Top 10 Best Lawn Mower Lifts Review of 2022

Lawnmower Lift

A lawnmower lift is an essential tool for you to repair, clean, maintain, or diagnose lawn mowers for your garden. It will help significantly get you under a lawnmower, which is quite heavy to be lifted manually or using a drill. The best lawn mower lift will enable the mower to be raised at a sufficient height with greater safety and security as it comes with strong lock guards.

The absence of a lawnmower lift will make the work maintenance or repair work quite challenging to be handled.

Yet, it is not a one size tool that fits all types of work on your lawn. Your lawnmower’s weight and type need to be specified while you decide to buy the lawnmower lift for your repair and cleaning needs. Follow us through this whole article. It will definitely lead you to make a good decision in buying your own best lawn mower lift with great efficiency.

Best Lawn Mower Lifts Review

Do not worry! I have made a list of the ten best-rated mower lift for you and reviewed them. Hopefully, it will be a great deal of help to find the exact one you need. This review expresses the wonderful characteristics and the basic qualities of them, which will enable you to choose the most appropriate one for your work. So just follow the review and take your step hence!

1. Pro-Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift – best selling mower lift

The Pro-Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift is the best zero turn mower lift for gardening work. It also has a hydraulic jack for ridding attached to it. The product weight is almost 89 lbs. The capacity of the mower lift is 500 lbs.

This lift is built with welded solid steel for construction. It has four steel wheels along with a dual lock system. The lift can raise the mower to 24 inches from the ground. The mower is called a Pro-Lift as it has the highest facilities in maintenance work like oil changes, the blade works, cleaning the debris, or anything more you need.

The mower lift wheels have a span size of about 19-1/4 to 42-1/2 inches. The wheel span is adjustable. It is the best match for a mower that is a riding mower or an ATV or a push mower or riding mower or, lastly, a garden tractor. The platform is padded with rubber, which prevents it from scratching.

The mower lift has a straightforward and convenient option for lifting and lowering the mower for repair work. For lowering the lift, you have to raise the Lift Platform a little to free the Height Locking levers; afterward,d you have to use the release knob to watchfully twist the release valve anti-clockwise, lowering the load gradually. The foot pedals have a non-slip option, which makes the lifting work very easy for you.

The Pro-Lift T-5305 has a 90 days warranty from the date of purchase. It has a replacement or repair option in the case of a defect in material while using it normally.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The lift is adjustable to any available size of mowers in the market.
  • The lift has a safety lock to save it from falling accidentally.
  • It is a zero-turn lift for the lawnmower.
  • Easy to assemble and easy to change its parts
  • It gives you a rock steady performance while you work with it.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The jack comes along with it and is not sold separately.
  • The lift has no option for folding it up without disassembling it

2. MoJack EZ – best riding lawn mower lift

MoJack EZ is a residential best riding lawn mower lift. The lift has a capacity of 300 lb. Again, the product’s weight is around 69.8 lbs. It is such a mower lift that fits mostly with all of your residential gardening needs. It’s a great option for fitting with maximum zero turn riding lawn mowers in your home.

This mower lift’s front wheel is from 35.5 to 47.5 inches, enabling the lift to pull up the mower to 24 inches. The blade of the mower is easily replaceable and thus easy to maintain. The mower can be lifted with one hand or using a power drill with ease by this lift. It is the best zero turn mower lift available in the market.

The MoJack EZ comes with a 2 years warranty period. An additional MoJack Workbench is available with the product, which has to be bought separately. The workbench performs substantially in pushing up the mower or completing any small project. The mower lift is very easily foldable for storing it in even in your wall hanging.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Safe and time-saving
  • Great packaging available for shipment
  • Sturdy as well as well-built mower lift
  • The mower lift comes up with a pretty strong jack that helps to lift 300lbs.
  • Has a detailed instruction on the assembling and operation of the lift
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Folding the lift is complicated as many of its parts are needed to be separated first.
  • It comes with a heavy package, which sometimes becomes difficult to manage

3. ProLift T-5300 – best zero turn mower lift

Pro-Lift T-5300 is an ideal choice for lifting any zero turn lawn mower or a tractor. The capacity of the lift is again 300 lbs like the previous one. The lift gives you a raise of 22 inches to give you enough space for necessary repair works. It has a dual locking safety lock and four steel wheels, which allows for better safety and performance.

The lift comes with a rubber-padded platform, which gives it a non-slipping effect. It has a strong safety lock that supports the load with great efficiency. The rubber padded platform prevents it from getting scratched or damaged.

The Pro-Lift T-5300 has a non-slip foot pedal, which will enable you to lift your load effortlessly. The lift is also adjustable to a variety of types of machines. The lift weighs almost 55 lbs. Also, the cover includes the mower lift and a detailed manual along with it. There are options for more loads carrying with the pro lift. This product comes up with a 90 days warranty from the date of purchase.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy feature for better cleaning and maintaining
  • Cheaper than same type other products available in the market
  • Quite spacious to work
  • Light in weight
  • wheel baskets are added for better stability and safety
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The lock relies on a hole in the frame, which leaves a chance of slipping.
  • The frame sometimes goes forward when the mower is lowered

4. MoJack HDL 500 – best-rated mower lift

MoJack HDL 500 is quite an easy lift to use for your gardening mower maintenance. The capacity of the lift is 500 lbs. It can lift the mower to 24 inches. There is no need for assembling for this lift.

The mower lift comes with adjustable wheel pads that fit all kinds of ZTR or riding mowers. It has a multi-level safety braking system for making it easy to work in a different position. The lift is straightforward to fold. Thus it is straightforward to store.

The product weighs almost 60-70 lbs.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Only the wheel pad and safety straps are needed to be assembled.
  • Extremely high in quality
  • It saves space for being easily foldable.
  • Adjustable straps along with the front wheels for safety
  • Ergonomic design enables easy usability.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Sometimes there may be jamming in the lift.
  • There are not appropriate instructions available for attaching the straps

5. MoJack ZR

MoJack ZRis a lawn tractor lift with a capacity of 250 lb. The lifting area is only the front end of the mower but not the total one. The maximum height of lifting is 20 inches. The lift also has a manual option for lifting it. It is considered the ideal one for repair and maintenance. Also, it is good at blade sharpening, debris removal, or belt replacement.

However, the lift is ideal for small ZTR mowers and residential lawn tractor. The product weights up to 42 lbs. It can be lifted with one hand or a power drill. The tractor folds very easily and becomes compact. Thus it is effortless to store. It fits with any type of zero-turn radius mowers available.

It comes with four wheels. The measurement of the wheels is from 17.5 inches to 45 inches from inside to outside. It lifts the mower front and gives the space to work with. The unique design of the lift gives it the stability and security of work. The lift is very compatible and reliable to use.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It gets flat when folded, thus takes less space for storage.
  • It can be stored without disassembling the lift.
  • Very good at any household constructions
  • It comes with adjustable wheel cups.
  • Good for old aged people
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The size of the product may differ to some extent from the above-mentioned one.
  • There may occur some safety issues because of the position of the safety strap

6. High Lift Jack 300-Pound

The high lift jack-300 pound is considered to be one of the best hydraulic mower lift. It has a heavy-duty hydraulic pump lift. The maximum level of rising is 25 inches. The lift has five wheels positioning, which ranges from 36 inches to 51 inches wide. The wheels are adjustable within this range.

The wheels of the lift can position at six points. The wheels are 5 inches and made with nylon. The lift is easily foldable and thus has a secure storage option. It has three positioning safety locks.

The body of the lift is made out of metal. It is a manual product, with no need for any battery with it. So batteries are not attached.

PROS (What we liked)
  • A hydraulic pump was added with it to make the lift easier.
  • The lift has five position adjusting options.
  • Proper instructions are available.
  • The tire tracks can be adjusted for most of the tractor mowers.
  • Obvious and detailed instructions available with the package
  • Free shipping
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The packaging is poor thus;, sometimes, the part can be missing.
  • Some record or hydraulic cylinder malfunctions are available

7. Larin Corporation LMLF-750

The Larin Corporation LMLF-750 lawn mower lift is also considered to be the among the lawnmower lifts available. It is a Chinese product. The lift meets almost all of the requirements of the consumers. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

This garden mower lift is fitted to most of the garden tractors or zero-turn mowers. There are safety straps available which secure the wheels from slipping. The raise is about 26 inches. It has a capacity of 750 lbs. The weight of the product is 111 lbs.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Works like a champ for even heavy duty
  • Very efficient for Zero turn mowers
  • Very easy for sharpening the blades
  • Best fit for different types of mowers
  • Prompt response from the manufacturer
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There are some issues related to the jacks it has with it like it needs to be more robust.
  • The space that is left for work after installation is not that spacious to work properly

8. Ballard Inc Super Jack Pro – Mower Jack- ZTR

Ballard Inc Super Jack Pro – Mower Jack- ZTR is a best-rated mower lift because of its heavy-duty design, having more lift, and being more spacious to work with. The arm placement area is also wide and comfortable for placing your hand.

The wheels of the lift are non-flat and solid tires that are everlasting. The foot pedal kickers are for the safety of works and give an easy lift for work. The grips are non-slip, and are the clearance area is more than 23 inches, which allows safe and secure access under the lift.

The Ballard Inc Super Jack Pro – Mower Jack- ZTR is suitable for all types of Standers, walk behinds, or ZTR’s, which are used commercially. The lift is made out of Hi-Visor Hi-Vis Orange Zinc coated, Green thick powder-coat, grade 8 hardware materials.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Suitable for elders
  • Long-lasting design
  • Works fast and safe
  • Easy to handle
  • It rises easily and gives easy access.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not easily foldable

9. Goplus Mower Lift

The Goplus Mower Lift comes with a high lift jack available for tractors and zero-turn riding lawnmowers. The capacity of the lift is 300 lbs. The height of the mower is 1 ¼ inch to 25 inches. The height of the mower lift is adjustable according to the requirements. The mower lift’s width is from 36 inches to 50.5 inches, which is very much adjustable, making it suitable for different types and sizes of lawnmowers.

The lift is easily movable as it is equipped with two wheels. There is the presence of foot pedals, which enables simple operation. The lift also has a foot-activated pump for easy lifting and quick raise. There is also a powerful hydraulic pump available, which quickly lifts weight around 300lbs. There is three positioning safety lock available for better security. It has five nylon wheels attached to it for quick mobilization. The product weights up to 68 lbs.

PROS (What we liked)
  • A foot pedal operating system is available.
  • Easy and quick operation
  • Strong and well-functioned jack attached with it
  • Versatile use as possible.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The storage problem is available in this product as it is not easy to collapse.
  • There are some issues related to its durability

10. MoJack EZ Max

The MoJack EZ Max has a long-lasting, durable design. It is easy and safe to use. It has the facility of zero-turn mower lifting. The lift weights up to 64.8 lbs, and it also has a capacity of lifting 450 lbs. The operation of the machine is manual.

The lift has a height of 24 inches. It is easily collapsible and foldable. Thus it has easy storage features. The EZ Max mowers lift has an automatic safety system along with a smooth handle release option.

The lift can be lifted manually or with the help of a power drill with ease. The design of it is patented. It is easy to assemble. The lift is safe and convenient to use. It is an ideal choice for blade sharpening, repairs, replacements, maintenance, or debris removal. It is considered to be the first most residential ZTR or tractor mowers. It comes with a two years warranty for residential use.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Used for home and interior
  • Manual options are also available
  • Lowering the lift after work is quite easy and smooth
  • Easy to use operating system for the weaker people too
  • Adjustable to different sized mowers
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There may some revise needed in the design of the folding option
  • There are some issues found while lowering the lift

Buying guide-what to consider while buying a mower lift

There are some fundamental aspects available to consider while you buy a mower lift for fulfilling your gardening needs. Below you are going to have a brief idea of the considering aspects for you.

Height of the lift:

The fact defines the height you need to raise the mower and how this product can lift for you. Both heights should be compatible with each other. The lift height differs from brand to brand. Most of the brand we have discussed earlier has a raising capacity of 22-25 inches. You should also look for the features for repairing, cleaning, or maintenance work and check if both of the height matches your desire.

The capacity of the lift:

The basic feature to look for in a mower lift is its capacity. As if it doesn’t match, it will be hard or impossible for you to work with it. To filter your choice from the multi options available in the market, carrying capacity is the most important one to look for in all of the features. A mower lift’s capacity is always clearly mentioned in the features; thus, it is an easily found feature among all the others. A lift with a wrong capacity for your residential or nonresidential work may cause severe accidents or damage. So make sure you match the capacity with your need accurately before buying s mower lift.

Safety and convenience feature:

Any well designed heavy-duty mower lift is made to make your difficult work more comfortable and time-saving. It should reduce your hazard of work. So you should take a closer look at the design and check if the safety options are enough for better security or not. Also, there should be technical longevity and the light-weighted mower lift’s eligibility to carry the heavy lawnmower with great success.


The resilience or long-lasting feature should be checked before buying it. In this matter, the structure of the lift is most important to take into consideration. The material, jacks, screws, frames are needed to be checked if they are paired properly to support each other or not. It is a major factor that ensures a long and secure working life of the lift yours.

The safety of the lift is the first and foremost thing to take into consideration. Nothing else should come before a better safety assurance. Though, while buying any tool or machine, efficiency is another essential thing to be concerned about, safety comes before. The assurance of better security and safety is essential for stopping accidents.

The article has discussed lots of details on different topmost mower lifts available in the market. The lifts are different by manufacturer, price, size, weight lifting, efficiency, performance, and many more factors. Check and match your one along with your budget. But last of all, always remember to match the safety first to be safe.

Final Verdict

Other than lifting a lawnmower, it can perform jobs like lifting cars or tracks. Thus while buying the best lawn mower lift, you should ensure its sustainability and security of work. Any kind of accident can be very costly for both money or health. The size of a mower lift should be determined by the weight and size of the mower.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size lawn mower lift do I need?

The size of the mower lift is determined by the weight it would carry. The size should be compatible, along with its performance area. If the lift is used for lightweight work, then it can be light and small. If it is for heavy-duty performance, it should definitely come with a harder frame and should be made with long-lasting materials. Sometimes a mower lift is used for lifting the front end. Only then can it be light in weight and small in size. However, a heavier and bigger size mower lift is essential for lifting the whole mower on it.

How to use a lawnmower lift?

A lawnmower lift can be used in two different ways. One is to push up only the mower’s front end and go beneath it to repair, clean, or do a mower’s maintenance work. Again, the whole mower needs to be carried on the lift to work for a heavier performance. In both cases, the safety lock must be properly attached and ensure safety for preventing any big or small accidents. At the beginning of the operation, the lift should be properly assembled and have a recheck on it.

How does a lawnmower lift work?

The majority of the lawnmower lift is designed to lift the front of any riding mower. Proper maintenance is needed to keep up the safety of the lift. There are two ways of work for a lawnmower lift; one uses a manual or power lift to raise it. The other is hydraulic, which uses the fluid pressure to raise the mower and accomplish the work easily. A hydraulic mower lift is easy to handle and complete the task needed, but it needs more maintenance than the manual one.

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