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How to Connect Two Rain Barrels?

Although you can buy barrels of rain, you can also make your own. To buy you can read our best rain barrel reviews. Hard plastic barrels, screens, and lids to cover the barrels and an optional faucet to connect to the pipe are needed to facilitate harvesting. The Master Gardener (see Resources) is a complete guide to making your rain barrel. If you buy a plastic rain barrel or make your own, you can connect two with minimal effort.


  1. Before starting, empty the rain barrels. If you try to connect two barrels while they are full of water, you are just going to make a mess.
  2. Use of your drill, drill a hole that is 15/16 “wide two-thirds of the way down the side of a rain barrel and then drills the hole the same size in the same location on the second barrel. If you make a larger hole by accident, you will need to acquire a larger diameter PVC pipe to fit the hole.
  3. Place the rain barrels in their desired location, and measure the distance between them. Cut the PVC pipe with the saw so that it fits between the two barrels.
  4. Coat the end of one side of the PVC pipe with sealant and push it into the hole in the rain barrel. Hold the PVC tube until the sealant begins to set.
  5. Repeat this step on the other side of the barrel.
  6. Allow the sealant to dry. The sealant will swell so that the PVC pipe fits exactly the hole and there will be no leaks.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can employ this system with metal barrels too, but you will need to use metal pipes. You can connect two or even more rain barrels in this way.
  • Always place a screen over your rain barrel to filter out impurities in the water, such as insects and leaves.
  • You can also add pump with a rain barrel.

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