Top 10 Best Electric Pencil Sharpener for Artists of 2022

Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners

To pick up your best electric pencil sharpeners, you must understand why you need one in the first place. Why can’t you pick up a manual sharpener? Well, there are very some convenient reasons. Now, check it out and decide do these reasons interest you.

When it’s about comfort and safety, a manual sharpener can never compete with an electric sharpener. Kids get always hurt their fingers in the manual sharpener. They are not safe for the kids at all. On the contrary, the electric sharpener is a blessing.

Then comes the issue of convenience. An electric colored pencil sharpener is time-saving. What is more, when professional artists do their projects, they always need a good tip quality, which manual sharpener can never offer. They can break or dull your expensive pencil. And it also diverts your focus from your creation.

What is more, manual sharpeners are not compatible with colored or pastel pencils at all. And an electric sharpener pencil has a simple but beautiful design that beautifies your workspace and makes your mood. It’s a vision to the eyes.

It seems that an electric pencil sharpener has a lot of advantages. And if you think you need one for your lifestyle, then this article is for you. We researched a lot of electric sharpeners and selected the top 10 products for you. They have great functionality, positive review, and budget-friendly. So, check it out and choose the best one for you.

Best electric pencil sharpeners Review

1.School Smart – best electric pencil sharpener for classroom

best electric pencil sharpener for classroom - School Smart

School smart, a renowned brand known to offer outstanding design and functionality at a very affordable price. It’s a sharpener that is entirely perfect for a classroom, office, or modern home.

Key Features

  • Design: This pencil is designed with an auto-stop safety feature. It means, if the pencil is sharp, naturally, it will turn off automatically. Furthermore, it has a firm non-slip base.
  • Suitable for: this pencil is quite significant for younger kids as it’s very easy to use. It’s inserted at the top. The bottom is excellently rubberized. So, this will stay wherever you intend to put it, even in happy use.
  • Single hole: This single hole sharpener is not also very hard to manage or spot.
  • Functional: It functions very well with colored pencils. It will come with their own, 12 pencils.
  • Color: It Features two sleek colors, grey and black.


  • Modern look.
  • Sharpens rapidly
  • Rubber pads enhance stability.
  • The Measure is 6 x 4 inches.
  • The Blade remains efficient even after the use of a long time.


  • It’s a bit noisy.

This is an excellent sharpener, especially for students. However, it’s a versatile product. So, it’s great for everyone. And luckily, the price is brilliantly affordable.

2. PowerMe Battery Operated – Best electric pencil sharpener for school use

Best electric pencil sharpener for school use - PowerMe

PowerMate Electric Pencil sharpener is designed to be ultra-portable. It’s suitable for the teacher, student, businessman, even for artists. You can use it for drawing, coloring, or coloring books.

Key Features

  • Construction: This sharpener is crafted for top quality materials. It provides you up to three thousand sharpenings plus no wearing out.
  • Durable: The sharpening blade is crafted of ultra-durable, heavy-duty, high-grade stainless steel. It just takes 3 seconds to sharpen.
  • Complete Grip: It has a smooth design and a soft grip design, making it very useful for your kids.
  • Auto-stop: It’s designed with an auto-stop safety feature. So, if the lid is removed, this feature stops the sharpener from being used. So, no worries. There is no chance that your fingers can be hurt.

Quite naturally, this feature makes this tool convenient for young kids. Furthermore, a large transparent Shavings Reservoir doesn’t need very much cleaning and emptying. If you need to remove the shaving tray, then empty the shaving tray into a white basket.

  • Rotating Spiral drill: This exclusive rotating spiral drill design makes sure that you get the perfect point every time. So, there is no possibility of getting an uneven tip.


  • Compact as well as lightweight.
  • It comes with an auto-jam release system.
  • Easy to use, plus fits comfortably on any desk.
  • Suitable for No. 2 and Colored Pencils.
  • 100% money back (if you are satisfied in 6 months).


  • It’s noisy.

This electric sharpener is portable, ergonomic, fast, operable, easily useable, and robust. Interestingly enough, it’s brilliant for commercial use and classroom, quite Perfect for the office or desktop atmosphere, convenient for personal & student use, also for executive use.

3. JARBO – Best commercial electric pencil sharpener

Best commercial electric pencil sharpener - JARBO

JARBO makes an electric sharpener with a heavy-duty and electric helical blade. It is also designed with alternative power resources. It can be powered by a USB cable to plug in the power bank, PC, or AC adapter, additionally, using 4 AA batteries, which are not included in the deal, by the way.

Key Features

  • Large Reservoir design: This sharpener possesses a large capacity design so that you can keep a lot of shavings.
  • Easy to clean: The cleaning is super easy. You just have to turn the lid to the right and open it.
  • Safety: It will automatically work when you press your pencil into the shaving entrance. Just use a little force and hold it. It will stop working automatically if finished or the lid is opened to avert fingers being hurt.
  • Sharpening Time: It uses 8 seconds to sharpen and suitable to sharpen 6-8mm diameter pencils, charcoal pencils, No. 2 pencil, colored pencils, etc.
  • Guarantee: This product is backed by two years of the money-back guarantee. What is more, you will also get a free replacement. With these offers, we really can trust the quality of this product.


  • Can sharpen pencil over 3000 times.
  • Automatic working and stopping.
  • Quiet and fast.
  • Lightweight
  • Very sturdy.


  • No suitable for ridiculously big sized pencils. It’s just designed for standard-sized pencils.

This doesn’t need much space, so perfectly ideal for the office desk or teacher’s desk, where students can also sharpen whenever required.

4. X-ACTO School Pro – Best electric pencil sharpener for teachers

Best electric pencil sharpener for teachers - X-ACTO

This is a heavy-duty electric sharpener that is exclusively designed for classrooms, teachers, and students. It’s a top-selling product by X-ACTO, a reputable brand.

Key Features

  • Rugged construction: The construction of this sharpener reliably durable, and it can stand up to tear and wear efficiently.
  • A flyaway helical cutter: It ensures that your pencil sharpens to rounded tips without facing any over-sharpening. Furthermore, they also include a flyaway cutter system. So, whenever your pencil is sharp, it will stop sharpening automatically.
  • Auto-reset feature: It assists in preventing overheating. Furthermore, this sharpener also utilizes a powerful electric motor that provides reliable sharpening power.
  • Reasonably quiet: The motor is not noisy at all. So, wherever the sharpening process is happening, that place such as office or school will not be disturbed by it.


  • Adaptable for six pencil sizes.
  • It can sharpen any size of pencils.
  • It can work with colored pencils.
  • Energy-efficient, do not use electricity unnecessarily.
  • The motor is ten years, and the cutting machine has two years warranty.


  • Not very portable

One thing is without a doubt that this is built to last for a long time. Great for the classroom, teacher, or students. The artists also feel very comfortable with it—a top-notch product.

5. Tools and – Best small electric sharpener

Best small electric sharpener - Toolsand

This is a battery-powered, high speed automatic electric sharpener which is best for no. 2 wood graphite or colored pencils. It can also be a great pencil for the classroom, home, office, or school.

Key Features

  • Portable: It is designed with a compact cordless hand-held size so that you can take it anywhere. It’s a travel-friendly.
  • Time-saving: This sharpener can sharpen your new pencil in just 5 seconds and can top off your dull pencil in around 1s. And no worries, sharpening is flawless.
  • No spills: The shaving bin locks closed. So, no worries about spills lying in the home, office, or school floor. You can throw it in a bag or dustbin.
  • Safety: The blade cannot function when the shaving bin cover is open. So, it’s perfectly safe.
  • Versatile: the most striking fact about this electric sharpener is, it’s designed with a two-mode operation. Battery or manual. If you forget to charge your battery, you can do a manual sharpening. What you need to do is to flip the switch to hand mode. Then you can sharpen the pencils manually.


  • Two AA batteries are included in the deal.
  • Lightweight.
  • Suitable for standard 8mm diameter graphite pencils.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Comes in a combination of two different colors, black and silver, and white and pink.


  • Not suitable for woodless pencils.

It’s a pretty electric sharpener that literally can sharpen any pencil-like Dixon Ticonderoga, Colore, OfficeDepot, Prismacolor, AmazonBasics, Staples, Crayola, Vincis, Sargent Art, Color Doodle, and more.

6. Akche – Best heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener

Best heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener - Akche

The mechanical heavy-duty helical blade of the Akche electric sharpener is fast enough to sharpen your pencil in 3-5 seconds with efficiency.

Key Features

  • Perfect Point: It features an auto-stop working, so when you get an excellent point, it automatically stops working to protect the pencil lead.
  • Fit for: It’s suitable for sharpening #2 pencils, charcoal pencils, colored pencils, etc.
  • Auto feature: When you plug the pencil into the shaving entrance, it automatically starts working. And the 8mm diameters shaving entrance prevents children’s fingers from entering to avoid hurting.
  • Shaving Reservoir: It has a large capacity design, so you rarely need to empty it in 1/2 days.
  • Multiple Power sources:4 AA batteries or AC can power it. The USB cable included. Furthermore, it’s durable plus very easy to carry around.


  • Dispose of the broken lead efficiently.
  • Stands up to the wear and tear of use.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Quick as well as sharp sharpening.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.


  • Batteries are not included in the deal.

94% of reviewers give Akche Electric sharpener 5 out of 5 stars, and 4% give 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Admittedly, the reviews provide an insight into the quality of this product. And I must say, the price is brilliantly affordable, which less than $16 is, the moment I am reviewing.

7. IKONG – Best rated electric pencil sharpener

Best rated electric pencil sharpener - IKONG

This auto-stop battery-operated pencil sharpener of the IKONG brand is suitable for No. 2 and colored pencils. (6-8mm). It’s designed for artists, professionals, kid’s schools, and teacher supplies. 

Key Features

  • Wear and tear: The heavy-duty helical blade of this electric sharpener stand up to any wear and tear of school, office, and home use.
  • Quick: It can sharpen the pencil in 4-5 seconds. And I think it’s pretty fast. It will also stop automatically after getting a suitable round point.
  • Multiple Power sources: This sharpener can be powered by using a USB cable, 4 AA batteries, or AC Adapter.
  • Shaving Reservoir: It has a large capacity shaving container. So, you don’t need to empty it always,
  • Guarantee: A two-year money-back guarantee covers this electric sharpener. And also any free replacement for the sharpener.


  • Incredible powerful motor.
  • It comes with a USB adapter.
  • Simple but looks attractive on a desk.
  • Functional.
  • Dispose of broken lead to shavings automatically.


  • It does not function with a wax pencil or eyebrow pencil.
  • AC adapter is not included.

A very simple but functional electric sharpener designed to assist you in crafting a brilliant project.  And, curiously enough, you really can use it for a long time. 

8. X-ACTO High Volume – Best electric pencil sharpener for artists

Best electric pencil sharpener for artists - X-ACTO

X-ACTO, a reputable brand that adds value to the customers’ experience since the ages. It presented their latest Model 41 electric sharpener, which features the most powerful motor in their catalog, if I dare to say, one of the most powerful engines of the market present now.

Key Features

  • Dual helical Cutter blade: The helical blade of the sharpener is engineered for durability and precision. Brilliantly enough, it provides a 33 times longer blade life than an average sharpener can afford. What is interesting, it doesn’t even need any maintenance.
  • Adjustable: It is suitable for six pencil sizes. And the shaving is held in an extra-large receptacle for easy cleaning.
  • Durable construction: It’s designed to use regularly. And stands up to efficiently regular use. What is more, it has an internal fan to cool the motor if you do heavy use.

There are a massive metal base and non-skid feet to keep the sharpener steady. As far as I see, they covered everything that can occur a problem in the future. Isn’t it amazing? With time, it will still be steady and sharp.

  • Pencil Saver Technology: This sharpener is all about safety and performance. It prevents over-sharpening and also minimizes waste.
  • Auto-reset and Safe Start Feature: If the sharpener overheats, the auto-reset sharpener shuts off immediately. The safe start feature doesn’t allow the function to start if the shaving receptacle is not in its place.


  • Last for a long time.
  • Great for professional artists.
  • Classic design.
  • Ten years’ warranty.
  • Create an extra excellent point to do wonders in your project.


  • It could be a little bit loud for a few people. But I find the noise is perfectly bearable.

This is the best electric sharpener present on the market now. So, it goes with your expectations. If you buy it, one thing is for sure; it will serve you for ages.

9. Bostitch QuietSharp – Best electric pencil sharpener for colored pencils

Best electric pencil sharpener for colored pencils - Bostitch QuietSharp

Bostitch electric sharpener is designed with XHC cutter technology, which ensures a longer life span. This sharpener functions with colored pencils efficiently, including Prisma colored pencils. That’s a very plus point because most sharpeners don’t work great with Prisma colored pencils.

Key features

  • Quick sharpening: The brand claimed that the sharpener has the capacity of 70%faster sharpenings than an average sharpener. When I check it, I found the sharpening process happens in under 4 seconds.
  • Construction: The sharpener was constructed with extra hardened steel. And the helical blade, which is designed to give a pointed tip every time.
  • Stall-free motor: The manufacturer combined super duty motor with thermal so that you get overload protection.
  • Multiple pencil sizes: It has six different sized holes to cover numerous pencil sizes. So, you can effortlessly use the one you require.
  • Advanced tip saver technology: It stops when you get the perfect tips. So, there is no problem with over-sharpening.


  • Shaving tray designed to reserve a high volume of shavings.
  • Seven years warranty.
  • A great sharpener for colored pencils.
  • 10x longer life than any average sharpener.
  • Tamper-proof MagnaSafe shutoff technology prevents operation if the shaving tray is removed to ensure safety in the classroom.


  • It’s a bit noisy and big.

It’s a quality product and comes in vibrant colors like blue or playful purple. And looks lovely on your desk. Worth every penny.

10. X-ACTO Magnum – Best electric pencil sharpener for Prismacolor pencils

Best electric pencil sharpener for Prismacolor pencils - X-ACTO

This heavy-duty electric sharpener is designed with smart sharpening technology to provide you the best experience ever. It comes in a sophisticated black color.

Key Features

  • Heavy use: This electric sharpener has a rugged construction, which is favorably perfect for heavy use. It’s also adaptable for high volume office environments.
  • Electric Motor: It has a mighty motor which sharpens the pencils with precision.
  • Excellent Point Tips: The hardened helical cutter sharpens the pencils to excellent point tips.
  • Auto-Reset: There is also a SafeStart and an Auto-Reset feature to prevent an accident such as overheating or damage.
  • Lasting: X-ACTO Magnum sharpener is known for its durability. It lasts 23 times longer than any standard sharpener.


  • Minimizes the waste.
  • It can withstand heavy use.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Sturdy as well as safe.
  • Can sharpen pastel pencils, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and woodless graphite, graphite pencils.


  • It’s not very compatible with waxy-leaded pencils.

Overall, this pencil has fantastic features. X-ACTO brand is also one of the unique brands in this field. So, worth a shot.

Overall Ideas

These are our top 10 best electric sharpeners. So, understand your requirements and choose wisely. However, if I need to recommend a sharpener, then I will recommend X-ACTO Commercial Sharpener. It’s exquisite in every aspect. And another electric sharpener that caught my eye is BostitchQuietSharp Classroom Pencil Sharpener. It’s also excellent and cheap. So, you can check it out too.

However, the final decision is yours. So, take your choice, sensibly. Ask yourself why you are buying this sharpener? To sharp colored pencils, Prisma pencils, or for overall use? So, whatever decision you make, best luck with that.

Types of sharpening there is a large selection of sharpeners for

For the classics among the pens, colored pencils, and penners. Depending on what kind of sharpener you need, we have one or the other recommendation. Whether triangular pencil, wide or narrow colored pencil, hard or soft “lead,” or different types of painting device to the tips, the market has a solution for everything.

In addition to the classic, which is intended for the standard pen sizes, there are many other variants. A traditional sharpener should, above all, be precise and easy to use. Many manufacturers simply focus on ensuring that your devices meet these two criteria and that there are no quality issues.

Besides, some brilliant models work automatically. You only need to push the pin into the opening provided and press lightly, then the automatic will be triggered. Of course, these parts are equipped with reliable child safety so that no one is injured. So you can also use the automatic sharpener for the whole family, and you do not have to worry as a parent if you paint and write unattended.

Double sharpeners are also very popular with both children and adults. These models are ideal if you often use different pens and do not always have the right sharpener. Although the pen should have a medium size, it can be sharpened in the larger hole – although this is not still quite straight, it is quite possible with a little flair.

When you’re on the go, the sharpeners with practical collection containers are also the right choice. If you have to travel a lot or just have to commute from A to B in everyday life continually and always carry the essential things with you, such a sharpener is the right one. Even at school, the integrated container fulfills its purpose very well, as the children do not have to stand up during the lesson.

Factors to consider

In comparison, we found several different criteria to be particularly significant and want to provide you with a concise overview here:

The texture of the knife

Nothing is more frustrating than a sharpener that does not tip well. When buying, pay attention to the knife’s quality so you will be spared this negative aspect. Many manufacturers attach great importance to the careful manufacture of the knives, which means that they should be the right materials that will not dull quickly. Also, the latter should be of stainless nature. Also, spiral blades are praised in the highest tones since they are very resistant and efficient.


Many of the test’s sharpeners have a standard size and are easy to store in both the pen case and the desk drawer. Especially chic parts, which also serve as an eye-catcher, may sometimes be slightly larger and then decorate the desk at home or in the office. There are also smaller sharpeners for children or adults intended for those who travel a lot.


With the automatic sharpeners, as mentioned above, parental control is indispensable. Especially with the double sharpeners, where one hole is larger than the other, and the small child fingers fit perfectly, you should pay attention to the integrated lock that locks the knife before it can do any damage.


To properly care for the sharpeners and enjoy them for a long time, the correct cleaning must not be forgotten. Wood and mine remain steadily accumulate in the smallest corners; some models come with tiny brushes that get into each groove to make cleaning easier.


In addition to the cleaning instruments, the smart collection containers are also part of a proper set-up. Since these are removable, any sharpener can be used without the box.


The design knows no bounds in the sharpener world- everything from simple black parts with noble-looking details to colorful children’s top pieces to classic models made of stainless steel or wood – everything you can imagine under a sharpener.


Another detail that we should mention is that some automatic models can only be powered by batteries, which costs money! Make sure that a USB option is available. If you are at home, the sharpener can then be operated much cheaper with its electricity. In principle, an automatic model but not a favorable sharpener because of the consequential costs. In the price comparison, this should be considered.

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