How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar (Blade) and Chain Length | Complete Guide 2022

How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar (Blade) and Chain Length.

Well, it is recommended to replace the chain of chainsaws once every three years and their bar every 8 years.

Most of us delegate the replacement because we do not know how to how to measure a chainsaw bar (Blade) and chain length. I will like to inform, that delegating the replacement might lead to atrocious outcomes. It is because a dull chain and bar decrease the efficiency of a chainsaw and may result in fatal kickbacks as well.

Therefore, it is a necessity to know how to change the bar and chain of a chainsaw. For this, you must know How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar (Blade) and Chain Length. Otherwise, you might end up getting the wrong attachment for yourself.

In this guide, I will provide the simplest method on how to measure a chainsaw bar (Blade) and Chain Length separately. As a result, you will be easily able to get a replacement for your chain without wasting your time and money.

1. How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar (Blade) And Chain Length | Chain Bar

How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar (Blade) and Chain Length.

The bar of chainsaw is also called a chain guide and chainsaw blade. It is one of the most precious components of a chainsaw because it facilitates the proper moment of the chain. Therefore, we must take proper care of the chainsaw bar and replace it whenever it gets a little dull.

Firstly, I will like to inform you that there is an appropriate size of a chainsaw bar for every chainsaw. It is because a chainsaw needs more power to handle a larger chain bar. On the other hand, having a smaller chain bar means that you will not be able to operate the chainsaw at its maximum efficiency.

I am glad to inform you that measuring the chainsaw bar length is quite a simple task. It is because you only need to know two measures of a chainsaw bar. The first one is the true length and the other is the effective cutting length.

Let’s discuss these two measures separately so that you can easily measure your chainsaw bar length.

How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar (Blade) And Chain Bar

Effective Cutting Length

The effective cutting length is the length of the chainsaw bar from the base of where it’s attached to the chainsaw to its tip.

For measuring this length, you need to get a tape measure. After this simply, start from the base of the chainsaw bar and stretch it to the tip of the chainsaw bar. Then write down the measurements in a notepad and then round it up to the nearest even number (inch).

For instance, if you come up with 17 or 17.5 inches, then you need to round it up to 18. It is because neither 17 nor 17.5 is an even whole number.

True Length

This is the second method of finding the length of the chainsaw blade.

As we can deduce from the name, true length is the actual length of the bar from the end to end without being installed in a chainsaw.

For measuring the true length of the chainsaw bar, you need to detach the chainsaw bar. For this, you need to unscrew the bolts that hold it in place. you will find these bolts on the right side of your chainsaw’s body just past the base of the bar.

After detaching the bar from the chainsaw, just lay it down on a flat surface to avoid mistakes in measuring. It should be followed by measuring the full length of the chain bar from end to end.

Please note that you are not required to round off the measurement of the true length of the chainsaw.

You can write down these two measurements in your notepad and then simply look for a chain bar with similar measurements in the hardware store.

2. How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar (Blade) And Chain Length | Chain Length

How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar (Blade) and Chain Length.

The second thing which we need to measure in our guide of how to measure a chainsaw bar (blade) and chain bar is the chain length.

We should note that the chain is the most important part of a chainsaw. It is because it is that part that chews through the woods. Henceforth, we should always make sure that the chain of our chainsaws is shining and sharpened regularly.

Measuring a chainsaw chain length is a little difficult than measuring the chainsaw bar length. It is because we need to do three measurements for finding the length of the chain. These measures are pitch size, gauge size, and the number of links in the chain. If you want to read a separate article on measuring the chainsaw chain length then read our article How to Find Chainsaw Chain Size.

Pitch Size

Pitch is the difference between two driver links of a chain. For measuring the pitch size you only need to get a tape measure, then simply follow the steps given in the paragraph below.

First, measure the distance between any three rivets of the chain. Then, divide the outcome by two and voila you got the pitch size of your chain.

Some of the regular pitch sizes are 0.325, 3/8, or 0.404 inches. For simplicity, I am giving below an example of measuring the pitch size of your chain.

Let’s assume that the distance between the three rivets of the chain comes out to be 0.65 inches. Then the pitch size will come out to be 0.325 inches when we divide 0.65 by 2.

Gauge Size

How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar (Blade) and Chain Length.

The thickness of the drive links is the gauge. We need a vernier caliper for measuring the gauge size.

Some regular gauge sizes are 0.050 inches, 0.058 inches, 0.043 inches, and 0.063 inches. So if the measures come near to any of these figures just round them off to the closest regular figure.

Finding The Number Of Links

Finding the number of links is the easiest task because we do not need any tool for measuring it. However, finding the number of links of the chain is a time taking process. It is because you need to count each link of the chain without omitting and overcounting a link.

In order to avoid overcounting links, it is recommended to mark the starting link with a marker. As a result, you will know what is the starting and the ending point of your counting.

After noting the above three measures you can find the right chain for your chainsaw in the hardware store.

Final Words

I hope that this guide has given you the tips and tricks of how to measure a chainsaw bar (blade) and chain length.

In order to ensure that I possess the right knowledge of how to measure a chainsaw bar (blade) and chain length, I discussed these tips with professionals and experts like me. I am glad to inform you that they agreed that the tips given above are the simplest and the best.

Furthermore, I will also like to inform you that you will get this same information in your chainsaw’s guide as well. Hence, this guide is for those who do not have the access to their guide or do not want to use it.

In addition to this, you can get the replacement bar and chain for your chainsaw if you know the model number and brand of your chainsaw. But, this tip does not work for all chainsaws. It is because not all chainsaw models are popular. As a result, the hardware store staff may not know the bar and chain size of your chainsaw.

Lastly, if you are still having any issues on how to measure a chainsaw bar (blade) and chain length. Then please do let me know through the comment section. I will try my best to solve your issue and give an appropriate solution as soon as possible.


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