Electric VS Gas Chainsaw – How to Choose?

Both electric and gas chainsaws are an amazing tool for cutting wood. They help us in completing the works of hours in a few minuets.

While buying a chainsaw we all tend to get confused because, of a variety of options availble in the market. Moreover the different types of chainsaw i.e electric and gas-powered make the task of choosing more onerous.

In this article I will provide you a complete guide of choosing the best chainsaw for yourself.

Before Choosing The Perfect Chainsaw

Deduicing our exact expectations of the product’s power and performance simplify the choosing. Hence, we should keep the following points in the mind before selecting the chainsaw.

  • The noise toleration of the surrounding area (neighbors, family,e.t.c).
  • The time we can devote towards the Maintainance of the chainsaw.
  • Our ethics towards environment preservation.
  • Budget.
  • Duration of one logging session.
  • Portability.

After noting down the above point we can further compare the chainsaws. I will be providing a brief description along with their pros and cons below. Then we have to cross-check the list with the pros and cons of the chainsaws. Then I will recommend choosing the one in which maximum requirements are satisfied.

Electric Chainsaw

Electric VS Gas Chainsaw - How to Choose?
Electric Chainsaw

There are two types of electric chainsaws i.e the corded and cordless electric chainsaws. They both are nearly the same in use. But, the corded is known for more power and cordless for more portability.

The cordless chainsaw is powered by a battery that needs to recharge after use. While The source of energy for a corded chainsaw is an electric cord connected to the electric supply (switchboard) and the chainsaw. These chainsaws work amazingly for short to mid-sized trees and are the perfect option for household purposes.

Advantages Of Electric Chainsaws

  1. An excellent option for household purposes.
  2. Lighter than the gas-powered chainsaws.
  3. More portable and cause less fatigue due to lightweight.
  4. Eco-friendly
  5. Unlike gas-powered chainsaws, electric chainsaws release no harmful gases.
  6. It is quieter than gas-powered chainsaws. Moreover, some gas-powered chainsaws are so quiet that we can even hear the voice produced by the moving blades.

Disadvantages Of Electric Chainsaws

  1. Not as powerful as the gas-powered chainsaws hence, not a good choice for professional purpose.
  2. The cordless chainsaws usually get discharged after one hour paralyzing the work until the battery gets recharged.
  3. The corded chainsaws are less portable attributable to the wire which restrict the portability.
  4. Not as many options are available in the market as the gas-powered chainsaws have.

Gas-Powered Chainsaws

Electric VS Gas Chainsaw - How to Choose?
Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Gas-powered chainsaws are the oldest and the most powerful variety of chainsaws. They chew through the woods at a ferocious speed completing the works of the hour in few minutes. They work amazingly for mid to long-sized trees and are the perfect option for household and professional purposes.

Advantages of Gas-Powered Chainsaws

  1. Is fit for Home as well as professional purpose.
  2. More powerful than the electric chainsaws. Hence, complete the work faster and more efficiently than electric chainsaws.
  3. Can be used for long hours because gas-powered chainsaws can be refueled anytime.
  4. Portable as it is not restricted by the wire length like a corded electric chainsaw.
  5. Gas-powered chainsaws are available in multiple varieties to choose from.
  6. Professional loggers (like me) prefer using gas-powered chainsaws only.

Disadvantages of Gas-Powered Chainsaws

  1. Heavier than electric chainsaws hence, not that portable.
  2. Are not environmentally friendly because the chainsaw produces irritating fumes while being operated.
  3. Maintaining the gas/oil fuel mixture is a chagrin for many people.
  4. Need more time in maintenance as compared to electric chainsaws.


I am operating chainsaws for more than 2 decades now and have used more than 20 different types of chainsaws. Those chainsaws were mostly gas-powered but I have used at least 5 electric chainsaws as well.

Hence, I have condensed my experience of 2 decades for formulating this article. And, I hope that this article will help you determine the chainsaw best for you.


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