How to Hang Christmas Lights with Gutter Guard?

How to Hang Christmas Lights with Gutter Guard

If you want to decorate your gutter guard, garden, or balcony for parties, there are many bright objects and light garlands in the shops. Since the arrival of commercial lighting (LED) or solar lighting, Christmas illuminations are widespread. If you want to replace your old gutter guard before the decoration, you can choose the best gutter guard for pine needles from the expert’s test.

Bringing a little warmth and light to the vegetation of your garden and highlighting the architecture of a home, by installing an illuminated Christmas decor, however, requires time, a certain budget, a little creativity and some adapted tools. Through videos, this article gives you some tricks and decorating ideas to help you succeed in an outdoor Christmas decor like a gutter guard and garden decoration.

Our practical advice

  • Use illuminations with LED bulbs or solar powered lights to reduce energy consumption.
  • Check that your light strings are intended for outdoor use (marked on the packaging).
  • Protect connections and connections in case of bad weather and frost, using a plastic bag or a rigid tunnel.
  • Measure the lengths of electrical cables needed according to the intended locations before making your purchases and starting the installation.
  • Do not overload outlets and power strips to avoid over-voltage phenomena that may be cutting out your electrical installation.
  • To maintain your illuminations more aesthetically, use a transparent and robust thread like nylon fishing line.
  • To avoid piercing the walls, use clip fasteners that attach to the gutters and shutters.

Basic material

  • Ladder
  • Fastening system (nails, scotch, fishing wire, metal link …)
  • Hammer
  • Transport basket
  • Outdoor extension cords

Some ideas for creating a Christmas decor in the garden

  • Install inflatable decorations that light up inside (Christmas tree, snowman). These realistic 3D models are sold in some garden centers or on some specialized websites.
  • Create enlightened Christmas scenes at different places in the garden: a reindeer sleigh, a Santa Claus climbing the roof, goblins carrying gifts …).
  • Hang colorful lanterns at the tall branches of your trees.
  • Mark the outlines of windows with glittering light garlands.
  • Place on the facades of the house, on the walls of the garden or along the roof (fixed to the gutter), flashing garlands “stalactite effect,” “effect drops of water” or “cascade effect.”
  • Make an outdoor Christmas tree by suspending decorations on the branches of a conifer or other tree whose appearance is close to that of a fir tree. Attach a string of light by placing the bulbs near each decoration to highlight it.
  • Make large gift packages and set garlands of lights on the borders to light up in the night.
  • Delimit the passages and paths of the garden by lighting on the ground.
  • Form shapes and silhouettes in your shrubs with easy-to-shape semi-rigid tube garlands (doe, snowman, angels …).
  • Combine different colors to give relief and blink parts of your illuminations to make the show livelier.

Each year, California residents compete ingenuously to illuminate grand and fairy houses and gardens. Entire neighborhoods illuminate at dusk to create wonder in the eyes of young and old alike. If you want to know more about other necessary tools, you can visit our home, garden and tools section.

How to hang Christmas lights with gutter guard

Installation of the lights on piles placed at the front of the gutter

There are Christmas light clips available from Amazon that allow you to hang lights on the front of a Gutter Cleaning System. If your gutter guard is get damaged because of hanging lights, then you can follow the instructions to repair the gutter guard.

Installation of lights on soffit hooks

Another possible solution for installing outdoor holiday lighting is to use soffit hooks. Available at Amazon. These hooks allow the lights to be installed below the gutter, which does not affect the fastening system or protection thereof. But be careful to protect your gutter guard from damage.

Christmas illuminations on gutter guard presented in the video

Below is a selection of some of the outdoor Christmas decorations to decorate in a garden or on a balcony.

  • Making a wooden Christmas sleigh surrounded by a LED light cord
  • Realization of a wooden sign “The North Pole” illuminated
  • Making small wooden panels exhibiting Christmas tales
  • Installation of vertical garlands in the hedge
  • Laying a light net on the facade.
  • Making an illuminated Christmas tree to hang on a balcony, using a thick polystyrene plank decorated and equipped with a lighting system.
  • Installation of illuminations supports on the ceiling of a balcony. You can also use the Best Rain Barrel for your rainwater system.
  • Mounting a platform on a balcony railing and placing a Christmas decoration above and an electrical installation below.
  • Placement and enhancement of luminous objects and characters to create a Christmas show.