10 Best Chainsaw Safety Tips | Complete Review 2022

Chainsaw Safety Tips

Chainsaw is one of the greatest inventions in the past 100 years for multiple reasons. Firstly, it made the back-breaking forestry work a cakewalk for the loggers of that time. Secondly, the introduction of chainsaws enhanced the standard of living because of more production. Thirdly, they speeded up the modernization of the world by multiplying the supply of raw materials like timber, wood, e.t.c. Furthermore, there are myriads of more marvelous benefits of modern chainsaws which helped the chainsaws to become one of the best inventions by us in the past 100 years.

But, the main benefit of this invention was to those who were indulged in the forestry business. The invention of the chainsaw increased their standards of living and made their work even simpler.

Henceforth, the chainsaws are one of the most effective tools with myriads of astonishing benefits. But, there is a negative aspect to this as well. There have been more than 2 lac injuries registered which were associated with the faulty use of chainsaws in the past decade. Moreover, a small fraction of these injuries were very severe which permanently disabled the users. Furthermore, in rare cases, the wrong usage of the chainsaw also leads to fatal injuries which killed the victims.

Therefore, it is necessary to use the chainsaw correctly and follow all the safety tips. As a result, the chances of chainsaw injuries will either mitigate or will get eliminated. Furthermore, correctly using a tool also enhances the efficiency and the output. Henceforth, it is my adjuration to all the readers to thoroughly read the chainsaw safety tips given below and incorporate them as well.

1. Check The Chainsaw Before Operating It

Chainsaw Safety Tips

It should be our #1 priority to check the chainsaw before operating it. For checking the chainsaw just follow the three simple steps given below.

1. Make Sure That You Are Not Operating A Damaged/Defective Saw

A damaged or defective chainsaw increases the chances of chainsaw breakdown which in turn increases injuries chances. Therefore, simply inspect all the parts of the chainsaw and make sure that none of the parts is damaged or broken.

2. Make Sure That The Chain Break Is Activated

Make sure to engage the chain brake of the chainsaw, whenever you are not operating it.

3. Check The Handles Of The Chainsaw

We need to make sure that the chainsaw does not slip off while we are operating it. As a result, we need to make sure that the handle is clean and dry. Hence, wipe off any dirt or oil accumulated in the handle before operating it.

2. Wear A Safety Gear

I am listing below a couple of things that you should wear while operating the chainsaw. They will not only minimize the impact of injuries but will also eliminate them.

Chainsaw Safety Tips
  1. Goggles – Wearing Safety Goggles is a must for the protection of eyes from the spark and dust particles.
  2. Face Shield – When the chainsaw is chewing through the wood, there are dozens of wood chips bouncing away from the wood randomly. Wearing a face shield will protect your face from those bouncing wood chips. Hence, it will protect your face from injury.
  3. Ear Muffs – Earmuffs helps to mitigate the impact of noise produced by the chainsaw engine on our eardrums. Hence, it protects our year from very loud sounds.
  4. Chainsaw Helmet – Most of the chainsaw helmets comes with earmuffs and face shield. It is my recommendation to go for such helmets as it will eliminate the hassle of wearing these three things separately. The main function of the helmet is to protect our head from the branches and the trees which fall over our head. Henceforth, we should always wear a chainsaw helmet as it helps to prevent fatal injuries.
  5. Chainsaw Boots – Make sure that that the boot is of rubber body with steel toe. The steel toe will protect our toes from injury while the rubber will evenly spread the impact to reduce injuries chances.
  6. A Pair Of Chainsaw Gloves – Chainsaw gloves will absorb the vibration of the engine which will reduce the chance of fatigue. Moreover, they will also protect the hands from the wood chips and other objects. Lastly, it will also protect our palms from the sharp chainsaws’ blades.
  7. Chainsaw Safety Chaps – The chainsaw safety chaps protect and guard our leg while operating the chainsaw.

I am listing below some of the best safety gear from Amazon for you to pick from.

3. Maintain A Proper Body Posture While Operating The Chainsaw

Chainsaw Safety Tips

A proper posture and position of the body ensure maximum control over the chainsaw. Furthermore, it also mitigates the chance of kickback and handles slipping. Hence, resulting in more safety. Therefore, it will be very lucrative for us to maintain a proper body position while operating a chainsaw. Simply follow the directions given below to ensure maximum stability while operating a chainsaw.

  • Do not stand on a steep or unstable platform or you might fall down while operating the chaisnaw.
  • Hold the chainsaw with both hands for maxium grip and only take your hand off when very necessary.
  • Grab the upper forward handle of the chainsaw with the help of the left hand. Furthermore, also make sure that your thumbs are wrapped around the forward handle bar. This will ensure that the left side of the chainsaw is very close to us which results in better control.
  • Bend down your knees instead of bending your back when you need to operate the chaisnaw at a low position. This will eliminate the problem of back pain.
  • Also, place your legs and hands on the left side of the saw for maximum control and better posture.

It is my recommendation to operate the saw from the left side because it will help you to easily spot the angles of the cutting system while operating the chainsaw. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to evade a kickback if you are operating the chainsaw from the left side.

4. Do Not Operate The Chainsaw When Moving

Make sure that you are standing while you are operating the chainsaw. Otherwise, you will heavily increase the chance of slipping. Hence, it is my request not to operate the chainsaw while moving and activate the chain brake as well.

5. Maintain A Safe Distance While Felling Trees

Most professional loggers recommend maintaining a safe distance of at least twice the height of the felling tree. It will eliminate the chance of head injury and will increase the safety of the operator. Furthermore, it will also ensure that you are not trapped under the fallen tree. Henceforth, please make sure to maintain a distance equal to twice the height of the felling tree.

6. Do Not Work Alone

Try to have a team of at least four people while you are going to work. This will ensure that the other members will help the one in jeopardy. Furthermore, it will also enhance the efficiency of the work because you may ask for help from your team member.

Also, make sure that all your team members are wearing a signal color outfit so that they can easily be spotted.

7. Inform Some Before Going To Work

If you do not have any partner logger to go to work with then inform someone before going to work. Make sure to provide the exact area where you are going to work. Secondly, give the person your contact detail. Thirdly, wear a signal color outfit so that you may be easily be spotted by the passerby in case of hazards. Fourthly, provide the person with your expected time of return. Lastly, contact that person with your cell/smartphone in a gap of 2 hours and update them about your position and time when you will return.

8. Do Not Operate The Chainsaw If You Are Tiered

The probability of making errors increases when we are tired or sleepy. Hence, having a proper rest or sound sleep is necessary before operating a chainsaw. This will not only enhance safety but will also increase the efficiency of the work.

9. Do Not Operate The Chainsaw In Bad Weather

Chainsaw Safety Tips

Bad weather is not at all suitable for outdoor activities because of strong wind or rain. Therefore, we should not operate the chainsaw in bad weather as it may result in a variety of issues. For instance, the handles will get moist because of rain which will surely increase the chance of slipping.

10. Do Not Operate A Gas-Powered Chainsaw In A Non Ventilated Area

The gas-powered chainsaws emit harmful fumes because of the fuel combustion. Therefore, the harmful fume will get clogged up in a non-ventilated room which will result in suffocation and health hazard. Henceforth, we should have a well-ventilated area if we want to operate a gas-powered chainsaw.

Final Words

Chainsaw Safety Tips

I ensure you all that if you follow the given tips there will be minimum chances of hazard and maximum safety. Furthermore, if someone incorporates all the tips while operating the chainsaw then there is a sure shot chance that his/her overall efficiency will increase. Therefore, it is my adjuration to all read the tips once again and follow all of them. Also, if you do not have a chainsaw protective kit make sure to order it now by clicking below.

In case if you have any doubt regarding this article or any other article by our team please shoot them in the comment section. We will love to hear from you and solve your doubt and queries.


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