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How to decorate a rain barrel (decorative rain barrel ideas)?

Many homeowners have discovered the advantage of using plastic rain barrels on their front and backyards. The barrels accumulate rainwater that can be used for tasks such as watering the plants or washing the car. Conserving water in rain barrels not only helps protect one of the earth’s valuable resources, but it can also contribute to reducing your monthly water bill. Read our best rain barrel reviews for more details about top choices.


Features of the garden

  1. Draw the design for the rain barrel on a sheet of paper. If you are inspired, Zen, your garden, draw straight lines to imitate bamboo shoots in earth tones like chocolate brown, gray, cream or black. If you have an English garden with a variety of vibrant flowers, a colorful template of roses and vines in your barrel.
  2. Paint the bottom of your design on the surface of the cylinder, even in strokes with a wide brush tip. Let the first coat of paint to dry before adding the next coat or color.
  3. Outline details on the surface of the cylinder with a felt tip pen or pencil. Outline your drawing with black paint painting. This will help the details stand out.
  4. Cover with sealant. Allow the paint to dry before spraying the entire barrel of raincoat sealing. Wait for the first layer of sealing lacquer to dry completely before spraying the second layer. It is recommended to leave between 12 and 24 hours of drying per coat.

Covered barrels

  1. Use a picture or photo of the area in your garden where you want to place the barrel. If you want to connect two rain barrels you can do it.
  2. Paint the mixing barrel on the bottom of your garden. If you are going to paint it look like a gray rock, cover the whole canyon with gray paint with a brush across the tip.
  3. Dip the sponge into a lighter shade of gray paint and gently apply it over the surface of the rain barrel. This emulates the marble, the uneven appearance of a rock.
  4. Draw details with a felt tip pen, or a fine point brush. Use black paint to create cracks and crevices in the stone.
  5. Seal the paint. Protect the decoration of the rain barrel from water and dust by spraying a layer of sealing lacquer all over the rain barrel. Let the original coat dry before applying the second layer.

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