one with a substantial basement that enables it to be easily mounted on a bench. The Hose Crimper Kit comes in an entire set of dies having hose sizes: #6, #8, #10, #12, and also a reduced barrier hose, which are: #6, #8, #10 and #12 size. You need to wear goggles for safety while you work.

The package has additional parts like spare seal rings, pipe cutters, and gloves with it.

The kit has a fantastic facility of free shipping with it!


  • Makes your work more comfortable than you have ever anticipated
  • Superb performance for repairing work especially for outdoors
  • Help you in making lines while you are on the vehicle
  • Works perfectly and efficiently each time you use it in your work
  • There is a Chinese knot lucky coins attached with it


  • Heavy work may not become comfortable or done with it.

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5. Mophorn Separable Hydraulic Hose Crimper

Mophorn Separable Hydraulic Hose Crimper

This is a super cool tool that comes with a 7 die set of hoses. The hose sizes are #6 (5/16″ Reduced Barrier), #8 (13/32″), #8 (13/32″ Reduced Barrier), #10 (1/2″), #10 (1/2″ Reduced Barrier), #12 (5/8″), #12 (5/8″ Reduced Barrier). It is again a bench mounting tool that enables mounting the tool on the bench. It is made of solid steel.

It is a detachable hydraulic manual product for making your A/C hoses a straightforward one for you. The security of the product is far-fetched, and it holds the base quite firmly. The easy mounting option gives it a better fit. It has a cordless impact gun that helps to tighten up the tool on the hose. There are clamps for fitting it with.

The handles of this model are detachable, and the hose crimper is manual; thus has a smoother operation option.  The complete application makes it the most popular one among the users. The exact customization in the AC lines, removing the hoses, crimp the hose end or re-installing them have been super fast with it for the users who made the tool favorite to them. All of the restoration work is now a simple task for you. 


  • The product is highly efficient and effective
  • Able to make perfect hoses for the repair works
  • There is no need for jaws to hold the vice
  • The quality of the product is outstanding
  • Makes exact hoses and diminishes the need for long holes for the repairing the vehicle hoses


  • Sometimes can have an uneven surface on one side
  • The pump attached to the product malfunctions sometimes.

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The high-quality hydraulic hose crimper has multiple functions in it. It firmly maintains the OEM specification. It can crimp 1 inch 6 wire hoses. The crimp can be well portable and can be carried to any location needed.

Additionally, the crimp is made with super-strong aluminum flanges. The pusher is inverted and removable. The product also has a PSI pump with it.

Also, a hand VHF 10-43 pump is attached to it. The product also has a Microsite indicator that assures the precision of the product. The basement holes enable the crimper to be mounted.  The maximum strength the cylinder force has is 60 Ton.


  • A durable and heavy-duty product
  • Very precise and accurate result giver
  • The size of repairing are exact
  • Multi-task is possible to complete with it
  • The attachment of the pump makes the work a lot easier and faster


  • Very heavy that prevents portability of the product
  • Not convenient for personal works.

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7. Interstate Pneumatics H10-8

Interstate Pneumatics H10-8

The Interstate Pneumatics H10-8 p Benchtop Hydraulic jack air hose crimper is an ideal product for the small household work of yours. This excellent and compact product is well designed to work efficiently. The product is made out of solid steel materials.

However, it comes along with a six-piece set of die. The dies are perfectly designed to meet your crimping requirements. It has holes in the base plate that helps it to bolt down to the bench that is used for crimping work.

Additionally, there is the two-piece handle included in the set. The dies are 1/2″ to 3/4″ in size. The design supports a various range of hoses and fitting. There is a superb visibility option for the operators.


  • Very convenient for smaller range operation
  • Economical to buy and use
  • Has the versatility of using different hoses
  • Very strong and durable to use
  • Have better portability and posses superb quality material


  • Perhaps made for garden hose fittings but certainly not for high- difficulty crimping fittings. Not sufficiently strong.

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8. Kohstar BNT68 hydraulic hose crimping machine

Kohstar BNT68 hydraulic hose crimping machine

Kohstar BNT68 hydraulic hose crimping machine is made with the best quality acrylic sheet which safe, long-lasting, and easy to use. The material gives it a stronger feature for more extended workability. 

Moreover, the product is weather and shatterproof. This feature makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor service. The multi-use Plexiglas sheet is presented in 5 special sizes. There is an option of buying the sheet in a single or purchasing the package.

The crimper is manually operated with a button way and foot pedal. The package includes ten sets of dies along with it. The maximum pressure level of it is 560T.


  • Shipped with protective film cover to the client
  • The safer alternative than available other product in the market
  • Easy to keep it clean by the use of damp clothes and soaps
  • The manufacturer has superb customer care service
  • Allows versatile use


  • Very heavyweight and thus have a decreased portability.

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Factors to consider while buying Hydraulic Hose Crimper

Look before you leap – an ancient and common phrase but a very effective one! Obviously, before buying the best hydraulic hose crimpers, there are some vital factors to be taken care of. While selecting the hydraulic hose crimper to buy most of the time, we go for buying branded products. Definitely, brand value has a significant role in buying products.

However, it is not always branding that affects the efficiency of any product. Many other vital factors are critical for selecting while buying the best hydraulic hose crimper. Below we are going find out those factors which are most important in this matter.


There are some key points to be taken care of while buying any hydraulic hose crimper. Among those, the competency of the product in respect of the job it has to get done is vital to think about. If the product feature does not match the requirements, then it would not be productive for you, and the demanding job would not be accomplished.


The size of the dies is something to be measured. If the size of the dies is as needed or more than it is required, the job of yours would be undone. The inner diameters shape the hydraulic hoses, and the measurement of those are 16ths of an inch; a 1/4″ hose is called -4, which is 4/16ths, a 3/4″ hose would be -12, for 12/16ths of an inch. So match them with your requirements.


The cost of the hydraulic hose crimper is also to consider while buying them. If the product does not possess cost-effectiveness, then after a shorter period, it would not be satisfactory to you in the question of price. So always compare with other available products in the market and then buy it.


Check for better portability as a bulky product would not allow you to move into a different location and thus restrict you from accomplishing the various purposes of yours. So make sure you can move it!


Compare with different brands and their commitments. Comparing among the available hydraulic hoses would make you understand them better and thus have a better knowledge of them. Buy after researching well on the features and benefits coming along with it.

Product details

Always match the product details with the accessories they actually or physically carry with it. There are some spare parts and small pieces that are described in the manual of the product, and even on the packages, they are written down. Do check them if all of the parts are available or not.

Free shipping and warranty

The product may have free shipping and warranty period available with it. Confirm them before buying. As all of the hydraulic hose crimpers available in the market do not possess these facilities. But many good brand and efficient products have these facilities coming along with them. So make sure you get the better value of your money.

So, folks, I think that would be enough for you to look for while buying the hose crimper for you to buy the best hydraulic hose crimper you are looking for your job to be well done. Now just match the features and buy them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hydraulic hose crimper?

While talking about a hydraulic hose crimper, we can say that it is merely a tool that is used various types of jobs like crimping or connecting a connector to the end of a hose or cable you are fitting. The process is done by crimping two pieces of hose or cable that is one or both parts of a cable or hose; thus, they hold on with each other or both.

How to use a hydraulic hose crimper?

To start a hydraulic hose crimper, first of all, a turn on the safety gear as safety is the first and foremost priority. Turn the machine on. The machine would start pushing the collar by which the die is compressed. Whenever the collar reaches the bottom of the die crimp, then the machine stops.

Final verdict

Finally, we have reached the end of the article and concluded to know the best hydraulic hose crimper and how to buy them. I hope you have got an excellent and fair idea within this time on the product.

Please make sure you match the specification and feature with your need and then go for buying it. This would take some of your valuable time but save it in the sessions. The article would help you a lot with choosing the exact to your desire. So do not wait for any more, just go ahead and search online and buy it!

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